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Friday, April 11, 2008

heya all, havent posted in a bit, or anything else for that matter^^"
Hey guys, sorry bout not being on, but for some reason i have been like mega lazy, I havent even been able to motivate myself to draw, which is really pathetic, I know, lol. I actually touched my guitar a few days ago, played some notes that made me cringe, and set it down:P

And now to something entirely different: I'm sitting here listening to Journey, and I love them^^ They are like my favorite band of the 80's, along with Styx, of course^^ I was listening to worlds apart, and got an awesome idea for an anime. And no, I'm not telling you all what it is:P

Any way, now that I'm done being completely entirely random, I'll answer your questions:

1.Kyo: My favorite season.....thats a toss up between spring and winter^^ I love spring cause its the perfect temp, and winter because its so beautiful. I may even throw autum into the mix:P

Now for some questions, joy of joys:P:

1.How are you all doing?

2.Anyone here ever watched Oh! My Goddess?

3.Anyone here even heard of Journey and Styx? :P

4.Anyone ever had buns with jam and eggs on top? *Random,I know:P*

5. Questions for me?

Bye for now all, and GB


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