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Thursday, February 24, 2005

But I want to always be looking at you from somewhere.
Meh...I'm running out of quotes, so I'm using song lyrics now XD

This one is a translation of the 3rd line from Caged Bird, episode 24's ending theme of DN Angel.

Today was kind of...different. I kept feeling like someone was stalking me, or like staring at me. Heh...I'm too cautious of things. ^^;

One of my friends, Esther, was pulling on my backpack for some reason. I tried to escape, and when I couldn't, I ended up walking to another friend, Rachael, who was talking to Kree. I was like, "Rachael!"

And, since she had no idea I was there, screamed. It was so funny, everyone laughed. XDDDD

Hah...my school life is wierd. One day I feel great, the other I feel stalked. Then there are those "in between" days. I guess that's all...bye!

~Raine-san (now I wish I chose a better name >_>;;)

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Fly through the eternal white night...
Heh, that's a translation of the last line in True Light.

Today was so fun at PE! But I think that stupid nurse is stalking me.... e_e

Anyways, I was playing Four Square with this REALLY big, yellow, rubber ball (like the ones you use to play wallball with, only WAY bigger). I was with my friends of course. ^^;

While we were playing these guys came up (we all knew them from other classes) and started acting like they were my "helpers". >_<

I couldn't even hit the ball cause they were in the way. -_-
Eventually they took the ball and started playing with it. One of the guys threw the ball at his friend and the ball hit him RIGHT on the head. It was so funny, everyone kept laughing. XDDDD

My friend was like, "You must be traumatized."

The guy was sitting up and cradling himself, but he was only kidding around.

Although it was kind of annoying, it was fun too. I like PE when we get to choose what we want to do.

Oh, and here's something cool I made! With the kawaiiest pics of Ed! ^^

A color bar of Ed. XD

EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot:

The guy who threw the ball stood in the middle of the four square area, I think to annoy us. My friends kept telling him to move, but he wouldn't, so I told one of my friends (who was holding the ball) to hit him. It was so funny, you wouldn't believe where she threw the ball at that guy. XDDDD

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Can you see in the darkness of heart?
Aw...I had this wonderful dream last night that I had two of the DNAngel DVDs. XD

Sadly I woke up...I was so happy in my mind before... -_-

Eh, school was the same as usual...horrible...um...I guess that's all. ^^;

Cheers, Raine-san

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Quick update...
Okay, to all the Tales fans out there (Tales of Eternia, Phantasia, Symphonia, etc), here it is: Tales of Legendia. New artist, for the PS2; total disappointment.


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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My sworn enemy...my twin sister, Riku!! - Risa Harada
Ugh...I hate school more than anything...especially my Math teacher...or History teacher...OR computer art teacher...one of those.

The math teacher is an immature, bratty, childish person who knows nothing about math. The History teacher likes to pick on me. And the Computer Art teacher considers me his "good student". Argh...I hate it!!!!! T_T

And to make it worse, I have to do a Socratic Seminar tomorrow! It's like, when the whole class debates about something...and I don't talk much...so I'll just be like..."..." the whole time...stupid History teacher...

I'm not too happy about having Friday and Monday off either, cause it's not really that much. So, big deal. -_-

Eh...my friends kept calling me "Dark" after I told them to stop calling me "Queen of Evil" or whatever...it's kind of annoying though, I don't wanna be called Dark...just because I have a negative personality most of the time...

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Monday, February 14, 2005

Perfect timing, Daisuke. We JUST finished deciding.
Nobody told me I had to PRESENT my History project to the class!! Argh.... T_____T

I had two projects due...one for English, one for History...I had to share BOTH of them.

WHY are my Valentine Days ALWAYS cursed?! This is why I don't like it: Cause it's never a good thing for me. I never feel appreciated, no matter what I do...

Eh...while we were waiting for the bell to ring (so we could go to 6th period), my friend was talking about how she almost fainted running during PE today. Then Evan came by and asked what happened...then one of my...uh...companions (she's not exactly a friend) came by and rested her arm on my shoulder. She likes to annoy me... ~_~

I told her not to touch me and Evan was like, "Whoa! She talked!" ; ;

And after that my friends were talking about how I had an "evil" side underneath my...plain and quietness. Eh..I make...quite an impression on people, don't I? ^^;;

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Friday, February 11, 2005

Either way, all women are MINE! - Dark Mousy
Dark always seemed to remind me of Zelos...in some way. XD

Hm...looks like episode 17 and 18 of DN Angel is where Riku starts to like Daisuke...new ending theme too. ^^

I'm alone in the house right now...I love the quietness... ^-^

*goes watch episode 18 of DNA*

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Hey! You swindler!
*sigh* I'm not going to continue my goal anymore...I'm just going to wait until my birthday and say right out what I want...DN Angel stuff. XD

I've been getting lots of homework this week...and I don't like it. Well, at least the math is easy... --;

Um...I also have...opening screenshots to DN Angel! Well, only very little. But meh, they're cute? ^^;

Wiz (With)
With again...
With... --;
And Daisuke for the last time! XD

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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Huh? You mean...
Meh. Just finished watching episode 8 and 9 of DN Angel (fansubbed versions). It was awesome, I love the series already! ^_^

It's too bad I can't find the first 7 episodes for download... ; ;

With is really cute too, Daisuke too. Dark is really cool. Um...that's all, I guess. ^^;

Quote time!

Daisuke: With, you ate ALL of the strawberries?!

With: Kyuu!

Daisuke: That's not a good thing to do, you glutton.

Grandpa: *laughing* What a troublemaker. Reminds me of someone, right?

Mom: *laughing* Yes, that reminds me. There was a little boy that did the same thing a long time ago.

Daisuke: Huh? You mean...

Mom: He ate all the strawberries we brought back. He had red marks all over his face.

Grandpa: I think he was two years old. You were already a little pig back then, Daisuke.

Mom: Yes, yes, that's right.

*Grandpa and Mom are laughing in the background*

Daisuke: You troublemaker.

With: Kyuu! ^^

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Monday, February 7, 2005

Lloyd, is there someone that you like.
My friends keep pestering me about the kid I like. Of course, I'll never tell them, knowing they'll say... ~_~;

Now they're starting to spread fake rumors that I like someone. This is just like what happened a long time ago in 6th grade...

Although I hate how annoying they act, I'm not going to give in so easily. I just need to watch what I say and make sure I don't say which class he's in. ^^;

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