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Thursday, June 5, 2008

bullshit D:
well today was obviously the last day of school, but i still think it was absolute crap. ordinarily, i would be one of those people who would excitedly count down with everyone else until the bell rang and then we'd all cheer like maniacs and proceed to burn/shred/destroy all of our homework or anything that was "school-related" and invite friends over to have a bonfire made out of homework and then possibly attract local police as it gets out of hand. ... no? well ok, forget that i put that idea into your head. anyways, i finished my Enriched English Final late along with another girl as i expected. well first off i should mention that there was an incessant beeping noise going off throughout the test, and at first i thought it was mine since it sounded like mine. this kind of incident has happened several times to me. none of my friends are ever asshole-ish enough to phone/text me crap in the middle of class, cuz they probably know i would be pissed at them, and i never use my phone save for calling dad if im staying after that day or if i missed the bus. naturally i tend to forget it's even in my pocket and i don't bother turning it off, and in fact i often forget to charge it every once in a while.

last year in math, it kept going off, and everyone was getting annoyed and i suddenly realized it was mine after checking, but i always remain oblivious to it until several minutes of beeping and then i realize it's my cellphone. so naturally, whenever i hear beeping i will assume it is mine. like a while back when mr. brothers was giving a lecture and my phone suddenly went off, and since i rarely EVER hear my ring tone sounding, i jumped out of my skin and i should add right now that i have a terrible poker face too. i was practically hyperventilating and in my panicky fumbling haste, i couldn't seem to get my pocket open correctly and i stopped it without bothering to see who had called. even now it still bugs the shit out of me cuz i desperately want to know who called. mainly because i need to know if it was anime detour or not, and with my screen smashed i can't check if it's somebody i know. but the chances of that are slim since i would hope none of my friends are assholes. if i ever find out it was josh who called me, im gonna kick his ass. and i of course turned off my phone in case they tried calling me again, and it shut off with the most loud ringing fanfare it could. i winced and of course everyone knew it was me and mr. brothers gave me this look, but didn't take my phone. i feel extremely guilty whenever it goes off so i made up an excuse to go to the bathroom so i could shut it off, but as it turns out it wasn't mine, which just served to piss me off. since i was still working on the essay when the bell rang i didn't cheer. i stayed late enough to hear a song playing on the loudspeaker from back when mrs. strampe was "our age" if you know what i mean. she was definitely the best teacher i ever had in the first year of high school and best English teacher cuz she made it lively and interesting.

i feel a bit sad cuz i never said good-bye to my bus driver since i THOUGHT i was coming home by bus like everyone else. but this is the part that is bullshit. first off, i had this goddamn computer tech(twitch) final project crap to do. i finished the monster(beyond moronic) database early, but instead of working ahead on the final project, i pretty much screwed around until the last week of school. then i realized how much shit i needed to get done for the final project. pretty much something from every goddamn unit we every had in that sorry excuse for a class. and we need to do a ton of research for this stupid thing. i did water parks, but the problem i have with their websites is the fact that they never put the IMPORTANT stuff on their site. ironically, the most difficult to look up is the stupid rates. how the fuck was i supposed to find the prices?? i had to google it separately and found rates on a DIFFERENT SITE. what the hell is wrong with this picture? and how the fuck should i calculate the cost of food for a week? and doing the works cited went against everything i had been explicitly told to do for a works cited document from Enriched English. every stupid thing was all wrong from what i had been extremely careful to do correctly. because of this shit that i don't even care one fucking bit about, i had to stay after school! on the last fucking day of school!! D:<<< and even worse for something you would just rather lose 50 points than finish it project thing. at some point i just got fed up and started making up bullshit for the pricing so i could the hell out of there. if she payed attention to anything, that stupid teacher might thing something was suspicious since according to my "research" a hotel to ORLANDO, FLORIDA was cheaper than that crap we all know as Grand Rios. i've been there, so it's really not that great, especially after middy black-mailed me to ride on all the scary rides at valley fair, which ironically, i thank her for because now im a bit more brave and willing to ride on "scary" rides. if you didn't know, she black mailed me with saying that if i didn't go on all the scary rides which she KNEW i used to have a phobia of, she would tell a bunch of people that i was going out with Muffin king and that rumor had spread loads without her help as is cuz Muffin king got asked by some random guy if we were dating. We were only friends which started because i loved his "happy-yay-we're-doomed" drawings and we started arguing about which was better: gir or zim, radioactive super cows(something like this) or vampire piggies, penguins or dragons(i believe), etc. so stupid arguments CAN breed friendship after all!! amazing! anyways i was also sad i didn't get to do one last super random thing with homsar88 before we finally got out of the nightmarish corporate school system for the year. i know it's not as if we're never gonna see each other again since i hope to go see Prince Caspian or something with her, or sneak in somehow to see Hellboy 2 after i watch the first one before that, but all the same i had such a strange feeling of "never gonna see her again" type of moods and i got irrationally depressed because of it. i hate it when i always have to think about the absolute worst possible situation whether i like to or not(which i never do cuz it happens against my will) kinda like aunt josephine from the series of unfortunate events who always thought terrible things would happen, even from realtors. it's a good series, but i feel like the movie wasn't so great except jim carrey was an awesome count olaf.


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