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Monday, June 9, 2008

hey hey hoo!! :3(kero-chan face)
today it's the yuletide helping of santa to build a giant teleporter cabable of sending all humans to their doom! well today i feel not quite so angsty, so im going to treat you all to some vids i found. WATCH THEM ALL GODDAMMIT!! seriously. and next time, i will give you the super special awesome yugioh abridged movie to enjoy! you don't want to miss it![subliminal messaging!!] and i might let you hear what kakashi-sensei sounds like if he were to sing! it's a real song sung by inoue kazuhiko VA of kakashi in japanese version(obviously). ok the first one is a naruto OVA found on the shippuden dvd extras! it makes me wish i could read the actual text of the manga, but unless you can read japanese, you won't be able to. there are subtitles to the commentary, but not the text, though some of it is clearly translated directly, not all of it is. i just wish i could read the parts where kakashi is speaking or sai. ha ha the mask kakashi's wearing makes him look kinda like a gangster or something. sasuke's expressions in this are fucking HILARIOUS.

next is a flash by the famous hellpoemer, which ordinarily, Muffin king might post instead, but his account is a tad asshole-ish to him right now. it will help you learn all the state capitals! song is from the show Animaniacs(i think), and deidara sure dances funny. XD

this next one was shown to me just today by nii-san about Greg the Bunny, a show about deranged puppets. this particular one only has Greg at the beginning in the car. i love the series already. XD

next we have the latest naruto abridged episode 21 which i love, though some were better that is true, but i'd like to see the people who bitch about it being the worst one and a disappointment etc. and "wow this is going downhill" or "how come it took so long?? this other guy made an abridged movie in the time it took you guys to make it and it's not even that good! blah blah blah!" i want to seriously get an account on youtube just to tell them to shut the hell up cuz like one person said, they can't even make one themselves or make it funny and they are just asses who sit around doing nothing all day expecting masakoX and vegeta3986 to make abridged episodes for them whenever they want like they're kings who have no idea how much work it is to make one cuz all they can do is bitch about it and they don't even realize that masakoX and vegeta3986 also have lives too! they're people too and you can't expect them to be like gods just cuz they make one of the best abridged series ever. and please, PLEASE tell me someone knows the name of the song at the end with the log dancing. i've been trying to figure out that song name so i can add it to my playlist on imeem. i would greatly appreciate it if somebody could tell me.

this next one is dragonball z abridged but it wasn't orginally what i wanted to show you guys. i thought "hey i should totally show them this!" but i can't fucking remember what the hell it was supposed to be, and there's a very slim chance i'll remember it. and im the kind of person who gets really frustrated over stuff like this. and i hate giving up/losing. weird how i sound like kira in that regard. i feel like that has something to do with naruto or something... fuck.

well, i saved the best for last! featuring a music video directed by none other than the amazing Jhonen "Jiggly" Vasquez!! i am absolutely hooked on this song right now, even more than the song "Ha ha You're dead" by green day. isn't it pure genius?

oh! i suddenly remembered what it was! it's a D. Gray Man omake called "Fanservice". it's very short, but i thought it was funny. it took me a whole day to remember. so in a way, it's a good thing nobody ever reads my posts anymore. not that i blame anyone what with the horrible new Version Vibrant that just totally ruined it and makes me feel like i have no correspondence with my friends on the Otaku cuz i never get any new messages anymore. it makes me wonder if im the only one still sticking with the otaku and it's really only myotaku, and i only go the TheO for fanart and the like.

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