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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

i couldn't get to all of your guys' sites yesterday, both my mom and my little brother were being prissy. and my littl brother is being pissy right now.

anyways, i made cookies last night! they are swirl chip cookies! and they taste awesome! hey, has anyone other than me noticed that the dough tastes better than the cookies themselves? i was just hoping that i wasn't crazy.

i made them for eric's mom. eric is a good friend! i've known him ever since about pre-k. and pretty much every girl at school thinks that he's hott. except for me. i just can't think of him like that! i mean, ewwwww! that and he's too skinny! ^/////^ i like guys that have a bit of muscule. lol. he almost looks like a girl from behind. scary huh?

well ciao! have to go and get ready for school!

~the still in pajamas shorty

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