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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Still No Art
My computer just died...again. Someone came over, wanted to print something...and dropped a pen into the printer which screwed up the printer, then they uploaded some sorta virus check and that killed it. I don't put virus check on that computer cuz it's already glitchy as is, I only use it for scanning, and it's ancient. Now my laptop is a different story, it's got virus protection. But that's because I use it for all my work and it's newer. Let's put it this way, the computer is so old it can't go on youtube. The site kills it and shuts down my internet everytime. It can't even go on my own otaku site without crashing. -.- So now I gotta wait to see if it fixes itself like it has the past few times. It stinks cuz I really wanted to scan stuff, plus I had something really important I needed to print out -_-" Technology plots against me.

But on a positive the new Tales wii game has a spiffy trailor up. All the characters from Symphonia seem to return besides Kratos, but I'm sure he'll make an entrance or they'll say something about him. Or at least I'm hoping. I wanna know what happens to him between Symphonia and Phantasia. And I've been playing Mario Galaxy :3 I like to take my time on games. Enjoy it, not rush through it. That's why it took me two weeks to do Twilight Princess...okay, the true reason was because I was afraid to do the temple with Zant cuz I HATE those hand things in the beginning, but yeah...I explored everything and wandered around a lot just for fun. And I got um...that new pixar movie with the mouse that I can't spell the name of XP Very cute. I love it.

And because I'm bored: if you could have any super power what would it be?
I'd be a shapeshifter like Beast Boy. Then I'd get the power of flight, speed, shrinking, growing, and breathing underwater. XD

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Okay, no art today, however I will try to post some extra spiffy things tomorrow. No comics I'm afraid, but the one pic is really good. If I do post art tonight...uhhhhh. It'll be very...interesting...tablet pieces. ^^"
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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So as you all noticed my site changed theme. This will probably be it until version vibrant comes along and screws up the coding XD Song is from Ar Tonelico, a videogame, and images are random things I found off photobucket. I'm debating if I should change my avi. I'm iffy about it because it was made by someone and I wouldn't want to hurt their feelings. I love it greatly and it's done me good for I think the past two years. Also it has sparkly lettering which I can't do XP

Neways, my computer still has some life in it. I was able to scan more art ^^ Somewhere in that batch is a really lame comic so check em out if you want.

I hope everyone's holiday went well. I spent mine playing Mario Galaxy which I had bought sometime around the week it came out but never had the time to play. And I watched Polar Express. The random hobo ghost never gets old.

Currently I am drawing a few things. First is my 2007 improvement drawing (I almost forgot O.O) and then another attempt at the 100 theme challenge thing going around. Yuppers.

So what'd you all get?


Your score on this personality test was 43%

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Personality Quiz
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Accurate result for me.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

So my computer officially died. It keeps crashing and won't find the operating system again. But I have everything I wanted saved to a disk now so it's all good ^^ About the only down side is the fact that I need to find out if I can hook my scanner to my laptop. I don't know if I can or not. I certainly hope I do so I can post art. I had a lot. If not I guess I'll have to use tablet and draw new pieces. This week was pretty bad for me, and I'm exhausted. And I'm surprised to find out that Christmas is Tuesday O.O I had no idea.

Well, I changed my theme for Christmas, One Piece Utae Jingle Bells included =D I like that song.

Merry Christmas or whatever your thing is! ^^

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dude...my art was used for the OA on theotaku news page. XD I feel so proud, but then again, the featured video IS Tales of Phantasia and I think I'm the only one who's dared to draw Cless and the gang and put it in a Tales of Phantasia tag. Speaking of which I was thinking of redrawing them again. Last time I did that was over a year ago and at that point when I drew a character that wasn't mine I drew them in their style, not mine. I wanna use my style. Plus I could not draw Cless's armor. I wanna see if I can pull off a full shot of him now.

And sorry about not posting a comic. I was out supporting a few of my friends ^^
But since we're on the topic of comics---my Christmas one is gonna have Roland in some sorta night time attire. As in, something one would wear to bed. Anyone wanna pitch (reasonable) suggestions for him? I wanna make it different from Basil. Basil's simple. Roland, however, is aspiring to be a king of evil and tries to constantly dress the part. Needs to give him that royal vampire look...So any suggestions? Any at all? I will credit you fully since I cannot design outfits for the life of me...other than dresses but obviously I'm not gonna put Roland in a dress XD He'd kill me. And so would a lot of his fangirls.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Things are still stressful, but since I identified the source of my stress being my perfectionatism ( XD I don't think that word exists) and talked it over I've been able to slightly relax a bit. I'll probably be contradicting this statement later in the week, but for now I know I'm stressed and trying not to completely spazz out. ^^ If all goes well you guys might get a Roland and Basil comic, with Roland actually in it! And no, it's not the Halloween one I tried to complete (although that one looks really spiffy...too bad it's Christmas and that'd be kinda awkward posting it). It's a really old one I did like 8 months ago but never shaded. It's not that funny, but hey, better than nothing. I need to work on pumping out more comics (so many sketched, but I dread shading them all). I might make a Christmas one. I have an idea, I just need to get off my lazy butt and do it...well, okay, I'm not being lazy. I have good reasons for my lack of comicness but you guys already know ^^"

I really have the urge to play wii...I just wish my schedule would let me. That and read "Eclipse" or what ever that second book to "Twilight" is. I don't like the series, nor do I hate it. But I am curious to know how it ends (or I guess how it goes since apparantly it's no longer a trilogy like I first thought). If anyone has a good fantasy story to recommend please let me know, and no it doesn't have to have vampires. Elves do just fine =3 that or a swordfighter.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

I was right, things have gotten worse. I had my sixth break down. A friend of mine actually called me over, sat me down and said she was worried about how stressed I was. She says this is the worst she and my other friends have ever seen me and that if I keep it up I might make myself sick. I agree with them. I've become a nervous wreck. It did lighten my load a little bit talking to them. What's really great is that the guy I like noticed my change in behavior as well. He offered to help. Aw. Your encouragement helps as well so thank you.

My computer started working again, but I think it's on its last stand. I clicked shut down on it once and it froze, so I restarted it up. That's how I was able to scan three drawings. I also submitted an e-card, but I don't think anyone got it. It was Kenshin's teacher saying "Rock on Kenshin". Yeah, it's...strange...but if you watched the Rurouni Kenshin outtakes it's hilarious. Gotta love the voice actors for this stuff and their improv.

Don't expect much out of me. I'm still exhausted and working harder than ever. I really do apologize.

Oh, and this is a pretty cool vid. It's Princess Tutu (warning: major spoilers). It's like a game opening or something.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dr. Pepper for Redeads
Myeah, sorry for being gone so long. Normally I post more frequent than this. Don't expect anything more from me for a while. Life's been complicated. Last week was definantly a terrible week and I expect things to get worse. I had five mental breakdowns (three in one day) and have been stressing like crazy. I have very little art done and I missed posting something for Roland and Basil's first year celebration...not that I feel many people care much anymore since I don't update as frequently as I should with them. -o- I'm sorry for the wierd updating of every two or so months.

But on a more (attempted) positive note, you probably noticed the strange title to my post. It's something from a commentary a friend and I made. I was wondering how to take audio files (wma) and convert them into something someone could hear on a site. Our commentary was rather amusing. We ranted about redeads, little killer birds, and randomly sung songs. And I screamed. Like a redead. If anyone knows, please tell me.

And you are all now part of THE GAME. You cannot think of the game. If you think of the game you lose. If you lose you must state "you lost" to someone. You then have 15 minutes to think about THE GAME. Congradulations you all just lost. As did I. Am I the only one who finds this game amusing? Someone roped me in and I can't stop thinking about it cuz it makes me laugh.

And I apologize for not visiting sites. I will as soon as I can. Might not be a while, but ^^"

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

So I'm feeling a little better. I beat Kirby so that's a plus. Sorry for yesterday ^^" As I said, sometimes just typing when I'm upset lightens my mood. I won't go to extremes and I'll try to keep my head up so no worries, k? I'm shading this really pretty drawing right now. And for fun I sketched random people I saw. I felt bad because I accidently made this one woman look super old when she really wasn't. Good thing she doesn't know I drew her XD


correction: I beat level 6 of Kirby. Need to get that dang %100 to get level 7.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Meh, I've been having a gloomy, gloomy week. So much stress and problems, bleh. Not gonna go into details (for if I did I'd probably be typing for a good hour and this isn't a theropy session) but sometimes just typing lightens my mood a bit. Been listening to the Tales voice actors singing (except Regal. I really can't listen to him for more than two seconds O_=) and I got my old Kirby game working. It was the N64 one. I bought it a year ago used and after the first week it stopped working, but I just recently figured out if you tilt the cartrige the right way it'll turn on. Been trying to draw but I don't have enough time so it's driving me mad. The things I do have that are incomplete look good though. And that's it. Hope everyone has a good week.


=D I beat the old stupid boss that always killed me back when Kirby was a new game and I rented it! HUZZAH! It was that robot of Snow Planet.

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