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Friday, April 22, 2005

The key to open the door is in your hand...
Come with me in the twilight of a summer night for awhile
Tell me of a story never ever told in the past

Take me back to the land
Where my yearnings were born
The key to open the door is in your hand
Now fly me there

Fanatics find their heaven in never ending storming wind
Auguries of destruction be a lullaby for rebirth

Consolations, be there
In my dreamland to come
The key to open the door is in your hand
Now take me there...

This time the lyrics are from "Key of the Twilight", one of my favorite .hack songs. X3

Um, I have a "friend" over right now...so I have to finish this up quick...well actually she's watching my D.N.Angel dvds...eh...I'll just talk about my day:


I didn't crash into Evan. He didn't tell me he liked me. *sigh* I'm so...depressed.

I was pretty hyper during PE though...it was like...it was to the point where I was getting TOO optomistic. >_>

Man, this sucks. Why is my life full of crazy things? T_T

Oh yeah...

When I was talking to Kumiko about how pessimistic I was, I was like, "I'm dark, depressed, pessimistic, gothic, whatever."

Kumiko: "You're gothic!? SERIOUSLY?! HEY, SUMMER!! MY FRIEND IS GOTHIC! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! You should seriously hook up with Evan Reed."

Me: "What?! Why!?"

Kumiko: "Cause! You're both dark!! I mean, seriously, you two should hook up with each other."

Me: "But! Um...WHY?!?"

Oh man, I think I made it WAY too obvious that time. But I like how she told me to hook up with him; which is what I've been wanting to do forever. xD;;;

Okay, that's all then.....


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Thursday, April 21, 2005

So dear, and yet so far - That is the promise of our future...
On the day we were born, we were embraced
And now we search for those gentle hands again
The melody of prayer; one vanishes,
And all begins again; a powerless, painful continuation

One day, to that green morning,
We'll cross through all these nights
Because that is the place each one of us searches for

Now, within my own heart,
I want to keep you warm
So dear, and yet so far -
In the name of peace
Fields of Hope...

Uwaaaahhhhh.....Fields of Hope is such a good song. It makes me want to cry. Lacus is awesome...! ;_______;

*cough* Uh, I mean, Fields of Hope lyrics this time, from Gundam SEED Destiny, sung by Lacus herself!

I also got Obsession from .hack//SIGN, which I'd been looking ALL OVER FOR.

So I feel pretty accomplished. XD

Today, we played the last of the tournament in wall ball and I ended up in 4th court!

I even got to play against Evan...kyaa....he's sooooooo hot!!!!!!!!! X3

Well, we (as in me and my partner) were playing against his friends John and Tenshi (not his real name XD), and we won, but they said they won, so they walked into our new court. Then we said we won, but they wouldn't move down, so Evan and Daniel had to throw the ball at them. It was funny. XDDD

But when John and Tenshi still wouldn't leave, and they put their backs to the court, eventually we had to hit them so they'd get out.

Evan handed me the ball and was like, "You wanna hit them? XD"

The way he said it made me laugh. So I threw the ball at John and he walked out of the court. XD

Tenshi was a little trickier though; it took a few tries, which wasted a lot of our playing time...but eventually Daniel hit him and they walked out. We finally proceeded to the real game! ^///^

I hit the ball softly once (it was hard to reach), and Evan/Daniel were like, "Aaaaahhhh!!!!"

I thought I'd lost, but they couldn't hit the ball in time. It was so funny. XD

Eventually we lost the game though. But I'm happy for Evan and Daniel...so I don't really care if I lost. If we had more time we could have had one more game with each other..

Um...during History my friend Kumiko was driving me crazy/getting me hyper; I laughed so hard I could barely breathe most of the time. She was like, calling me a Hater for dissing Copernicus, and Daniel was like, "Did you just say what I think you said?! Do (dough)! HEY, DO!!!"
Do: "What?"
Daniel: "She's calling her a hater!"
Do: "Who's calling who a hater?"
Daniel: *points at Kumiko* "She's calling her *points at me* a hater!"
Do: "She's not a hater! She's cool cause she's asian!"
Kumiko: "You are such a racist! You only like her because she's asian!"

And we went on like that for a while. We were all just joking around though; it was hilarious the entire time! I've never had a better time in History before. XD

And during Web Design class, this girl in my team (Jessica) was acting more hyper than usual, and actually started biting my other teammates. Then she started typing random stuff on Ana's (other teammate) computer and I tried to stop her by highlighting as much as I could and deleting it. Ana was like, "Oh! Chigiri's (my "name" online >_>) my saviour! I love Chigiri now!" XDDDD

The teacher was like, "Hey. Enough said."
Then I said, "But nothing was said!"
Jessica: "Chigiri's got a point!"

The teacher was so surprised by my personality; he said he'd never seen me this wild before. XDDDD

Man, today at school was hilarious...these are the days I like best; when I can just screw around and have fun, and be myself.

Um.....is that all? Oh yeah, I just listened to Ano Yume no Mukou he and Hagane no Kokoro (from Fullmetal Alchemist), and they're both pretty good. Ano Yume no Mukou he was sung by the Japanese Al; MAN, HE SOUNDS WAY TOO MUCH LIKE A GIRL. >_>

Ed's Japanese VA is okay, but I prefer the English VA over the Japanese one this time around.

Oh, Hagane no Kokoro was sung by Al, Ed, and Winry. Winry sounds great!

I have a feeling this will be a pretty long post....WELL, LATER~!! XDDDD

Editor's Note: When someone causes Chigiri to get hyper, she gets a little crazy.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Every step that I take is another mistake to you...?
Erm...that lyric is technically from Numb by Linkin Park, but I added the question mark for a reason...

Liking *coughobsessingcough* with Evan has caused me great happiness and great pain at the same time. Hence the "Every step that I take is another mistake to you...?"

Nyah...we were playing wall ball, and his court was right next to mine...he was serving and I was standing so close to him! If I had just leaned back a little more I could have crashed into him! Dammit. XD

Um....well, I suck at wall ball...or I just need to put A LOT more power into hitting the ball...man, I'm never gonna play Evan at this rate. *whines*

What else happened...there's not really much that happened at school today...or at least, that was interesting...

Oh yeah, our English teacher was absent today. And so was the so called "substitute" he had hired. I almost thought the English teacher was dead. I wish he was though. XD

We did nothing but read all day, and talk about "conflict". We watched Miharu's brother act as their dad while some volunteers were Miharu's brother himself. It was funny.

Scott (acting as Matt, the brother): Can I go to...uh...Alex's house?
Matt (acting as his dad): No, now go to your room.
Scott: What?! No!

That's not even close to what the counselor told him to say. But I can see they got really "into" the skits. XDDDD

Here's another one:

Matt (acting as himself): Dad, can I go visit a friend?
Greg (acting as dad): No, what have you done for ME lately?
Matt: I did my chores and I get straight A's!
Greg: Well go get me a cup of coffee.
Matt: Okay. *walks over to a bucket and picks up a random book, then throws it at him*
Greg: You threw it at me!
Matt: It was in a container.

The whole class was laughing. It was so funny! XDDDDD

Oh yeah, that reminds me of something a kid in my History class said; we were sharing our experiments on things that puzzled us, and here's what he said:

Jesse: My question was "why do people always act weird when they're around Jesse?" My hypothesis was that "Jesse is too sexy."
Then I researched it by talking to Cody and he said it wasn't because I was sexy. My results said that they didn't act weird because I was sexy, but then my conclusion showed that Cody was lying.

The way he said it was hilarious! The whole class was laughing. XDDDDD

It's so cute when Evan laughs, too. Kyaa... X3


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Monday, April 18, 2005

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me..
I walk this empty street
On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Where the city sleeps
And I'm the only one and I walk ah...

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
'Til then I walk alone...

Boulevard of Broken Dreams is such a good song. @_@

So is Numb by Linkin Park and Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru. X3

Kyaa....Evan is sooooo lovable!!! I can't believe I never noticed him last year! I don't even know if he was at my school last year... ; ;

Ugh, I had a bad day...I was on the 1st court of wall ball, and I ended up being in 8th! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!

But Evan did pretty well...or not...um....I just confusd myself...

Some idiot hit me with a ball and gave me a huge headache. I don't like headaches, especially when I end up lying in bed cause it hurts so freakin' badly. -_-

But that is what got me interested in Fullmetal Alchemist...

I love it when Evan laughs. He's sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!! X3

Okay, enough of my gibberish...umm....


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Sunday, April 17, 2005

You're getting a teddy bear that's bigger than her?! Great!
Yesterday's episode of FMA was so good!!!!!!!!!! ;_____;

And Hughes was so funny. XD

Oh! They also showed--*gets thwacked by her editor*

Editor: Hey, watch the spoilers idiot.
Riku: Owww.....

Well, I'll just say they showed a certain important couple at the train station that you will meet much later in the series... XP

It was a lot funnier in the manga, though...I mean, the milk part. XD

Winry: You didn't drink your milk. T_T


Ed: I hate milk. e_e
Armstrong: *in the background* You are being selfish, Edward Elric!

I love that part. XD

Hmm....anyways....I don't really have much to say...I just woke up like, an hour ago...

Maybe I should make a poll? Yeah...I'll do that!

Who's your favorite "dog of the military"?

Roy Mustang
Riza Hawkeye
Alex Louise Armstrong
Maes Hughes

You can pick as many as you want. I personally like Riza and Hughes. I like Roy's alchemy power though, and Armstrong is hilarious. XD

EDIT: Oh yeah, I've just been sickened by eggs...and how they COME FROM A CHICKEN!!!!! GAH, I CAN'T BELIEVE I ATE THAT STUFF BEFORE!!! I don't think I can eat eggs anymore.... @_o

I have the same problem with eggs that Ed has with milk. XD

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Lately you're all I need...
You're giving me too many things
Lately you're all I need
You smiled at me and said,

Don't get me wrong I love you
But does that mean I have to meet your father?
When we are older you'll understand
What I meant when I said "No,
I don't think life is quite that simple."

Lyrics from "Simple and Clean", by Utada Hikaru. Also the opening and ending theme to Kingdom Hearts.

Okay, so what's up today? Well...I finally finished the layout...this time, it's a real FMA theme! So...yeah. XD

Evan comes back on Monday...yay! Um......yeah.

So, for my agenda today, this is pretty much what I'll do:

-Play Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
-Chat on the computer
-Wait for Fullmetal Alchemist ever-so-patiently
-Hopefully play Chain of Memories

That's it...I guess...man, I'm boring. >_o

I almost told Kumiko who I liked...jeez, I hope she didn't figure it out. She'd tell everyone if she knew. Aaah.....


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Friday, April 15, 2005

I'll embrace it, for the reborn me...
If it's the overflowing tears, it's okay that they don't stop now.
Light should be shining into the finale of the sadness...

Right, we believed in the same feeling
We gazed at the vanished memory
Now I can't meet you.
But I can hide my painful thoughts
And become stronger.
I'll go ascertain that...

This time it's from "I Will", the 4th ending theme to Fullmetal Alchemist.

Yeah, I know the wallpaper sort of...contradicts with the text...umm....well, I'm not gonna do anything about it. This is my site, so why should I worry about pleasing other people? As long as I'm content, then it's fine with me. :p

But here's the actual wallpaper, since most of it is kind of cut off on my screen...


Yeah, I'm updating already...9:31 PM over here...gah....I have a headache. That fruit really did taste sour. *cough* >_>

My friend's coming over tomorrow, so I don't know if I'll get online at all. But...we'll be playing with Doggy (yes, Doggy) and having a lot of fun...yep...

I guess that's all...I might update this post again if I can, tomorrow...


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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Until my wish comes true, I'll remain with a smile.
On that day you left, I just waved good bye as usual,
as if we were to meet again in this city.

To believe in love is to not lose to myself.
Until my wish comes true, I'll remain with a smile.
and look at the stars, praying, and will be here.

I want to be the sky for you,
even enveloping all of your pains.
Whenever I look up, I want to feel
that I'm not alone even if I'm far away.

Let there be a place I can return to...

Yeah, I posted more for this song, "Motherland" (3rd ending to FMA) cause I just realized how much it relates to my love problems. @_@

I've spent most of the day listening to songs...man, I'm such an idiot. I really should listen to more songs other than from animes...Linkin Park is really good...I've heard Boulevard of Broken Dreams before...Utada Hikaru is awesome....GAH, WHY DID I DELETE MY SIMPLE AND CLEAN MP3?!

Oh well...I'll just get it again...Utada-san keeps switching from Japanese to English in her songs. @_@

Kyaa....Simple and Clean is sooooo good.......it makes me feel all...floaty inside. X3

*sigh* Evan's on a field trip for two days...he won't be back until Monday. T_T

He's in the jazz band at my school...they're pretty good, but I miss him...I get all...lonely...gah...I sound pretty selfish...huh?

EDIT: Okay, okay...I'm just testing this wallpaper I made...the text was a bad idea, ne? But it is Ed's song...so I thought it'd fit...but I forgot about the Otaku stuff... ^^;;

Oy...I hope I don't have to start over...hey wait, why should I bother pleasing anybody? This is my site. >_>

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Let me catch you in my trap...
Here in this room without windows.
May you dye me in sin
Here in this supreme love.

With a sword of pleasure
I cut away my wings...

Krad is crazy. His song is really..um, interesting. XDDDD

I need some sugar, badly. I am like...totally out of it. Somehow it's not funny anymore. >_>

No, it's not the sugar...it's the heat. Yeah, the heat drives me crazy...

I get sleepy, I'm constantly restless, I blurt out random stuff, and I talk to myself. XD

Or maybe it's just my mom driving me insane that's the problem...*sigh* You can never fight an idiot, because they're too stupid to understand whatever you do/say to them. And I've experienced WAY too many endless battles with idiots...

I think I should start thinking of a new theme for my Otaku site...something where you can see the text easily too...in other words, it's impossible.

Everyone always loves how I set up a site's layout's colors though...kyaa...I feel loved. XD

Well, I do for a few seconds anyways, until some idiot ruins it all.

"Why must the world be filled with idiots, thiefs, and mimes?"

That's my own line. Don't. Steal. It. Stupid mimes...


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Monday, April 11, 2005

I knew you'd be good at this. ^.^
Eh, I thought adding the smilie would put more emotion into this Tohru quote. XD

Today was pretty fun. We (we, as in my friends) played Dai Hin Min during lunch; Yumi won the first round, and I won the second. It was kind of annoying that I was surrounded by two idiots though...they kept holding up the game. >_>

We never had any time to play Crazy Eights though...Dai Hin Min was still fun, I just wish I had gotten a Revolution...I did get Shinbari a couple times.

...yeah. You all probably have no idea what I'm talking about, huh?

It's a game in Japan, and it's played a lot in Fruits Basket...I got interested in it so I decided to try playing it...oh yeah, I gotta learn how to play Speed and Ghost...I like card games...*goes on and on* XD

Kyaa....Evan is sooooo cute!! *randomness* I like to do that.



...you know what I need?! CHOCOLATE! *hyperness* XDDDD

Michiyo-chan said that chocolate is an anti-depression...thingy...and I'm usually always in a bad mood. Unless I'm feeling hyper. Actually I just feel sick right now...I NEED AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I get it. I'm insane. w00t!

Uh, I give up on the birthday chapter of Tsubasa no Aikou...or is it Aikou no Tsubasa? Has anyone else ever noticed that in Japan, they sing their words backwards and their titles are backwards? So it'd be like, in English "Tsubasa no Aikou" would be "Wing's Love", even though it's supposed to mean "Love's Wings"...wait, I'm confusing myself.... *VERY random...ness...*

..............I. NEED. SUGAR. NOW....bwahahahaha.... >_> Now I know how Giggles feels...don't ask.

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