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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

XP So I got something...and man is it annoying. I was congested the past few days, now my throat is just bleh...why is it always my throat?! Everytime my throat feels wierd I can't sleep and feel like I'm going to throw up or something. No idea how this'll affect comic making. I'll try my best to have at least one. While doing so I shall listen to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde the musical CD sung by Anthony Warlow. He's got a nice voice.

Oh, and thank you all so much for looking at my art =D I finally had a drawing of mine surpass my earlier works in popularity! After 4 years! ^^ Needless to say that thrills me to see my newer stuff finally surpass the cruddy stuff I did when I first joined this site. Of course it still didn't surpass my Naruto comic...but that's NARUTO! That's like fighting a dragon with a wet noodle! XD Not gonna win that war.

And in FF news: I like Gau. He's so cute X3 You just wanna pet him. And yay! I can ride chocobos again! But Gau's attacks...I foresee a comic in the far away future on that. And how do the espers work?

"This is the Moment" from Jekyll and Hyde musical. Dude can sing.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

^____^ So I got some of my art up. I forgot to scan a comic though (darn!). I'll try and scan it maybe later tonight or tomorrow. I'm sure many will be surprised when they see it...if that's a good thing or a bad thing I'm not sure XD I know one of you already knows which one I'm talking about.

But yes, I'd greatly appreciate it if people looked at the one called 2007 improvement. You see, each year I do a drawing to see how much I've improved or ...um...(can't think of a good word) unimproved? *shrug* Either way, I would enjoy some feedback on it because my style changed drastically from 2006 without my knowing. I'm happy with it, but I'd still like to know other's opinions.

I also submitted a Roland and Basil comic. Still digging up old ones from the grave and bringing them to life. I would like to know if people are interested in seeing my uber late holiday ones cuz those were done with my new paneling and are beautiful...but it's no longer Halloween XD I need to think of something for Valentines or Easter.

And FF update: I got Shadow on my team now. oo" Does his rabid dog just randomly attack or is there a way to get him to fight? And I got the chocobo song stuck in my head.
Nevermind, he left. XD

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Computer works again so I took the time to scan my art ^^
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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pikmin are in Brawl...I'm scared, XD haha. Oh man, that game brings back very...interesting memories. I borrowed it when I first got gamecube (as in, no memory card yet) and it was a disaster. I think my pikmin were suicidal. The yellow ones were pretty insistant on picking up bombs without my knowledge, walking into the middle of my army, and blowing everyone up. I'd be left with three pikmin afterwards. And I always found it funny how they could drown in water that doesn't even pass their feet. And I always thought they looked...happy...when they drowned as well. I guess it's better than being eaten by giant ladybug beetles and frogs XD

Well that was random ^^

No updates with FFVI...except I still say Kefka looks...like a woman. At least by the little sprite face image. And I would like to point out for future reference I know NOTHING about FF XD I only know the first game is evil, one of the playstation games I can never play has Cloud...some girl named Tifa...one very skimpily dressed girl...and some other ppl. And I know that there's a guy named Cid. Where is he in VI? And chocobos O: But who doesn't know chocobos? They're cute X3 I am a Zelda fangirl. I know Zelda. And Fire Emblem but I can't say I know much considering 6 of their games are in japanese and only available over there (although I somehow got the 6th =D ). And I'm a Tales fangirl, but I still don't know much cuz most of their games are for playstation TT_TT

What other Final Fantasy games are on nintendo systems? Excluding D.S. cuz I still don't own one D=

--Computer still dead--
If I didn't hate it so much I'd imitate the scene in Shaman King I saw when Manta's computer died. But since I hate it, I'm debating if I should get a hammer and smash it. After I buy a new one. Still might have some life in it.

How does one adjust the KB of a picture? My computer used to have it set so I really never had to do anything to my scanned art to make it fit theotaku standard. But I don't have that anymore.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Computer died again so no art. But I painted my nails. Ended up being a bad idea cuz my stomach started bothering me, and when I don't feel good or feel stressed I bite my nails. It calms me and takes my mind off it...but I had nail polish on. Guess a positive is that it stops the nail biting XD Who likes the taste of nail polish? So I now have purple nails with red, blue, and dark purple glitter. Not the best job in the world, but hey it's fun. I might keep it up for a while.

Still playing FFVI, but only bits and pieces. I do like Edgar and Sabin, but I got confused on the blitz attack. Figured it out (I was pushing it the wrong direction, but it was misleading). AND I still say Edgar's name should've been Edward or something. It sounds more kingly...and just plain suits him better. Sabin...eh, I just changed his name for fun. But I left Celes's name alone. It's so pretty. :) and Kefka...I thought he was a woman. He's not, is he?

So art...I still have those drawings...I'll get 'em scanned somehow. And I'm working on comics again :3 a roland/basil one, zelda one...all the ones I had sketched six months ago. I might redraw some cuz the art is so terrible XD I've developed more stylized panels.

And for anyone who's feeling down or just wants a laugh

It makes me think of my kitty. He's a biter. I call him my little brat cuz he tears up everything. Funny thing is, when he was a kitten he bit my hand real hard and I felt a crack. I looked and he had bit me so hard it knocked his baby teeth loose and they fell out. No worries cuz he's long had his adult teeth (or at least no worries for him. I'm surprised he hasn't taken my arm off with those fangs. They're HUGE). And that's my little pet story.

I'm really tired today for some reason -.-

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

So as of this moment...
my computer's working...but I'm too busy to scan anything right now. If it continues working expect some art cuz I've been dying to post it since Tuesday and who knows when it'll die again.

I've been debating if I should paint my nails. Normally I don't cuz I'm not much of a girly girl (I absolutly despise makeup)... but I just have the strange urge to do it. Yeah, random.

Also played more of FFVI. I wanna draw Locke. And a moogle now that I know what they are. And a chocobo, but I already knew what that was. I already have a comic idea for it. I looked up reference for Locke...and was surprised how much the fanart varies from the sprite I see on the gba...I certainly hope people will recognize him from the gba since that's all I know.

And I found some info that I've been questioning lately. In Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door Vivian is a female in the english version. It even says "her" and "she" in the description of how to use her...but I've heard she's male in other versions. I've been wondering if it's true or not because when I looked to find out, all I found were idiots arguing that she's male in all versions and basing their findings off wikipedia (and we all know how reliable they can be *sarcasm*). So I'm curious to know if she really is male in other versions and female in America. Honestly I prefer her being a girl, but hey, if the japanese want her a guy then that's their issue. I just wanna know if it's true.

Pointless info. In FFVI I renamed Edgar and his bro. The name Edgar made me cringe inside. So he's now Edward (my friends are gonna kill me). And his bro is now Roxas...no connection to the KH dude cuz I have no idea who he is. I think he's the dude that looks like a lighter, short haired Sora right? Well, the name Roxas just jumped out at me and it seemed to fit in my mind so yeah. I didn't change any other names except Terra (or Tina). I renamed her Marra cuz I was excited about being able to pick names.

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Please ignore the following venting
GAH! I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE my scanner T^T I FINALLY got my scanner hooked to my laptop and happily decided to post my best work...but nooooo, the scanner scans it and decides to majorly pixalate my shading and completely mess up my system of resizing and darkening. *sigh* so basically unless my computer turns on or I get a new one no art from me anymore except on tablet (and that's nothing worth looking at). *sigh* I was really excited to show off my new work too...And I have come to the realization that Sasuke's laugh in english is disturbing. And that I really don't like Naruto, not because it's popular...but because the story annoys me. Sasuke and Itachi grate on my nerves along with scanners. I shall now listen endlessly to One Piece and the Mean Kitty song to try and regain my "happy" bubble. And play Final Fantasy VI which I finally got my hands on. Bout time I played the Fantasy series. I like Locke.

Sorry for my awful vent/rant but that really just got me down.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Comments amuse me. Seriously. Someone started complaining about tablet orders in my last drawing. Honestly, I got my tablet off ebay. $200 for a 12 x 9 inch tablet with photoshop elements 3.0, replaceable pen tips, and a wireless mouse. I'll admit, there's a few issues. Sometimes in photoshop it's not pressure sensitive. But I have two photoshops. 5.0 and Elements. I found that if it doesn't work in one it works in the other so it's all good. It used to smear, but since then I've adjusted the pen pressure so that it only reads it if I actually push it on the tablet.

Gotta admit, my tablet art is kinda...eh compared to what I'm used to which is pencil against paper. I'm surprised my one drawing was featured. When I saw it up there I was literally "What's wrong with people?! This drawing is terrible! Don't feature it!" XP I'll try to post some drawings worth that many votes...as soon as my computer is back up T.T so much art I want to post! Stupid computer...and this is good art too. An entire page shaded with poses and backgrounds :3

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008 =3

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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year Resolutions

1. stop being lazy
2. beat Super Paper Mario, Mario Galaxy, and what ever games I haven't beaten yet or in the past five years...
3. Stop being such a paranoid moron who's afraid of the future and just enjoy life.
4. Be there for my friends cuz they've been way too emo for way too long as have I.
5. Cut down on the computer time XD I'm too glued to the screen.
6. Work on posing in my art and more actiony scenes
7. Work on pages of the manga I've planned for the past 5-6 years.
8. Get stuff published so that I can post drawings of these characters without worry of thieves cuz then I'll have the legal system on my side.
9. Figure out the mysteries of photoshop, tablets, and manga studio which I've owned for over a year and don't know how to use yet
10. Work on more realism junk
11. Finish all the stupid requests I keep forgetting about ToT if you requested something please tell me cuz I can't remember anymore!

Yup, and that's about it...sides buying Super Smash Bros brawl the day it comes out and getting around to a D.S.


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