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Monday, June 16, 2008

   FINALLY!! *head explodey*
i mock you all!! wah ha ha ha ha!! i went to Borders yesterday and you know what that means! i got the last copy of JTHM: the director's cut from the bookstore. neat huh? "Oh my god, it's god!!" XD i loved how god is all fat and stuff. "Witty closing remarks have been replaced by massive head trauma and severe hemorrhaging. that's irony!!" i also loved the part when Nny has "head explody" and blows up people's heads. "kids, don't be stupid and try this. this is a trained flying toddler." and the side note "angry nun is always comedy" is totally true. it was hilarious how that nun blows up everyone's heads. i couldn't stop lmao-ing. i especially love the "interview with jhonen(never actually happens)" and jhonen attacks all 3 of the interviewers. it was fucking HILARIOUS.
too bad that Squee isn't in any store, but i still love my new book. i also got volume 27 of naruto with the kakashi gaiden and all. i just realized, they are walking in a forest of REALLY big mushrooms. the first time i read the kakashi gaiden i was too focused on the story to notice, but that is really hilarious. it's still a sad story though... laugh at me all you want, but it made me cry.

i have also started taking my online japanese courses and so far it's surprisingly easy. i didn't even need half the time they gave me to finish the quiz. i had ten minutes to finish a 5 question quiz and i got it done in less than 2 each time.

I'm listening to Mindless Self Indulgence- Shut me up right now. i can't stop listening to it. no matter how many times in a row i hear it i never tire of it. right now it's on loop. best song ever. i was sick of having sasuke in my theme, so i changed it to just itachi now, and before you think of killing me for selecting Fall Out Boy music, it fits the theme. seriously, it's perfect for itachi if you listen to the lyrics. and it's not a horrible song or i wouldn't put it on even if it did fit. ok maybe with the exception of that sailor moon sephiroth theme i did a while back, but let's not think about that OK? once again, DO NOT LOOK AT MY AVATAR EVER OK??? it's the one thing that bugs me to no end and if you look at it, i'll fucking kill you. it's the only thing that looks out of place and it ruins the wallpaper so just don't. i don't have time to go looking for a better one at this time so shut up. i also plan to go see Prince Caspian and Hellboy 2 sometime with one of my friends, and yes, we will need to sneak to see Hellboy 2 because it's fucking rated R and i don't care what it takes, i WILL go see it. *scary face*

i gotta get back to studying my japanese, so have a nice day. and if you don't, well it sucks to be you. i can't really do anything about it if you do so whatever. have some 'shrooms instead. XD
"friendly mushrooms!!!!!!" *wiggly arms* XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


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