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Friday, March 28, 2008

Heya all
Wow, hmm, heya all, I seem to be starting alot of these things with that sentence, lol, anyhow:)
I've been having a pretty fair week all in all, no car bombs, random meteors from the sky, or anything along those lines, so I cant really complain, I suppose^^ Oh, and also, I got my bro to take some pictures of me, and I may try and have my friend Uri put them up on here^^

Hmmm, what else.....Ah, yes, I've just realized that in addition to swords, I love flails and pole-axes^^ Flails can disarm and or knock out your foe, and an experienced pole axe wielder rarely ever gets harmed^^

Also, I've discovered I love superman comics, dont ask why, I just started reading and got totally addicted to them, lol, so now I have like 500 under my bed>.>

Also, totally random, but I've been watching fantasia, and one of my friends mentioned how those ballet hippos were creepy....I'm inclined to agree, those things freak me out now, lol. *See what happens when I dont prepare these in advance? Total random chaos^^*

Now to answer questions, lot of good ones this time^^:

1.Elves: Hmmm, my dream drob is to either be an artist, or to be a professional contractor and archetect, I love working with my hands^^
2.Kyo: Ohhhhh, a hard one^^ Hmmm, toss up between mint choclate chip, and cherry cordial^^
3.Riku: I played W.O.W for ten days, really want to play again, but my compy is dead>.<

question time:

1.Favorite animal? *Toss up between horse, wolf, and tiger^^*

2.Does anybody here play instruments? *I'm trying to learn piano, and havent touched my guitar in 4 months>.<*

3.whats everybody heres fav icecream?

4.Does anyone here like to garden? *I like being able to make things grow with my hands...though I'm not terribly good at it:P*


Bye for now all, and GB:)


p.s. Sorry all, I'm in a rush, so no time to visit any sites:(

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