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Thursday, July 29, 2004

   Yayness...yet sadness
I finally got my first picture up! Yayness!*starts running around doing Happy Frodo Chicken Dance* Only...*stops and lets head fall on keyboard* It was rated 67%.... *starts sobbing* 67%!!! I thought it was at least 80%!!! AND YOU PEOPLE DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TELLING ME WHAT I DID WRONG!!!!!!! Please, if you ever rate my work at least give me a reason for rating it the way you did so I can improve. I would really appriciate that. Anyways, I'm already working on my 2nd pic and it's my fav Fire Emblem character ,Erk. And remember, I'm open to all comments(hint hint!) Just comment, O.K?
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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Whoohoo! I've finally got my first picture up. Like I said, it's chibi Ichigo with Masha. I'm thinking of coloring it soon just as soon as I see how it turned out on the computer. My stupid computer scanner wouldn't shrink my picture unless I cut out Ichigo's body. Anywayz I hope you like my picture and don't forget to rate it. I wanna know how good I di.....(cut off by InuYasha who bursts into my house cussing)
InuYasha what's wrong? Please stop cussing, I'm strongly against it.
Inu: What's wrong?! You can ask me that with a straight face?! You said you would draw me first and instead you draw that mangy cat!
Ichigo: I'm not a mangy cat you dorky dog!
Inu: Let's settle this !
(Ichigo starts beating up Inu with her stawberry bell bell thing while Inu trys to slash her with his sword thingy)
Sorry, gotta go before they destroy my profile pg. Bye Bye (p.S. I'm open to any drawing requests and comments!)

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Hello and thankyou for buying our new cheese product "portable cheese wheels" it shall arive at your endoplasmic reticulum shortly: beeeep beeeep beeeeep!
Wow! I'm really hyper! Remember people , if you want a picture drawn don't hesitate to ask! I'll happily do any request the best I can! I don't bite (usually).I'm almost done with my chibi Ichigo piccy. Should be up by tomorrow if my scanner cooperates. Oh well! Bye Bye mash potatoes!

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Monday, July 26, 2004

   Hello all you potatoes out there!
Today I am really really really hyper! I'm working on my first pic to post on theOtaku. It's gonna be a cute chibi pic of Tokyo Mew Mew ,which just so happens to be one of my fav animes. BTW if you people have any suggestions for my site or pictures tell me . And if any of you have any requests I'll be happy to do em'. Just watch out for any chickens on your way out OK?^-^
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