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Saturday, March 19, 2005

And the way you stare at yourself in the mirror once you're in your school uniform is scary.
I spent about 20 minutes looking at myself in the mirror. XD
I'm not conceited, I just needed to cut my hair a little (YES, I cut some of it by myself). I liked my hair layered, but it's not going too well. ~_~
Well, with how much I'm cutting now, it is getting there...

Uh...since no one seemed to comment about the first chapter I posted today, I guess I won't need to post the rest of my story after all. Happy days... ^_^

Hmm....oh yeah! Yesterday during lunch, I stole Yumi's (my friend) backpack. XDDD

While Itoe (my evil companion) was distracting her, I slipped away with the backpack and hid it somewhere Yumi couldn't see (not far away, but just so she'd have to stand up to notice).

Yumi had NO idea. She didn't notice until lunch was over. XD

That also reminds me of the day before, when Yumi actually FORGOT her backpack and almost walked to her next class without it. XDDDD

Me and Itoe are evil, like Tsubaki and Aya (from Kare Kano). We treat Yumi as a "toy" and like to make fun of her.

It sounds mean, but it's really pretty funny.

Uh.....that's all for now.


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Friday, March 18, 2005

I want to get closer and closer to you.
Um....that's a line from "Half", the second opening song to Rurouni Kenshin. I thought I'd use it, since it fit my mood. Which is pretty good right now... ^_^

We have to write this persuasive essay for English class, and Evan's was so funny! Kya...~! X3

"If you do not like art and poetry, then you do not belong here. Coward."

It's funnier if you actually heard it, but that's not what was the most funny. The "fine print" was even better. XDDD

People seem to like jumping over me a lot, during PE. I'm just sitting quietly on my number waiting for the teacher to come, then all of a sudden some boy (or two) comes running up and jumping over me. Like today, for instance.

I was just daydreaming (like usual), when suddenly I heard Evan cry out "Daniel! No!", and before I even realized what was happening, Daniel shouted "LEAP FROG!!!" and jumped over me. o_o
Kazuma-kun was like, "***'s always getting jumped over!"
*That's my name. Never to be revealed. >_>

It was kind of fun though. I don't really mind. ^_^;;

We also had a substitute for History, and he was awesome. He even appeared on TV once!

They had to cut a scene out because of his language though. He was like, "What the f***!" and "That really pissed us off!"
He made me like school again. Well, not by much...he was really funny. XDDD

Um...let's see...anything else...I can't remember right now, but if I do remember anything I'll update.


EDIT: Oh yeah, I was going to post the first chapter of my story. ^^;

If you guys like it, I'll post the other chapters.


“Sleeping again I presume Nakashima-kun?” Ishimaru-sensei smirked. The whole class was staring at me. I was partially horrified and partially confused...unless...oh no, I fell asleep AGAIN!!!

“Um, I’m sorry Ishimaru-sensei…” I said dizzily.

“You have an excuse this time, since class is already over. Hurry up and get to your next class before your teacher yells at you.”

“But my teacher already did…” I replied densely, looking at Ishimaru-sensei. He sighed and pushed me out of the room. I sighed, and then walked on to my next class…

Act 1: Chigiri

It’s not that I hate my life. I have good friends, a person I love, but…then again, that’s mostly it. I’ve never really smiled, and when I do, it’s only because other people are laughing. And the person I like doesn’t even know I exist…he is sweet though. Well, my life was just a maze…complicated and difficult to solve…

Stage 1 ~ A Fateful Encounter

Kawaii… I thought to myself. It was my PE period and we got to play wall ball. I had no idea he would want to play though.

“Nice save Saruwatari-kun!” One of my friends praised. It was a pretty nice come back, so I wouldn’t be surprised that she said that. All I had to say was, “That was pretty good…” and smiled like an idiot. Oh yeah, I should probably introduce these two..

My friend’s name is Miharu Endoh-chan, and she’s a pretty nice person. But when she gets mad, she gets scary…

Who’s the boy playing right now? Oh, he’s Yuukei Saruwatari-kun, the sweetest, kindest, cutest, and smartest boy in the entire school…well, okay, I’m exaggerating a little, but he’s the best to me, even if we don’t talk much…

The red head’s name is Kumiko Ogawa-chan, but she’s a bit hard to describe. She likes to degrade herself a lot, and she gets mad easily. Her sarcasm isn’t very nice either, and gets annoying.

“Hi Chigi~chan!!!!!!!!!!!!” A girl with blonde hair approached me. I jumped back a little, but realized she was just my “hyper active” best friend. I like her because she’s admirable, loyal, and fun to talk to. Her name is Michiyo Nakamura-san, and she’s incredibly smart. I wish I was smart like her…

“Wah!!!!” Like I said, I jumped back. “You startled me Michiyo-san.” I calmed down and sweat-dropped. “Are you sure you should be jumping around like that? You were sick for 4 days straight.”

“Awww, was my little Chigi-chan worried? I’m fine, don’t worry about it!!!!” The next thing I knew, she hugged me. @_@

What? I haven’t introduced myself yet? Oh, I’m Chigiri Nakashima, just your average Japanese girl…there’s nothing special about me.

*after school*

“Ugh…what a day…” I sighed, walking out of the school campus. “I never get a break…” Slowly I trudged back home, feeling utterly defeated.


“I want to die…”


“……………eh?” Just then, I realized someone was calling me. I turned around and saw that it was Yuukei! “Saruwatari-kun!?” My face turned beet red.

“You forgot your notebook. Here.” Yuukei handed me the notebook gently. I took it from his soft hand delicately, and thanked him.

“U-um……thank you…” I stuttered. I couldn’t bare to look at him directly.

“Nakashima-san? Is something wrong?”

“Oh! I—um, nothing!! Sorry for wasting your time! See you tomorrow~!” I ran the rest of the way and left Yuukei standing there, confused.

“What was that all about?”

~Commercial Break XD~

“Why did I do that?!” I pondered, while resting on my bed. “I just left him standing there…he probably thinks I hate him now, or something...!”

”Chigiri, dinner!!!” My mom informed from downstairs.

Reluctantly, I dragged myself out of bed and walked down the stairs. There was nothing as bland as my mother’s cooking…


“Ooh!! Chigi-chan has a crush on Kawazoe-kun!”

“I do not!! Stop spreading rumors Michiyo-san!” I blushed furiously. She always spread rumors about me like that, but none of them were true.

“Ooh! Then Chigi-chan has a crush on Fujiwara-kun!”

“Do you ever get tired of that?” I sighed. It was actually kind of fun though, even if it ruined my already lacking reputation…

“Chigi-chan has a crush on Saruwatari-kun~!!!!!!!!!”

That left me near speechless. Of course, if I didn’t say anything, then I’d get even more suspicious…so I just denied it. “Michiyo-sa~n…………” I muttered, helpless.

*5th period*

“Aaahh!!! I’m late!!!!!!!!!” I cried as I ran in the hallway toward the PE field. I was busy working on homework during lunch, and didn’t realize the bell had rung. But that wasn’t the only thing I dreaded…

“Ah!! @_@” Stupidly, I tripped on something and crashed into…Yuukei.

“Aahh….huh? Oh, I-I’m sorry Saruwatari-kun!!!!!” I blushed wildly. Yuukei just brushed some dirt off him and smiled.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it.”

“Ah!! We’re late for class!!” I just remembered, and headed toward the PE field. Yuukei went the same way, since we were both in the same class together…

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Uh, do you really think we should do this?
Lettuce is so cute! x3

It's too bad she was butchered in the Mew Mew dub...as well as all the other characters. -_-;

Only 24 days left before my birthday...not like anyone cares...

Hmm...I guess I'll just be busy working on my fan fiction all day...and maybe more sprites...and waiting for FMA to come on...speaking of which, I wonder if chapter 41 is up yet...

Uh...I guess that's all. I'll update later if anything interesting happens...which you'll probably all find boring.

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

You train in secret to be the best athlete in gym class. I'm sorry, that's just wierd.
We had to do push ups today in PE (fitness testing). >_>;;

I'm glad I trained myself last night secretly. Even though I was supposed to be in bed... XDDD

I managed to pull off the presidential though. If you don't know what I mean, presidential is the average number of something you have to do (it depends what age you are too). 20 push ups. I did because:

1. I didn't want to humiliate myself.
2. ...uh, it wasn't that hard?

My arms ached really badly after that though.

I didn't even try to do pull ups though. Last year I tried, and I couldn't even do one. >_>;;

I want to get better at PE, so I'm gonna start exercising more and stay off the computer. Of course, I'll need to set up a schedule...

Um...I realized I get really lonely when Evan is sick. Even if we don't talk that much, I can't help but miss him. Not to get into that lovey-dovey personality of mine, but I had nothing better to say... ~_~

I think that's all...hmm...I wanna get smarter...praise.....eheheheheh....

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

What are you telling ME for?
Yukino: *crying* I'm gonna be number two for my whole life! Dammit! <--Has been number two for the entire senior year
Soirchiro: I don't think so... *sweat-drop*
Yukino: You can't make it through this world on good grades alone! To survive, you have to be cunning, be able to outwit other people, and have the talent to take advantage of other people's weaknesses! And when it comes to that, I am invincible!
Soirchiro: What are you telling ME for? Hrm... ¬¬

That was from the 13th volume of Kare Kano. It's a lot funnier with the pictures, though. But still funny, right? XD

Okay, this time I SWEAR I will not touch the background of my site. Besides, I finally found a background where you can SEE the text... >_>;;

This time, the wallpaper features the many faces of Yukino Miyazawa! Um...yeah.

What else...my friend figured out who I like...even though she doesn't know the guy (he was on the Honor Roll listing, so she figured it out)...

Hmm....I realized how much I can relate to the Kare Kano characters...that's why I like it...

Well, none of you would understand what I meant unless you actually read the Kare Kano series (around where Rika, Aya, Tsubaki, and Tsubasa appear...)...so, yeah. That's all, I guess...

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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

It's because you say crap like that that you're always going to be a midget!
I never get tired of that line. The FMA manga is really funny. XDDD


That's my favorite part. Hughes is a great character...*sniff*

Eh, I just remembered something my friend did at school...

We were walking in the hallway to our next classes, and then my friend seemed to shrink down a little. I asked, "What are you doing? ._."

"I'm shrinking down to your level!"


I'M NOT SHORT!!!!!!!

*calmed* What else happened...oh yeah, I made a new color bar. Daisuke themed this time... x3

I've just realized now...since I got on the internet, people have been copying me in all sorts of ways. My personality, my signatures on forums, everything. I don't like it. I HATE people who copy others, it just sickens me. Get some ORIGINAL ideas, geez. --;

And I'm not going to blame who copies me or whatever. But, hopefully it's no one here (as far as I've noticed...)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about what happened during English:

I was just spacing out (like usual XD), and then a kid had said something to the guy sitting next to me, "I've found love!"

The guy sitting next to me was like, "What?"

Then the kid walked up to him, and poked me. He walked away like nothing happened then. Oy...that left me really confused, and I couldn't get it out of my head the rest of the day. @_@

Okay, that's all...I guess...bye minna~!

EDIT: I changed the background. The other one started bothering me, even if I could highlight the text. >_>;;

But it doesn't show all of Daisuke's face on my computer...

EDIT 2: Oy....I don't even want to mess with the text color any more.... >_<

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Saturday, March 5, 2005

Looking at the answer a resolution is gained...
Another line from a song. "Natsu no Yoru no Yume", one of my most favorite songs! x3

Uh, I already got a new background up...NO TEXT COLOR GOES WITH IT!! @_@

Red was pretty good, but it hurt my eyes. Blue doesn't blend with the background, gray shades don't match at all, so all I'm left with is black...which is actually pretty good, but still hard to see the text....

Umm......well, that's all. I guess...I'll update later if something good happens! XD

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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

I'll grasp onto the buried truth with my hands.
I like Ready Steady Go! too much. Eheh...*cough* >_>;;

Hm...I had a pretty good day at school, except my friend's absent again. So it's a little boring without her, too. -_-

Everyone seems to love the website I've created! I'm glad to hear that *likes being praised, a lot XD*.

Well, it was a pretty good day until I got my History Test results......evil history teacher...

Um....I think I caught Evan looking at me, or maybe he was looking at something else.......

I guess that's all...I gotta make a new background for my website...bye!

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Monday, February 28, 2005

I want to die.
Um...I think that's what the chimera in FMA said, if I remember correctly... XD

Umm......I finally got a background, like all you wanted so badly... ¬¬

We're creating websites from scratch in my computer class, and my group is so fascinated by my website. XD
I'd show you all, but my teacher needs to put it online first, so, I can't show you.

HTML isn't that hard to learn, is it? My group acts like I'm at a higher level than them or something... >>;;

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Tobira no mukou e...
Ack, I've ran out of quotes, or good song lyrics. x.X

Tobira means "door" and no signifies something, like of or the. It's like "Ame no Uta" is "Song of Rain".
Mukou e is pretty much "beyond". And when you put that all together...Tobira no Mukou E translates to "Beyond the Door". Also my favorite ending song for FMA. ^_^

Let's see...hey guys, anybody remember this old layout? XD
Well, it's back and better than ever! Well, I could use a background, but...yeah......*trails off*

New introduction picture too, I did all the starry effects and background. Is it good? ; ;

Well, that's all, I guess...bye! ^^

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