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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So much is going on my head won't stop spinning @.@

But I will say this. I have deducted that I should never read game magazines. Ever. I really wonder how some of them even make it to shelves. I picked up one because it talked of Brawl, but I ended up reading about Okami instead. Here's what I got out of their wonderfully detailed article.
"Okami is a wolf god. His game didn't sell well."


Now we move to the next magazine I picked up. I now know the wolf is a girl, and she is a god with a name I can't spell for the life of me but it starts with an A. She travels around with a bug companion named Isshun (I know I got that wrong, I stink at spelling names) and tries to unite these 13 broken dieties to stop a demon. It's sales weren't good on the PS2, but those who played it adored it. They're hoping with the wii it'll go over better due to the wii mote being more suited for the brush stroke attacks. Graphic wise, it's a game you can't put an age on (like, you can bring it back without people saying "man that's old") because it's so different. For the wii they had to compensate the paper like look for brighter colors.

I could go on and on. That last article was what I would call good. That first one...I wonder who handed that guy the keyboard DX But sadly the majority of the time I attempt to read a game magazine I get what I got in that first one. Even Nintendo magazine let me down when they couldn't answer a simple question about Miyamoto making both the Zelda and Mario games. If you're working for NINTENDO magazine I would think you should know who Shigure Miyamoto is.

...yeah, sorry, I'm done. It just bothers me as a writer when I read poorly done articles like that. I got nothing out of it. And when compared to that second one...*shakes head*

On a different note, I lied. I'm still at that one comic -.- I'm not sure if it's even funny anymore, but I'll get it done.

Oh, and the book I mentioned in my last post was "The Very First Easter Bunny"

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ideas galore and no time to draw them. What to do, what to do...

I've had a lovely Easter so far. I woke up and had some boiled eggs I colored the night previous (I love boiled eggs, and one came out looking a very gross shade of yellow so I was rather happy to get it out of my batch). I took my dog out for a long walk and read the comics. Later I had some chocolate treats. Went to a park and walked around enjoying the coming spring. And later I intend on watching "It's the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown" because I own the old vhs. X3 Oh, and I'm going to read an Easter story. It's really cute, and unlike most Easter books it goes over both the Easter bunny and the religious portion of Jesus rising. It's about a rabbit that sees all these things that appear dead, like an egg and a cacoon, but hatch into something alive. He then stumbles across Jesus being put in his tomb and witnesses his rise. In the end he takes the eggshell and cracked cacoon from earlier and places it in a basket which he places in front of a home to spread knowledge that Jesus rose from the dead. The art is amazing in it, and it's the perfect book to read on Easter Sunday.

Hope everyone had a good Easter!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A lot of you actually thought I'd go through with that makeover...haha. Nah, I know I've talked about working on my attitude and trying to be more positive in life but I'm not about to let someone do that for me. Although I did agree to let the other girl do me. She just wants to do my hair for some bizarre reason. So I figure why not? I don't care what I look like, and as long as she doesn't bring out sissors I'm good. She's happy and no harm done.

Didn't do much work on my comic (darn). But I did draw some funky looking thing on it. I'll either earn myself some wierd looks or a lot of laughs. I've been really unfocused.

For exercize I'm doing Para Para. It's some japanese dance. It's rather fun.
Here's the moves to one of them. It's the simplest.
The full song is

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So over the past week I've had two different people who don't even know each other come up to me and tell me I need a makeover and offer to do it Oo" um, what the heck? And one of them never struck me as the type to suggest something such as that. It's...really strange. The other started going extreme, saying she'd even work on my social skills and personality. Really, I have no idea what to make of this. It's so out-of-the-blue random.

Comic wise, I'm remaking an old comic I tried to do three years ago. The idea is Mokusei's. I had asked her if I could use it for a Tales of Symphonia comic and she gave me the heads up. Unfortunatly, back then my style was such that I tried to stay as close to the original artist's drawings as possible and failed. Now that I'm comfortable in my own style I'm going to give it another shot, but I won't be so narrow-minded. They'll be drawn in my style. Oh yeah. Aiming for Friday, but as you know I rarely meet deadlines anymore. *sob*


Man, people on the internet can be vicious Oo" I went to a comic I liked, and...wow...a whole article writen by people in the nastiest way on how horrible that person was. Wow, just...wow.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

So I know I said expect a comic...I'm going to aim for tomorrow evening. I added some things that needed to be shaded, and in addition to that I can't focus. I'm exhausted. But in a good way. Not a "I'm so stressed" way.

I decided to start a cute little project. I'm gathering all the art I've had people draw for me and placing them all in a folder. You see, I have art from all sorts of artists. Before now, I had them placed in a special little stack. But I figured a folder was more worthy of their talents. It's very fun. A few of these artists I have work that they did from 7-9 years ago. Needless to say their style is a great deal improved. Lucky me I kept track of them through various means and was able to get some of their recent art :3 It's cool to see how their style developed and how much better they've gotten. It's rather funny because some of this old art I looked up to in order to improve my own. One of the artists, in return, sent me a copy of one of my old drawings I had done for them. I couldn't stop laughing. It was before I started my improvement chart. XD I stunk. No way around it. But yeah, I'm loving this project. It brings back lots of fond (and not so fond) memories. One not so fond one being the expolding fortune cookie ;_; I never got to eat it ToT poor cookie...

haha, but neways if a few artists would like to contribute (you know who you are ;P ) I'd be a very happy sage. You don't have to of course, but it'd be much appreciated. You'd be contributing to one of my treasures.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Working on a comic I think everyone will like...well, it's not so much of a strip. Just one of those one line, single box type comics. I've been real tired lately. Probably due to the "springing forward" of daylight savings. I still haven't got my hands on Brawl. It was rather funny because I told this to a friend, and she thought she'd be so clever and tell me all sorts of stuff about it. I ended up telling her more stuff than she told me. XD She just stared and asked if I was lying about not having the game. I can't wait to get it though.

Oh, and I FINALLY got a pro title for wii sports on bowling :3 *very happy*

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Still here
So I posted a super old Basil and Roland comic. I'm still resurfacing the ones I forgot. I was a very bad girl last year, but I had so much stuff on my mind T^T I was really depressed all week, but things are starting to clear. I'm hoping I can return to the way I was. I used to be such a happy hyper person and lately I've just been emo. But I'm sick of the negative and I'm sick of the emoness. It's not healthy nor is it fun. I know I keep bringing up this depression thing, but honestly getting the occassional support helps cheer me up. It's a good reminder I have friends and makes me want to keep moving forward ^^

I've been trying to play games more too. Recently I've been replaying Minish Cap...or I was until I went back to my original one and found out that sculpture guy added 6 more sculptures to obtain ;o; So then I went back to finding as many blue shells as I could. I MUST COLLECT THEM ALL O_O I got all the sculptures in Wind Waker *proud* And does anyone find the minish freakin adoreable?! I never thought it the first time I played, but replaying it again...I really wish I could see a minish X3 So I went and made myself a little minish character for fun. He's cute. I named him Ringo, but I'll probably change it.

And on another positive, my friend let me borrow the "Ratatouille" soundtrack. It's very pretty. She also let me borrow "Memoirs of a Geisha". I lurve soundtracks :3

As I said before, I hope you continue visiting me on this site. It's my home and I'm not leaving it ;P

Also: BRAWL COMES OUT TOMORROW! Too bad I can't get it, but still it's exciting :D


Also also, I find this EXTREMELY amusing. I subscribed to Adam to figure out all the new stuff of VV and such...and a world thing popped up as being updated just today. It was called Bug Hunt. I find myself inexplicably amused by it. I can't stop clicking XD

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Version Vibrant
Well, so far I think it's pretty cool although I'm completely lost ^^ But such is to be expected. I got lost when I first came here for version redefined. Then again it threw me off with version redef 2.0 when they got rid of Spikey. But yay! Spikey returns!
I love how votes is now "hugs".
I went ahead and made a world like I said I would. I figure it's a good test run and I can have a place to stick my realism/surrealism. If all else fails I just stuck a link for all my otaku buds so they can get back here to my site. And, I was surprised, I have subscribers Oo" wow.

Expect the drafts folder to be filled XD I have quite a few wips that won't be done for a while, so I'll probably post them to show I'm not slacking off. I'm working hard.

And I might possibly write some fanwords stuff. Nothing original except maybe a much revamped Lenare and Alicia story from a year or two back because I'm still afraid of people stealing my ideas before I find an official publisher.

So yeah...please continue visiting my little site if it isn't too much trouble for you all ^^ I will continue my lovely rants here.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Music of the month is now a Legend of Zelda orchestral. Highly recommend listening to it. Orchestral stuff is amazing, and the fact that it's zelda doesn't hurt either ;P
Last month was Nana Mizuki's "Heart Shaped Chant". I recommend listening to her stuff too. She has many good songs, some that are for the Tales of Symphonia OVA like "Fiat Lux".

Neways, I'll see everyone when VV is up and running ^^ Have a nice weekend!


This is pretty funny. I decided to play Wind Waker because I haven't played it in ages. So I want to cut the grass and guess what I did? I swung my gamecube control XD Someone's been playing the wii too long.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

So I'm mostly all better. My throat hurts right now, but it's more of a "I was just at a concert and screamed my brains out" type pain, not the hot knife digging through my throat type pain. I really hurt my arm on Monday. I think I pulled a muscle. I could barely move it. It was sore from my wrist up to my shoulder. I couldn't move my fingers without feeling pain. I couldn't even shade my stuff or draw! Right now I can still feel something, but it's not that bad. I can move and draw and hold things.

Artwise...not posting. With Version Vibrant shutting theo down Saturday and Sunday possibly I figured I'd hold off until next week. By then I should have some stuff...or at least some realism I can try to put on my Spaces account. Yes, I'm making one. I figure I'd test it out, see if I like it...if not then oh well. Back to my good ol' site. I'd probably only use it for my realism anyways. Be like, "SEE SAGE'S DRAWING OF A REALISTIC LIGHTBULB!" XD haha, wow the possibilities.

But what I did work on was a few trades, some stuff I owe people, my 300th drawing X3, and a few comics with Roland and Basil. Plus a random comic making fun of a song in "The Chipmunks Adventure" from way back. That song was...kinda suggestive for a kid's movie. I laughed because despite that, I still found myself singing along to it. It's just so cute in those high voices. So I based a comic off it. Darkening and shading those romantic drawings from Valentines too, because despite the fact that I don't normally draw romance and it feels wierd, drawing two people together is rather hard, especially in kissing scenes. So practice makes perfect. And critisism is good too when given in the right way.

...I have nothing more to say so enjoy your week...*listens to K.K. Cruiser*

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