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Heya all, I'm Kure Hatake, and I love anime and rpg, lol. among the other things I love are pirates, horses, dragons, and all things fantasy and sci-fi, so if you like any of the above, welcome to my site, and I hope you enjoy it^^

Well, if you all can guess, I messed up, and my last profile message was completely destroyed, lol. I have been clutsy lately but this is the worst. Ah well, lol.


Friday, April 11, 2008

heya all, havent posted in a bit, or anything else for that matter^^"
Hey guys, sorry bout not being on, but for some reason i have been like mega lazy, I havent even been able to motivate myself to draw, which is really pathetic, I know, lol. I actually touched my guitar a few days ago, played some notes that made me cringe, and set it down:P

And now to something entirely different: I'm sitting here listening to Journey, and I love them^^ They are like my favorite band of the 80's, along with Styx, of course^^ I was listening to worlds apart, and got an awesome idea for an anime. And no, I'm not telling you all what it is:P

Any way, now that I'm done being completely entirely random, I'll answer your questions:

1.Kyo: My favorite season.....thats a toss up between spring and winter^^ I love spring cause its the perfect temp, and winter because its so beautiful. I may even throw autum into the mix:P

Now for some questions, joy of joys:P:

1.How are you all doing?

2.Anyone here ever watched Oh! My Goddess?

3.Anyone here even heard of Journey and Styx? :P

4.Anyone ever had buns with jam and eggs on top? *Random,I know:P*

5. Questions for me?

Bye for now all, and GB


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Friday, March 28, 2008

Heya all
Wow, hmm, heya all, I seem to be starting alot of these things with that sentence, lol, anyhow:)
I've been having a pretty fair week all in all, no car bombs, random meteors from the sky, or anything along those lines, so I cant really complain, I suppose^^ Oh, and also, I got my bro to take some pictures of me, and I may try and have my friend Uri put them up on here^^

Hmmm, what else.....Ah, yes, I've just realized that in addition to swords, I love flails and pole-axes^^ Flails can disarm and or knock out your foe, and an experienced pole axe wielder rarely ever gets harmed^^

Also, I've discovered I love superman comics, dont ask why, I just started reading and got totally addicted to them, lol, so now I have like 500 under my bed>.>

Also, totally random, but I've been watching fantasia, and one of my friends mentioned how those ballet hippos were creepy....I'm inclined to agree, those things freak me out now, lol. *See what happens when I dont prepare these in advance? Total random chaos^^*

Now to answer questions, lot of good ones this time^^:

1.Elves: Hmmm, my dream drob is to either be an artist, or to be a professional contractor and archetect, I love working with my hands^^
2.Kyo: Ohhhhh, a hard one^^ Hmmm, toss up between mint choclate chip, and cherry cordial^^
3.Riku: I played W.O.W for ten days, really want to play again, but my compy is dead>.<

question time:

1.Favorite animal? *Toss up between horse, wolf, and tiger^^*

2.Does anybody here play instruments? *I'm trying to learn piano, and havent touched my guitar in 4 months>.<*

3.whats everybody heres fav icecream?

4.Does anyone here like to garden? *I like being able to make things grow with my hands...though I'm not terribly good at it:P*


Bye for now all, and GB:)


p.s. Sorry all, I'm in a rush, so no time to visit any sites:(

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Heya all
Heya guys, wow, four comments, most I've had in a long time^^ And yeah, I havent been on in a long while, lol.

I've been watching all the starwars movies over and over, ad my fav character...toss up between obi-wan and mace windu^^ I play a rodian scout, armed to the teeth, of course, in the starwars rpg, and my fav starwars game is battlefront 2^^

Hmmm, I've been drawing alot, and I've decided I'm going to try and cosplay as a samurai, and if I succeed hopefully I'll be able to put some pics up^^

Also, for anyone whos interested, first time I think I've bothered to mention it in a post, here is a rough description of me:

height: 6' 4" or 6' 5" *I can never remember which^^"*
hair color: dark brown
eye color: brown
weight: 210 or so...
fav colors: dark blue or blue, black, silver, and gunmetal gray or gray.
fav movies: robinhood men in tights, princess bride, spaceballs, every single starwars ever made^^, all the lord of the rings, and anything mel brooks^^.
fav animes: ghost in the shell, bleach, rurouni kenshin, Ah! My Goddess, .hack//sign, wolfs rain, and various others^^
fav books: anything fantasy, starwars, and quite a number of manga^^
fav food: anything I can catch and doesnt have peanuts^^
Attitude: Fun and kind guy, but mess with one of my friends and I'll take you down^^

Thats all about me for now, lol, that I can think of^^
now for answers to your questions:

1.Maybe.Memories: toss up between Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and I'm not sure how to spell his name either, maybe its Greivous^^
2.Riku: Just some knight, I think^^
3.Kyo: see above;)
4.Elves: Yup, got a giant bag of skittles, some cadbury cream eggs, 2 nerds rope, and hershey kisses^^

now for questions:

1.What is your prefered mode of transportation? *horse, if I had one*
2.Favorite flower? *Evening primrose, or Black Rose*
3.Fav Anime? *I'm split between ghost in the shell, bleach, InuYasha, and wolfs rain^^*
4.Have a good few days?
5.Questions for me?

Bye for now all, and GB

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

heyla all^^"
Heya mates, I havent been on in a bit, I know, just couldnt get my lazy buttock in gear, lol.

My weeks have been pretty good, I've switched from d&d to a starwars rpg now, and for those of you who know starwars, imagine a Rodian scout armed to the teeth going mach 5 on a speeder bike through an army of chiss, and thats me, lol.

So, anyway, before I forget, Happy Easter all, and I hope its a good one. I went to IHOP and got a stomach ache on a plate, lol, I'm still feelin' slightly ick:P

Yes, I'm randomly breaking things into paragraphs today, have you noticed? Lol, moving right along, I've started drawing again, and will be desperately trying to get more of my drawings up on here at some point, lol>.>

Also, my brother helped one of his friends in North Dakota with some pirating ect, and got a free zen micro photo and a psp for it, and since the psp looks so freakin awesome, I'm saving my money to get one as well^^And three months till my sweet 16! WOOOT! I cant believe I have been on here almost a yearO.O Lol.

Answers to your questions:

1.Japanessqueen: Yes I did, and I'm doing great, besides the stomach ache^^:P

Question time, big surprise^^:

1.How many of you went to church today? *Me*

2.Guns or swords? *Big gun, sharp sword^^*

3.What kind of candy do you like? *I'd kill for a nerds rope^^*

4.Anybody miss me? *Lol*

5.Questions for me?

Bye for now all, and GB.


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