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Monday, January 10, 2005

It was my mother's blood. She was murdered.
Lloyd: Who is it? Come on in.

Zelos: Hey man, you awake?

Lloyd: ...I just got sleepy right now. G'night.

Zelos: Whoa whoa whoa! Don't be like that! Come on, let's go talk outside for a bit.

Lloyd: Sure.


Zelos: ...On that day, Meltokio had a record snowfall. It looked just like this city.

Lloyd: What are you talking about all of a sudden?

Zelos: Ah, just a story about the past. I suddenly felt like talking about it.

Lloyd: Well, if you want to talk, I'm all ears.

*both look up at the sky*

Zelos: I was so excited to see snow for the first time, and I made a snowman in the garden with my mother.

*snow/sky turns red*

Zelos: Then suddenly, the snowman fell apart. Before I knew what was going on, red snow began to fall.

*back to Zelos and Lloyd*

Lloyd: ...Red...snow?

Zelos: It was my mother's blood. She was murdered.

Lloyd: ...

Zelos: As she fell, she grabbed my shoulder and told me, "You should never have been born."

Lloyd: That's...that's horrible!

Zelos: My mother probably loved somebody else. But because of the oracle from Cruxis, she had to marry the Chosen at the time--my father. And the old man had another woman as well.

Lloyd: But none of that was your fault!

Zelos: ...The magic that killed my mother was meant for me.

Lloyd: What?

Zelos: They targeted me because I was the next Chosen. My mother was caught in the crossfire.

Lloyd: ...

Zelos: The one who tried to kill me was Seles' mother. They executed her and Seles was placed under house arrest in the abbey.

Lloyd: So that's what happened.

Zelos: I never wanted to be the Chosen. I spent every moment of my life wishing I could just run away.

Lloyd: ...Chosens lead really difficult lives. I can only imagine what it's like. But I can still understand how hard it must be.

Zelos: ...Sorry, kinda hard to think of anything to say to a story like that, right?

Lloyd: Don't worry about it. But why did you suddenly decide to tell me?

Zelos: I should've never been born.

Lloyd: Wh...why do you say that?

Zelos: I'm not saying I still think that way now. But all my life, I've been rejected by my parents, shunned by the Church, and viewed as a threat to the royal family...I just wanted to run away.

Lloyd: But you're here with us, now, right?

Zelos: I dunno. Even now, to tell the truth, I get tired of all the problems. Sometimes I think it'd be easier if everyone and everything were just destroyed.

Lloyd: Zelos! How can you say that?!

Zelos: ...Did I piss you off?

Lloyd: Hell yes! Of course! It'd be a huge problem for me if everything was destroyed.

Zelos: But think about it. If everything was destroyed, you'd vanish, too.

Lloyd: *shakes head* I refuse to vanish. And so I don't want anyone else to be destroyed...I want you to live, too, Zelos.

Zelos: ...I think I'm gonna cry. *sarcasm*

Lloyd: Don't make fun of what I'm saying. Tomorrow, once we're sure Altessa is okay, I'm going to challenge Mithos to a final battle. But if that's the way you feel, I'll be too worried to bring you along.

Zelos: You're going to fight? Do you really think you can unite the two worlds?

Lloyd: I can and I will. I'm not going to run away.

Zelos: All right, all right, I hear ya. I swear, your fervent enthusiasm is enough to melt all the snow in Flanoir...I'm in. I guess I'll give this not running away thing a shot.

Lloyd: Haha. Once the world is at peace, you can run away all you like.

Zelos: Gee, thanks. Man, I can't believe I'm joining the weaker side. This isn't like me at all.

Lloyd: What are you talking about?

Zelos: Nothing, just talking to myself. Anyway, let's get back. It's way too cold out here.

Lloyd: Yeah…

*in bed*

Lloyd: Hmm? Did Zelos drop this? Hey, there's a letter attached...

Letter: This is a symbol of my trust. Hang on to it for me, okay? I don't have the right to ask you for your forgiveness, but I still want you to forgive me.
P.S. Don't tell the others.

Lloyd: What the?...Man, what the heck is he trying to say? He should make it easier to understand!

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Sunday, January 9, 2005

So did the teacher make you hold buckets and throw erasers at you?
Meh. I'm supposed to write a story and turn in the rough draft tomorrow in English...and I actually finished. o.o

It's times like these where I realize that I always seem to complete my homework even when I'm pretty much out of time. XD

Um...not much happen today. I'm gonna try the Underworld, hopefully...

Oh yeah, I was apparently staying up past 11 PM yesterday. I don't usually stay up that late on the computer, but I was busy typing up my story. And, since I stayed up so late, I decided to go to my room and watch Fullmetal Alchemist. ^^;


Ed: So, have you heard anything about this Fullmetal Alchemist?
Driver: Oh yeah, I've heard of him. The people say that even though he's some State Alchemist, he's still good friends with the folks.
Ed: Really? I bet he's awesome!
Al: *sweat dropping*
Driver: They also say that he's really short, like about a dwarve's size.
Ed: ...DWARF?!

*screen shifts to the desert, showing Ed chasing the driver around*

Driver: Aaahhhh!!!!!
Al: Ed, if you keep chasing the drivers away we'll never get anywhere! ^^;

10:16 PM

Well, I actually didn't do anything today. I spent most of the day time on the computer. XD

So...no Book of the Underworld.

Lloyd: "I think it's time for Dwarven Vow #108: Let sleeping dogs lie."


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Saturday, January 8, 2005

So wouldn't a spicy cake be a breakthrough?
Have you guys ever tried "mochi"? It's a type of Japanese ice cream. On the outside, there's this gooey, squishy stuff like dough, and inside is the ice cream. The outside stuff is really bad, it feels weird in your mouth. >_<
But the interior is really good. XD

There are flavors like strawberry, green tea, chocolate, *goes on and on*...

I don't think I'll have time to do the Book today, last time I tried I was up till 11 PM and I still had only 100 - 300 soulfire. -_-

But we'll see...

7:02 PM

Eh. Forget it, it's already 7 PM here, last time I started at 7 PM too, and...well...I was up till 11. XD
And there's always English homework that I have to do...

9:04 PM

Have you guys ever tried opera cake? It's got this distinct feel in your mouth, and at the same time tastes delicious! Yum...chocolate... XD

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Friday, January 7, 2005

Hmm. I guess I shouldn't have tried to put my own spin on it.
Genis never gets overlimit. He just dies. That's why I never use him anymore. And the colloseum took all my dignity away... -_-

I tried team battle, but both Genis and Regal died, so...I took on 4 guys at once with Lloyd. Lloyd can take on anything! That's why he's the best. XD

4:03 PM

I've given up on the colloseum, I don't care if Colette, Raine, or Genis don't get their titles/weapons anymore. It's just impossible. So, all that's left is that Book of the Underworld.. :\

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Thursday, January 6, 2005

Wow. I didn't know there were scary angels like that.
Yay, I finished my homework in class, now I can play ToS and fight Seles! XD

And today I didn't fall asleep, what an achievement! *proud*

Eh...I'll be back with more! Later. XD

7:31 PM

Seles is...um...hard. At first I thought it was easy, cause I was just hitting her a lot, but then she busted out the Mini Meteor...and crushed me...I should equip the Material Blade next time... >_<

10:23 PM

Yay, I beat Seles! And I didn't even need to use Falcon's Crest! XD

I was down to 227 HP, and she just used a Ray. I rushed her and busted out random attacks until she fell!! Muahahahahahaha!!!!

Oh yeah, I also played the colloseum some more and I got weapons for:

Lloyd - Valkyrie Saber
Presea - Bahamut's Tear
Sheena - Divine Judgement
Regal - Kaiser Greaves
Zelos - Last Fencer

Well, actually I had Presea's Gaia Cleaves and Regal's Dynast, so...of course I didn't use the Kaiser Greaves/Bahamut's Tear. Oh yeah, I also got titles, of course XD:

Lloyd - "Sword of Swords"
Comment: This one isn't very good...but it sounds nice. XD

Presea - "Deadly Flower"
Comment: It's weaker than "Empty Soul"...even though they both raise the same things. XD

Sheena - "Rose of Battle"
Comment: I love the description for this one! And I worked really hard to get it too!

Regal - "King of the Colloseum"
Comment: Has anyone ever noticed that Regal's titles always sound a bit...beastly? o.o

Zelos: "Grand Champion"
Comment: This title's kind of lame, but the stats are oh-so-good. XD

Well, that about wraps up the day. Ending quote, just like always:

"I'm just too pretty! Seriously!"

Oyasumi minna-sama! ^_^

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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

...How do you manage to sleep standing?
Meh...today I shall talk about the many, many times I fell asleep during school. XD

-Computer Art-

Well, this class is always boring. We were supposed to type/write an essay about art careers, and I finished taking notes. But...I had begun to feel really sleepy, and I could barely stay awake. I tried to keep my head up, but my hands slipped and I think I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was time to go. XD


Eh...I was still pretty sleepy, so for the last half of English I got drowzy again...My teacher was reading Cirque De Freak Volume 1, but I wasn't really pay attention cause I was so sleepy...I fell asleep, and when I woke up, the class was talking about something else.

And the rest of the school day, I was wide awake! Of course, there were those other times last year when I fell asleep...heh... ^_^;;

9:33 PM

I just compared "Collet" to "Colett ~It is Sad~"...and there's a major difference. O_o

I really should pay more attention next time I play ToS... XD

Ah well...oh yeah, I saw a screenshot of Zelos with his angel wings...it's...disturbing...eh...good night... XD

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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

I think I know why your cooking is dangerous...
Meh. No math homework today. That's good.. ^^;

I don't really feel like posting today, but...let's see what I can put down...

I'm feeling kind of depressed too...there's no reason for it, it just happens sometimes...

Oh yeah, I also fell asleep during English class today. XD

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Monday, January 3, 2005

Prod easy? You were easily prodded?
Hah...that skit was funny. Lloyd makes the most ridiculous comments sometimes. XD

Now then...about my day...

I went to school today, and...hated it. First period was horrible, the computers weren't working and...we had to watch this REALLY IDIOTIC DVD about music...and the music wasn't that good either...I want to STRANGLE the singer....

The rest was all good, so...pretty average day so far.

Lloyd: "What were you like as a kid?"

Zelos: "I was both handsome and smart. A prodigy."

Lloyd: "Prod easy? You were easily prodded?"

Zelos: "...The fact that you're serious is what makes you scary."

5:11 PM

Wow...it's been 5 minutes and I still haven't typed anything up. XD


I'm currently doing homework...my brother asked awhile back why I don't use my calculator anymore...well...I lost it...and I hate thinking about it cause I just get depressed...I forgot it at school and then some stupid kid took it and won't give it back. What am I supposed to do? I wanna meet that kid and beat him up...eh...did I just reveal my dark side again? -_-

9:52 PM

Wow, it took me like, the whole day just to finish my math homework. Either I'm really slow, or it was just...harder than it looked. In any case, I hate math... -_-

But I can stay up for another 30 minutes! Or just stay awake in my room while everyone is sleeping...hehe...I never even got to do anything...or finish my English homework. XD

Zelos: "I bet we could be gooooooood friends!!!"

Lloyd: "Augh, don't drag me into your world!!!"

See ya tomorrow guys! XD

PS: All credit to Raibox for the picture! x3

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Sunday, January 2, 2005

Whatever will be, will be.
Man...I can't believe I have to go back to school tomorrow...it seemed like winter break went by so fast...and I still haven't done my English homework. XD

Eh...I woke up pretty early today...somewhere around 11:08...meh. I'll talk about my day later.

3:37 PM

I used Falcon's Crest! Yay!! It's soooooo much better actually doing it than watching a video clip of it on computers!!!!!!!!!! The first time it didn't work cause I dunno what happened, but I did see a little sparkle! Then the next battle I actually died. ^^;

But I still did it! *goes to change goal*

Oh yeah, I also did Rising Pheonix...nothing special there...

5:36 PM

Meh. I beat the exibition battle at the Meltokio Colliseum...I knew I should have gone for Garr first...

Last time Meredy didn't cast Ressurection at all, so I thought he was done for. Turns out she had a lot more spells...

Farah kept going for Raine, and by the time the battle was over, I had only 3 Life Bottles left. I forgot to use Falcon's Crest too...that sucks... ^^;

9:45 PM

Book...so...aggravating... @_@

Now I know what people meant when they said the Book of the Underworld was hard...it's not the fights, it's the soulfire. And I wasted the rest of my day just doing that stupid book...now I have to go back to school tomorrow... ~_~;

Lloyd: "What's the point of school anyway? I mean do I really need to know math."

Genis: "Of course! You use it everyday!"

Goodnight... @_@

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Saturday, January 1, 2005

Victory belongs to the most...sexy! Dead sexy!
Heh...not much happened today. I went to bed at 1:00, and woke up at 12:27 today. XD

1:39 PM

I had a ToS dream...too bad I wasn't actually in it. -.-

I was playing Tales of Symphonia and I was in the Book of the Underworld (Zelos was the on screen character for some reason). I was trying to do some more secret techs...I had just finished a battle and apparently I had equipped everyone with the Devil's Arms...well, maybe it was more of a vision. Cause now I really wanna do it. XD

My brother also challenged me to Mario Power Tennis, and we used the two new characters. Of course, I won like always.

5:04 PM

Let's see...I played a little multi-player with my brother's new Metroid game. Of course, I sucked. ^^;

I brought Tales of Symphonia back down, cause I actually have a reason to play it now. Yay! XD

6:50 PM

Uh...actually not much happened. Well, my brothers are watching TV so I can't play ToS. But I swear I will when they're done! Hopefully... ^^;

7:30 PM

Since everybody seems to like my background, I decided to post it up so you can see it better! Thankies everyone! ^^

9:56 PM

I never did get to play ToS today...it's just...so hard to go back now...I mean, I have so many doubts and stuff...oh well...

"I never wanted to be the Chosen. I spent every moment of my life wishing I could just run away."

Hey...I actually memorized that. My favorite line from Zelos' Flanoir scene! Good night... ^-^

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