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Friday, October 6, 2006

   seriously depressed...
you know that feeling that you get? you know, the one where you feel like things couldn't get any worse and they do? or like you're stuck in time in that state? that's how i feel right now. our powerpoint was shit, wasn't quality work, and wasn't even finished. did i happen to mention that i skipped lunch because of that? well, i did. our speech was even shittier. then in vb practice, i sucked. it was terrible, and at the end i couldn't even enjoy the birthday party that was thrown for the entire vb teams. damn, this sucks. see, this is what happens when you don't give us perfectionists enough time, and make us present. we get majorly depressed. and no one on my team even bothered to ask if i was ok. only a 7th grader asked. i was about to cry in class and mr.woodard laughed, probably because to him, this wasn't a big deal. but it is to me!!! i don't wanna fail english!!!! *breaks down into sobs*

*after 10 minutes* ok, i'm better now, well not really, i can't decide whether i want to scream or cry.. (that was a line taken from erika hayasaka from megatokyo) but that's how i feel.

ok, i want to thank ee2-san for my site. it's amazing. i'll probably be more excited about it later, when i'm happier.

~the extremely depressed shorty

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