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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone. It's the 25th of December. :) And I have come back to wish you guys a Merry Christmas!
I'm sorry for my absence, and most likely I won't be on here as much anymore. Lots of things have been going in my personal life and school life.
I'm losing my interest around here... pretty much almost everywhere. I'm not active much around sites I have an account in. And I've been such a bad friend around here. Meh, but I'll miss this place for sure. I might be able to come back active. Maybe next summer. ^^

You could delete me from your friend list if you wish... I'd be sad, but I wouldn't mind. ^^

Don't wanna make this long, so I'll be going now. Merry Christmas everyone! And if I don't come back from then, happy new year!
Have a great day everyone! Spend time with your loved ones, instead of worrying about presents. It's the love you give that counts. =D

Good bye everyone!

P.S. Thanks for the cards everyone gave me. :) I really appreciate it. Happy Holidays!

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