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Sunday, February 6, 2005

Heh...I just got back from playing some of Tales of Destiny II (Tales of Eternia).

It's getting pretty good, aside from the poor graphics and battling style...I like it alright. ^^

The story's kind of like Tales of Symphonia though...the characters too.

Reid = Lloyd
Meredy = Colette
Farah = Regal XD
Keele = Raine/Genis

I used Keele most of the time. He's pretty good, for a mage...

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Saturday, February 5, 2005

The fact that you're serious is what makes you scary.
Eh...I'm bored. There's nobody to talk to... ~_~;

Oh, I just got my grades from last semester, today, and...it was pretty good. Well, actually not really...

I had an A in English before, but I got a B this time..for who knows why.

Two As, four Bs...I guess that's all for now...my brother was thinking of starting Tales of Destiny II today...I dunno...

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Friday, February 4, 2005

Did everyone see me?
Lloyd: "Did everyone see me?"
Genis: "You were great Lloyd!"
Zelos: "You're the best!"
Lloyd: "It just isn't the same..."


Okay, about my day...well, nothing really interesting happened...

Did I ever tell any of you I was a spriter? Well, I am. And I just finished making a sprite of Wiz, from scratch of course. ^^

Is it good...? ._.

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Thursday, February 3, 2005

Was the pain of our seperation the price for something?
"In order to gain something, one must sacrifice another of equivalent
value. That is the law of Alchemy. Equivalent exchange. Was the pain of
our seperation the price for something?"
-Edward Elric

This time it's an FMA quote that used. I thought it was time for a change. :P

Anyways, I had just finished listening to Undo, Melissa, Rewrite, and the full version of Ready Steady Go!, and...most of them sucked. At first when I heard about the other FMA openings, I was really excited, but now...I'm just disappointed.

Hmm...not much happened at school...I think Evan said something about wanting to challenge me in wall ball again...eh, I'm not totally sure on that though. We never got to play with each other cause he was on the right side court, so I never got up. I just stayed in my court. ^^;

Yeah...the going up and going down thing is confusing. >_>;;

Oh well...that's all...

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Hehe, pretty good, right?
I love PE...no. Wait. I love Evan. Yeah, that's more specific. XD

We had to play wall ball again, but we had a different substitute. It was really windy too, dust kept blowing at my face. I almost fell back because the wind was so strong. ~_~;;

Um...I fell asleep in English again... ^^;

Anyways, about PE:

I got to play with Evan again. ^^
Instead of 4 on 4, it was two on two at a time, so of course I'd have to play against him sometime.

Um...I think I only beat him twice or something. He has these trick shots that I can't reach. ^^;

We were both running around the entire court hitting the ball and trying to get the other out, it was so funny XD My friend was cheering me on while Evan's friend was like, "Get her out....get her out......"

Yeah...unfortunately I got out that time. I was trying to get the ball but I hit the wall and missed.

Um...that's all for now. ^^

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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Are you jealous, Lloyd?
Man...I want that DN Angel manga so badly. Or at least the Anime. T_T

Kawaii Presea, you make me so jealous!!! Yes, YOU. XD

Eh...not much happened today. I found an mp3 for the ending to the DN Angel anime though XD

Um...my teammates for computer art at school are pretty dependant on me, since I'm the only one that knows HTML, is familiar with the internet, can draw on the computer, a good speller, and other stuff. For once computer art might turn out to be "fun"...

I've got two reports due on Valentine's Day. Although I highly doubt it, that might be why I don't like Valentine's Day...but I don't think that's it. @_@

I switched science classes yesterday for the new semester, but I don't really like the new teacher. She's kind of strict. :\

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Monday, January 31, 2005

Oh, Celsius! My cool beauty!
I had a wonderful time during PE at school today! *cheers* XD

My class is playing Wall Ball, and we had a substitute today...but that's not the point.

We played King's Court, and I got to play with Evan. ^///^

Um...it was like, a 4 way thing...each person hits the ball once, and it keeps going like that until someone gets out.

Evan was really nice to me. He complimented me too. I'm happy. ^^

Yeah, well I revealed another side of myself there...stop looking at me! *goes to a dark corner* >_>;;

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Sunday, January 30, 2005

...Is she always like this?
I've been thinking...

My teachers love me because I'm so quiet. Well, my History teacher gave me a B and told me to talk more. THEN he said the class was too talkative and made us all stay for a few minutes, except me, because I WASN'T talking. So does he want me to talk or not?! Geez...make up your mind... XD

Anyways, new layout. This time it's Lloyd! *confetti*

Cheers, Raine-san

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

I should've never been born.
I never feel really appreciated online anymore. When I got active on the computer at first, it was to escape from reality. And I had a lot of fun. For a while.
Now I'm starting to get a little reluctant about getting on the computer all the time...Sometimes I think I would have been better off not knowing anybody online at all...
I'm not saying that I hate everyone I met, but...I dunno...it just seems like going on the computer nowadays just makes me feel worse...

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Friday, January 28, 2005

You're a really boring guy, Lloyd.
Eh...I am so bored today...I just realized I fell asleep in all my classes at least once. Even PE. o.o;;;

It was a long time ago, but we were playing something like softball, and I was rooting for my teammate to hurry to homebase. Before I knew what was going on, I think I drifted off and then I heard someone ask me "Are you okay?"

It was weird...I didn't know I fell asleep...

Oh yeah, I also drew a picture...out of complete boredom:

The first one is the original, the second one, I added the "Screen" effect from Photoshop.
I drew the picture on Paint.




EDIT: The back button is now my enemy. _

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