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Friday, December 31, 2004

...It's not fun at all when you put it like that.
Chain of Memories is the worst game I've ever played... -.-

The monsters gang up on me, the battle system is horrible, and the storyline is...just boring.

But it's strangely easy enough. So, I might as well finish it. XD

Today I woke up a bit late...like, 11:58 or something...it rained here again...everyone seems to be worked up about New Years, but I don't really get it...

I think...I'm going to try some more secret techs on Tales of Symphonia today! (Too bad I have to use Fierce Demon Fang +200 times...that means I'll have to get rid of Double Demon Fang and switch Zelos to a S-type too...oh, the horrid inconveniences...).

Uh...how do you do Rising Pheonix again...oh yeah...well, with the computer using Rising Falcon all the time, that shouldn't take too long...wait...actually it might... ^^;

*goes to the Earth Temple*

-4:12 PM

It sounds like it's raining again...just a few more days and school's back...I still haven't done my English homework...

Raine: "Lloyd, I want you to remember that enemy's weakness."

Lloyd: "Aw man, you're making me study here, too?"

-5:41 PM

Man...I'm bored....my brothers are watching TV so I can't play games...

-9:19 PM

I just...discovered something terrible that happened at a forum I visit everyday a few minutes ago. But...I'm not going to be sad forever, cause...it can start over now. And no, I'm not in denial. ^_^

Okay....I seriously think I'm turning into Colette now...here's a quote from Presea's Flanoir scene to end the day:

"To forgive and to atone for your mistake, even if you will not be forgiven...They both take tremendous courage and strength. I'm...unable to be so strong."

G'night folks. May you all have a wonderful new year.

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Thursday, December 30, 2004

I used to believe that there are things that can't be changed in this world.
That's a quote from Raine's Flanoir scene. My favorite quote, actually. ^_^

-I got up at 10:58, still ended up being the last...

-I went downstairs, and saw my brother was playing games...wah...

-I went on the computer for awhile

-Then, when my brother stopped...I started. XD

-I plugged the gamecube in, turned on Chain of Memories, and...yelled. A lot. Halloween Town is really annoying! Especially those dumb flowers...

-I beat yet ANOTHER world, Oogie was so easy! ^^

-I went back on the computer, and typed this up.

-My mom's friend came over and...I didn't like it. At all. They kept staring at me....... >_<

-Oh yeah, I forgot to add...while they were over, I decided to play some Chain of Memories to avoid their stares...didn't help. I could still feel their presence....STOP LOOKING AT ME!

-I played all the way to Monstro, and beat it...with some difficulty...now I have a whole new batch of worlds to go to! ^^

-It was kind of rough when I went to the Mizuho BBS for awhile...but all is well now.

-Okay....time to rap this post up.
I played a little Chain of Memories again, and right now I'm in the middle of Atlantica's story...the 100 Acre Wood I finished in no time...evil...it was EVIL........

I'll end with a quote from Raine at Dirk's House when she was talking to Lloyd on my 2nd playthrough ^^:

"You subconsciously collect and store various external information. That's why when the time comes, you always manage to find the next path to take. Not by logic, but by intuition."

G'night folks! *disappears*

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Before I knew what was going on, red snow began to fall.
Aww...I just remembered how sad Zelos' Flanoir scene was...it was the best...well, besides Kratos'. Those two really have a sad past... ;-;

Anyways, about my day...

-Today I thought I would wake up earlier than usual. Actually, I did, but...I was still last to get out of bed. Heh... ^^;

-I woke up somewhere around 11:32...

-I went downstairs and turned on the gamecube. I played Chain of Memories for awhile. It was easy! ^^

-I pulled off a sleight and casted Blizzard right after. Hehe...that was pretty good. Right?

-Then I got on the computer, ate breakfast, and...typed this up. XD

-I played Chain of Memories some more, and now I only have two more worlds to finish! ^^
But there'll probably be more after that... -.-;

-My brother challenged me to another game of Mario Power Tennis...and let's just say...I OWNED him. Muahahahahahaha!!! XD

-And that ends the day. I'll end with a quote:

"I rule! I'm soooo cool!"

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Uh, you're becoming more like Lloyd aren't you?
I'm so...bored!!!! This house is dead!!!!! There's nothing to do...... >___<

Hmm.....maybe I should have stayed in bed.....I wanna go play ToS again....ah well, I might as well talk about my day...so far.

-I got up at 12:32 today (I like to sleep in XD)

-I went straight to the gamecube and turned on Chain of Memories...which was rather boring... -_-

-I went to the computer next and...once again had nothing to do.

-I stayed on the computer for hours or something...then I went to eat dinner somewhere away from the usual table...(my relatives are here, AGAIN...I hate them...)

-I went back to the computer and am currently busy typing this up. XD

-I've been on the computer for hours again. One reason is because I needed help getting out of the Olympic Colloseum in Chain of Memories, and the other because my brothers are busy watching TV and I'm too lazy to bust out my Gameboy SP and play CoM on that. -.-

-The day's almost over, and school is drawing ever closer...now I'm sad.

-I just realized it's been raining all day...YAY!!! XD

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Monday, December 27, 2004

Man...I didn't get to do anything...
Just a few more days and school's back...I hate school. I have no friends and I always fall asleep in class. >_<

Today hasn't been the greatest day so far either. I'm being haunted by "it" and I can't help but feel half-guilty for the cause of what happened.

Oh yeah...I still haven't done my English homework...I'll do that later... XP

I'm still sick, but I think I'm getting a little better. My cough is gone, but...that's mostly it.

I wish I didn't finish ToS so quickly...now I'm bored most of the time......I feel like I've totally wasted my winter break.

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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Finished...but not accomplished.
I finished Tales of Symphonia yesterday, but I'm not done yet. I found it quite funny how I was only able to cast Indignation Judgement on my FIRST playthrough, then I casted Holy Judgement on my SECOND playthrough. So a third playthrough and I might get Falcon's Crest...muahahahahaha! Well, I could just fight in the colliseum, actually...
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Uh....yeah. I'm new to this place...hey, doesn't Otaku mean "Nerd" in Japanese? :P

I...don't really have much to say...this site is pretty cool though...heh...bye! *runs away*

PS: Just to let anybody know, I made the background myself with Photoshop. Isn't it cool? :x

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