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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Should I Kick Lorraine's Preppy Ass??? You Decide!
(Warning: contains foul language.)

Ok, see there's this girl at school. And she's the school's absolute bitch. I hate her and so does everybody else. She's a whore, a slut, and a fucking cunt (wow never thought i'd use that one). She told the whole school that Minda gave Bobby a hand job, when Minda did nothing of the sort! And she's on my volleyball team.

So lately, she's been giving me static about how I'm not doing the best that I can and that it's my fault that our team keeps losing. (seems like a real sweetheart don't she?) But at our last game, she sucked so fucking bad!!!!! And I wondered aloud to myself "Hm, how can she say that I'm not doing the right things when she's doing most of the wrong things that she told me not to do in the first place?" Good question right?

Well, apparently someone on the team heard me and ratted me out to Miss High-and-Mighty, so at lunch they were looking for me. Of course, at the time I did not realize what she wanted, and stayed out of her way cause I fucking hate her anyway!

So, we eventually meet in the hallway and she starts telling me about how someone came to her and told her what I had said. So I said to her, "Yeah, I said that. Cause I honestly can't see how you can boss me around and tell me that I'm no good when you're doing the same mistakes I am." *oooh cat fight*

And she says to me, "That's only because you don't work!"


So I says to her," That's Bull!" And I sorta walked away.

See, normally I'm a nice person, but I hate being mean. It's so nasty. And yes I know, that was not a good finish. So I was going to wait the rest of the practice out at home, but when I called my mother *wow that wasn't very good sense right there. how could she help?* And it wasn't a good idea. I started to cry so now I'm waiting for my tears to dry.

I then called my dad and asked him what he thought I should do. He said virtually what mom did, except in a better way that makes me pumped. So as soon as it looks like I'm done crying then I'm gonna go back. Let's just hope i get there in time.

So to all of y'al, should i kick lorraine's preppy ass?

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