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Thursday, September 28, 2006

   mixed feelings
well here's the thing, we lost today. We didn't win a single game. And at first i was pissed, because i mean, you could tell that the starters were playing like shit. So, why didn't Coach just put us in? *sigh* I feel so depressed.

My Coach is so weird. One time at practice, she told us that the avarage male's thingie (no i will not say it because it sounds immature, and i know that i'm acting like a twit) is 6 inches long. And on the night where we all went to Subway (eat fresh) it came up again. God my teammates are really bizzare.

I just had to say something about it. It's just too weird not to. Of course I never tell my mom anything about this. Or anything on any subject for that matter. *sigh* At least tomorrow's Friday. Thank GOD it's Friday.

~the depressed shorty.

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