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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Should I Kick Lorraine's Preppy Ass??? You Decide!
(Warning: contains foul language.)

Ok, see there's this girl at school. And she's the school's absolute bitch. I hate her and so does everybody else. She's a whore, a slut, and a fucking cunt (wow never thought i'd use that one). She told the whole school that Minda gave Bobby a hand job, when Minda did nothing of the sort! And she's on my volleyball team.

So lately, she's been giving me static about how I'm not doing the best that I can and that it's my fault that our team keeps losing. (seems like a real sweetheart don't she?) But at our last game, she sucked so fucking bad!!!!! And I wondered aloud to myself "Hm, how can she say that I'm not doing the right things when she's doing most of the wrong things that she told me not to do in the first place?" Good question right?

Well, apparently someone on the team heard me and ratted me out to Miss High-and-Mighty, so at lunch they were looking for me. Of course, at the time I did not realize what she wanted, and stayed out of her way cause I fucking hate her anyway!

So, we eventually meet in the hallway and she starts telling me about how someone came to her and told her what I had said. So I said to her, "Yeah, I said that. Cause I honestly can't see how you can boss me around and tell me that I'm no good when you're doing the same mistakes I am." *oooh cat fight*

And she says to me, "That's only because you don't work!"


So I says to her," That's Bull!" And I sorta walked away.

See, normally I'm a nice person, but I hate being mean. It's so nasty. And yes I know, that was not a good finish. So I was going to wait the rest of the practice out at home, but when I called my mother *wow that wasn't very good sense right there. how could she help?* And it wasn't a good idea. I started to cry so now I'm waiting for my tears to dry.

I then called my dad and asked him what he thought I should do. He said virtually what mom did, except in a better way that makes me pumped. So as soon as it looks like I'm done crying then I'm gonna go back. Let's just hope i get there in time.

So to all of y'al, should i kick lorraine's preppy ass?

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

so... much... HOMEWORK!!!!! *insert agonized scream*
social studies test tomorrow! and we have 4 not 2, not 3, but 4 essay questions! and only 2 periods to do them all. the good thing, we could use anything, as long as it's in our own handwriting. so i'm now typing it out, because i think better when i'm on the computer. that means, that i have to write 3 essays by tomorrow. sigh, i'll try to get to all of your guys' sites. but right now i need to work. i hope to see you later.

~the "frantic" only tall shorty

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Monday, October 9, 2006

   the fray
i finally got the fray's cd. it's awesome! i love the song, "how to save a life" it's so pretty. i haven't listened to the entire cd yet.

and to answer N.O.A.F. (i hope i got that right) if the teachers Mr. Kessler, mrs. Eccles, Mrs. Trochim or Mrs. Amrine sound familiar then you know what school i go to. that's as much as i'm gonna say.

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Friday, October 6, 2006

   seriously depressed...
you know that feeling that you get? you know, the one where you feel like things couldn't get any worse and they do? or like you're stuck in time in that state? that's how i feel right now. our powerpoint was shit, wasn't quality work, and wasn't even finished. did i happen to mention that i skipped lunch because of that? well, i did. our speech was even shittier. then in vb practice, i sucked. it was terrible, and at the end i couldn't even enjoy the birthday party that was thrown for the entire vb teams. damn, this sucks. see, this is what happens when you don't give us perfectionists enough time, and make us present. we get majorly depressed. and no one on my team even bothered to ask if i was ok. only a 7th grader asked. i was about to cry in class and mr.woodard laughed, probably because to him, this wasn't a big deal. but it is to me!!! i don't wanna fail english!!!! *breaks down into sobs*

*after 10 minutes* ok, i'm better now, well not really, i can't decide whether i want to scream or cry.. (that was a line taken from erika hayasaka from megatokyo) but that's how i feel.

ok, i want to thank ee2-san for my site. it's amazing. i'll probably be more excited about it later, when i'm happier.

~the extremely depressed shorty

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Thursday, October 5, 2006


Kurama: well, she's not going to be able to post the rest so i'll just end it here. Colleen, come on, go lay down.

me: *inches slowly towards my bedroom* bye everybody.

Kurama: good bye people, she will be on tomorrow.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

i couldn't get to all of your guys' sites yesterday, both my mom and my little brother were being prissy. and my littl brother is being pissy right now.

anyways, i made cookies last night! they are swirl chip cookies! and they taste awesome! hey, has anyone other than me noticed that the dough tastes better than the cookies themselves? i was just hoping that i wasn't crazy.

i made them for eric's mom. eric is a good friend! i've known him ever since about pre-k. and pretty much every girl at school thinks that he's hott. except for me. i just can't think of him like that! i mean, ewwwww! that and he's too skinny! ^/////^ i like guys that have a bit of muscule. lol. he almost looks like a girl from behind. scary huh?

well ciao! have to go and get ready for school!

~the still in pajamas shorty

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Sunday, October 1, 2006

   New theme!
ok, ok, i know it's a cutesy halloween theme. i'm looking for better ones but this is the only one that i liked from theO. do any of you guys know a good site to find any? i would like one that's slightly scary but still anime.

sorry but i won't be able to get ta all of yall's sites today. well, please don't hate me for that! ciao!

~the only tall shorty

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Friday, September 29, 2006

   today is strange, tomorrow's gonna be even stranger.
random quote that i made up. so today was pretty much blah. except in volleyball practice today we had to bump and set our way around the track for one lap. and while the football players were out there too. i mean, i wouldn't mind if i were in meh normal clothes but i don't look good in my practice uni. in fact, i don't even look good in shorts. it just shows off my fat legs. sigh. and then we had to run a lap because someone on my team was talking while coach was. and i also hate running. it really sucks. cause a lot of my lady friends will agree with me that the bounce is really unpleasant. well i g2g i'll try to get to everyones' sites to day!

~ the only tall shorty

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

   mixed feelings
well here's the thing, we lost today. We didn't win a single game. And at first i was pissed, because i mean, you could tell that the starters were playing like shit. So, why didn't Coach just put us in? *sigh* I feel so depressed.

My Coach is so weird. One time at practice, she told us that the avarage male's thingie (no i will not say it because it sounds immature, and i know that i'm acting like a twit) is 6 inches long. And on the night where we all went to Subway (eat fresh) it came up again. God my teammates are really bizzare.

I just had to say something about it. It's just too weird not to. Of course I never tell my mom anything about this. Or anything on any subject for that matter. *sigh* At least tomorrow's Friday. Thank GOD it's Friday.

~the depressed shorty.

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   who am i? who are you? who is anyone? i am me, you are you, and everyone else is screwed.
that was a quote that i made. if you don't get it then don't try to spend too much lack of sleep over trying to understand. i'm so annoyed. i was too nice to begin with. i had a bad time at volleyball practice. not worth going into really.

on a lighter note we won our last game! i scored 3 points serving! w00t! well, time to see everyone else. ciao!

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