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Saturday, February 23, 2008

So, I'm feeling much better. I was pretty drained the entire week. Wednesday and Thursday were the worst. I lost all focus. And my voice. Friday I was much better, and today too. Friday was fun because a friend had me help her out with an abstract painting. I got to paint with my toes XD Then later that night I journied over to yonder youtube to watch that Fairly Odd Parents movie that was on the 18th because I missed it :3 I like Poof. I hope there are more episodes coming. What can I say? I like cartoons.

Version Vibrant should be on March 2nd...I'm happy over everything except that darn cap. It feels too restrictive only being able to post one picture a day. If it were two or three I'd feel a great deal more comfortable. I'm hoping it ups slightly after Adam is sure there are no bugs in VV's programming. Just to two. Then it wouldn't feel so confined.

Oh well, I'll try to have another one of my old comics up. Still working on redrawing one.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ugh, I seem to have caught something -.- I'm ridiculously congested and keep hacking out my lungs. I'll try to finish something for the week. I already started redrawing an older Roland comic I never posted. But don't expect much. Hard to draw when you have to keep pausing for tissues and feel like sleeping on the keyboard.

My style seems to have shifted...I don't like it. At least for the comic I'm currently working on. Hopefully it's just the congestion getting to me. Refound godmod sage and am waiting until I regain concentration to start on it again.

Yoshi's Island soundtrack is awsome btw

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Monday, February 18, 2008

ugh, last night was terrible. I had a sore throat yesterday. I HATE sore throats. It felt like my throat was being stabbed through by nails. And, as usual, it switched off at night to this nasty vile liquid stuck in my throat which made me feel like throwing up (I didn't). So I was up until 4:30 until I finally just passed out. I wasn't even aware I fell asleep. I did manage to finish wht's comic...finally. I'll post it later. Although I don't think the shading will show T_T"

But my cat is so bipolar. Normally he avoids all human contact. However last night he wouldn't stop purring and rubbing against me. It's like having two separate animals. And my dog was nice too. He joined me in my bed and decided to cuddle with me. Pets must have a sick sensor.


I found some old sketches I did four years ago...I apparantly drew a character that looked exactly like Ray without the red-dye in his hair. Ironically, this older character was a vampire. A very quirky spazzy vampire...I think he was a vegetarian who refused to drink blood. Makes me think "fish are friends, not food" XD

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Comic, Maybe, Truely?
Not making any promises, but right now I'm finishing up the shading on wht's comic. I kinda put it down for a while because my art went into some slump, but now I'm working on it again and it's close to completion. It's all based on how soon I finish and if my scanner will cooperate. I think I know the problem, so if all goes well, expect a comic much later tonight. No art though. I just realized I'm at my 300th drawing. It's gotta be something special.

I've been listening to the Pokemon in Brawl and the Fire Emblem.

And there are so many inconsistancies in this comic it's not even funny T^T I know someone will point it out...

And I'm still paintin' mah shrooms. I used to pretend to be a mushroom when I was little. I'd put a pillow on my head and run around screaming "I'm a mushroom". No idea why...and I had no idea I started a trend wht XD I would like to see wht shroom. :3

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Single's Awareness day everyone?

Well, my day's been pretty interesting. While some things were utter failures, my friends managed to bring my mood up. They got me a balloon 83 I am such a kid at heart. I was obsessing over my little balloon all day. I even sketched a comic about it XD I <3 balloons. Then another friend made me a brooch. She said I have to wear it all day to show I'm loved. A little saddened I can't go to the movies or something with a guy, but meh...nothing I'm not used to.

I drew a few Valentines pictures. Can't post them because of the scanner issue, but if I ever get it fixed I probably will. Very rare romantic drawings from the Sage.

...and I randomly painted mushrooms today...I like mushrooms. They look funny. My friend upset me though because she said the drawing would appeal to druggies -.-" Not what I was aiming for at all.

Neways, hope you all have a great day! Sage sends you all her love X3

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back Already?!
Yeah, so yesterday I lost my internet and couldn't figure it out. I coudn't really adjust the router cuz the computer giving me the internet was dead and I'm not really tech savvy so I asked for help. Well, my new computer thing arrived (not sure what it's called...I still have the same monitor though ^^" Not enough to buy a whole fancy new one) which was a pleasant surprise (and probably the reason why I have internet again). Got the thing hooked up and on...but the router still remained a mystery Oo" Eventually it was all worked out so now I have internet. And a much faster computer. Sadly the scanner has yet to be plugged back in and arranged O_=" But at least I'm a step closer and have my internet again ^^

In the meantime I went ahead and read the first volume of Bleach. I like it. I'll be looking for that next volume. I rather like Orihime. And of course Ichigo is cool. But Orihime...it's probably because she daydreams and has an imagination cuz I have an active imagination too as do a lot of my friends. Imagination is a great thing :3

But it's great to be back...even though I really wasn't gone all too long XD

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Sage Out
Internet's dead so no more otaku time. -_="

See ya.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

So, I'm still scannerless and computerless. Just my laptop... D: It's killing me. I guess I could use tablet for my comics, but I think it'd turn out really bad compared to my usual work. I ordered a computer so I'm just waiting for it. It didn't arrive when they said it would. *pout*

But on a positive, I ranted about the Brawl soundtrack so much that a friend let me borrow her Final Fantasy VII soundtrack, which was entirely unexpected. I had no idea she took interest in game music. I knew she liked music, but it really surprised me when she whiped it out. So I happily listened to that ^^ Such good composers.

I've also been working with paints and india ink. My one friend wanted to make a comic, then she grabbed me and said I should too since I make comic strips already. So I joined her and used her paper to sketch out a comic. I couldn't think of anything to do since this was a huge comic book style paper and not my usual strips, so I decided to draw an intro to that one story I posted on theotaku oh so long ago about Lenare and Alicia. It came out pretty well. I just have to ink it and do that spiffy shading. Ah, but it's too big for my scanner so even if it did work I couldn't post it ;_;

Neways, I hope everyone has a good weekend.


Ya know, I've been wondering...the Final Fantasy movie has such amazing graphics because animators aren't as limited as game programmers are therefore they can create more realistic things...I wonder what Link would look like if they made a short thing with him? I bet they could make him look extra spiffy.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

So I have one thing to say for this post...


I am in cheerful fangirl bliss with this soundtrack X3 THANK YOU!

Heh, as soon as I downloaded some of the tracks I started ranting to one of my friends (one not yet aware of my obsessive gamedom, the other quite used to it). They all think I'm crazy for getting so much joy from a game soundtrack. But what can I say? Some of those old songs they remixed like the Stickerbrush Symphony really influenced me back in the day. After hearing the song it reminded me how I used to get my little Toy Story tape recorder and sit in front of the T.V holding the microphone up to the speakers to record these game songs XD I had Yoshi's Island, Donkey Kong 2 and 3, along with some Zelda songs. Then later after I had these songs I'd play and replay them over and over pretending to play the instruments (specifically the flute of the Yoshi's Island intro, piano in the ending credits, and the electric guitar used in the Donkey Kong songs and Yoshi Island ending battle)and sometimes I'd draw images of what the songs made me think of. What can I say? I'm messed up that way XP I was influenced to play the flute because of Yoshi's Island...and sadly I still can't play that tune after seven years. haha. So I've been interested in games since I can remember and enjoy them and their soundtracks, storylines, art, and graphics just as much as I enjoy drawing. Now you have heard sage's nostalgic (sp?) rant.

Have a good day X3 Meanwhile I shall be obsessing over my soundtrack.

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Monday, February 4, 2008

I made onigiri today. I thought it'd be fun to eat. I had a sausage (well, really a cold hot dog) and egg one and then a pickled one, both with soy sause. Tis pretty good, but I proved I can't make it into a ball XD It fell apart before I finished. And I had really sticky rice too. Oh well. Nori is very sticky too.

But I was a little steamed earlier because once again, my art was compared to one of my much better artist friends. *sigh* I know her art is good and she has a lot of talent, but for once I'd like to NOT be compared to her. Our styles are different. She goes towards shoujo, I go towards shounen. She can draw girls and pretty poses and dresses WAY better than I could ever dream, but I can make stories and characters almost on the spot and can draw decent looking guys and create emotion. We're both in different directions. -.-"

Sorry for that little rant, I just needed to get that out. I'm just going to have to keep working harder to individualize my style so I'm not compared, but rather people look and say that's Sage's work. ^^

And wht, I saved the brushes and I'm going to try to use them when I have time. Thank you very much for that (I know I had one page, but not the other).

Also, I'm playing my flute again. If I can figure out how to record myself without it sounding really nasty I'll do so. I'm very proud of my zelda music ^^

I just burst out crying as pathetic as it sounds. I heard some of the new Brawl soundtrack (youtube. Thanks wht for reminding me of the soundtrack). Oh man, they remixed the old Donkey Kong 2 bramble song and DK boss battle song! Those made my gamerdom (funny word)! Even though I personally love the original I love these too X3

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