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Saturday, June 9, 2007

It's been almost three months since I last updated. Quite awhile, huh? Time for me to update. (about time...?) I obviously came back with a new look, which I admit... I got the inspiration from Vicky. She's an amazing designer. I love that simplistic look she displays. Who wouldn't want to copy out of Vicky? I really am hoping she doesn't get after me for this. D:

So anyway, school ended on May 23rd for me, though it officially ended on the 24th. On the last week of school, I came on Monday and Wednesday, and afterwards, no school. :DD On Thursday, my friends, twin, and myself went to go watch Pirates 3 at eight o'clock pm. It was amazing how showtimes started a few hours earlier than the real day opening and it was amazing how we got our tickets right at the ticket booth with no waiting whatsover. The movie was simply great, and let me add, a lot better than Pirates 2. I was quite disappointed with the second installment, but the third was beyond comparable to the second. But the first one was still the best out of the three (to me), but I am looking forward on seeing the Pirates 3 again. One reason is because I forgot my glasses at home so when I watched the movie it wasn't 20/20 vision picture clear. But I was still able to watch it with no problem since my vision isn't really bad... yet. .___.
Thennn on June 2nd, my friend was having a little birthday party. We went to go watch Disturbia aaand go eat at Bennigan's. Disturbia was a good movie, but the ending was quite unneccesary. Buuttt at least they were happy.:)) Haha, a great thriller movie.
Oh, and also I went to my cousin's graduation on May 27th, and it was pretty soaked up at the end. Overall, it was pretty boring since I didn't really care for anyone else's name except my cousin's. Which was the seventh name since he was number seven in his class. So the anticipation of hearing his name... wasn't too long. /< Aaaand it was raining hardcore by the end of it, so all of the families got wet bad. Hahaa.

Two friends of mine (one of them is one of my close friends) will be moving off to a different school, and it's really sad. I don't want them to go, because they're great friends. (and smart too. >D) It'll be strange for them not to be here since I talk to them daily, and I chat to one almost everyday through MSN. It's really hard to deal with, but I'm thinking everyone has to go through that every now and then.
Other than that, I have just been sitting at home, updating and revamping my fanlisting collective and graphic site. I deeply apologize for not stopping by anyone's site in ages. I guess I lost interest in this place for awhile, but hopefully I will be posting more frequently, though I doubt I will have much. D:
Thank you for reading this horribly long post! So off I go, visiting all who has updated today. :3

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