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Friday, July 28, 2006

   hello again!
i'm so sorry that i haven't been on much! i've just had a lot of things on my plate!!! i've been recooperating from church camp. it was really fun though. who here has heard of the speaker mike miller? well he is absolutly awesome! he doesn't drag on and on with the boring stuff. i mean the first thing he started out with is "I love sex!" everyone was like "WHAT???? is he allowed to say that?" but he was getting to the point that he was married, but that we needed to save sex until after we were married! he was so cool and funny! and if you wanted to talk to him, then he would really listen and give you advice!

but he wasn't the only good thing about camp, we had games like, there was this one where you had a frozen "parrot" (it really was a chicken) and it was raw. and you had to golf with it. with a slingshot. i mean come on! that was awesome!!! and there was this other one where you had to tackle people to get some "treasure" (a piece of tape with an x in 2 different colors) off their forehead! i was tossing people off my teammates who were bigger than me! the theme was lost (pirate-y and giligan's island) but me being as oblivious as i am, didnt' even figure that out until i was at camp.

but there were downsides to the camp. the food the first time was terriible! it was spaggetti. i had a chunk of noodles about the size of a 50 cent piece except a bit bigger, stuck together. and i couldn't get them apart. and the meatballs, one guy couldn't get his fork through one. and the showers were crappy. i mean, to keep them on, you had to hold a string! i didn't wash my hair the entire time i was there, that's how bad they were. other people did that too, other people didn't even take showers. lol. well i'll tell you more about camp tomorrow. time for breakfast!

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

   feeling slightly depressed with no reason
i don't know why though. i have every reason to be happy but i don' feel that way. is that weird or what?
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Friday, July 14, 2006

   to all of you who answered my call for help
i thank you all so much. i really had a good time with her. it was really fun, and i realized that nothing has changed between us (god i sound like a soap opera. again i thank you all so much.
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Thursday, July 13, 2006

is there even such a word? anyways, at 2:00 i'm going to go to the YMCA with one of my good friends. her name is alex. anyway, yesterday my mom told me that she had a kinda rare disease (i don't know how it can be kinda rare, but i digress) that makes the nerve endings in her feet not work. so if she were to get hurt, she wouldn't be able to feel them. so being the motherly and worrisome person that i am i asked all sortsa questions. is she able to walk? will she be put in a wheelchair? and the most scary, will it be fatal. my mom told me that she won't die, she won't have to be put in a wheelchair for some time (if at all) and that she is able to walk. if worse came to worse, she'd have to walk with a cane. but i feel kinda weird about going to the Y with her. what do you say to someone who won't be able to play most of the sports that you love? i found out that she can no longer ride horses either, and she loved doing that! now, swimming is one of the few sports that she can do without risking hurting herself.

i know that it seems kinda funny that i'm asking for advice, but when a friend of your's comes down with a disease that you haven't even heard of and disables her, what would you say? would you even say anything? i know that when you aren't the one in the spotlight it seems easy, but when something like this happens to one of your friends, the words just end up jumbled. but she's my friend, and i won't abandon her because she has some weird diease.

i guess that things like these make you wonder, and count you blessings. i'm so glad to have friends to help me with this stuff and that i can help other people when they need advice. i guess what i'm trying to say is that i'm glad y'all are my friends. well, see ya in a little while.

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Sunday, July 9, 2006

   i'm back
hello peeps! i just got back from my family reunion and let me tell you, i need about 10 hours of sleep. since my mom had such a big family my little brother and i got to sleep out in a tent. i'm soooooo tired. but it was fun. we stayed for 4 days and did lots of stuff. i got to see my adorable little cousin who is a itty bitty baby! he's so cute. we had one day to go down to a lake and my uncle brought his boat and jetskis! wheeeeeeeeee! but now i am suffering for my fun. wind burns and sunburns. owwwwww. yes i got sunburns in the same spots as last time and my legs have been beaten senseless by wind burns. i hurt but had fun. now please excuse me. i need to catch up on 10 hours on sleep. *does a face plant on the keyboard* zzzzzzzzzzz...
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Monday, July 3, 2006

   pissed off
ok this is getting rediculous!!! in the past 48 hours, i've gotten about 10 of those messages! and it's like from a dating site!!! and they aren't even to me!!! this really bites. how the hell did they get my address anyways???? ok, lets just hope it doesn't happen again.
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Sunday, July 2, 2006

   fear and more messages
ok, this is getting creepy!! i just got 2 more messages from 2 more people!! the kind that i mentioned before, so, i'm taking a poll. should i

1) block them

2) tell them to f off and block them.

which one guys? i'm in a real bind here. thanks.

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Saturday, July 1, 2006

   Scares and 4th of July
ok, so i was reading my e-mail today. and i got this really strange e-mail from someone or something called footballerz. it said "let's go get f&cked up" and had a web link on the bottom of it. i deleted it straight away. but the thing is, i don't know who they were or what happened. it just kinda shook me up i guess.

anyways, on to some thing a lot happier. who here is looking forward to the 4th of july? i am! for those of you who remember last year, i'm going over to my dad's and we have jimmy over there! the man with the blowtorch!!! rahhhhh! we's gonna have a blast. lots of fireworks for all!

and about the eggs in my last post, i don't know why they haven't hatched yet. syonara!!!

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Friday, June 30, 2006

   egg thingys
ok i don't know what these are or what they'll hatch into but i've adopted them. guess i'll have to wait til tomorrow.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

backed by popular demand (ok two people) i'm rebelling against my mom. she's a control freak in every meaning of the word. and she has this idea that the comoputer is for homework only and that we shouldn't be on it too much. she even goes to the lengths of threatening to shut it off for the rest of the summer *shudders*.

anyway, my sunburn is now peeling and it itches like hell! and for those of you who don't know, aloe vera doesn't really help. god it itches!!! i thank the friends who have been commenting on my past posts. oh well at least i will have a good tan as soon as it goes away. but in the mean time i am very miserable. time to go do my chores. i'll talk later. syonara!

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