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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Heya mates^^
Heya all,my days have been going pretty good so far now, I got snowed in today, lol, and another snow storms on its way. I'm doomedO.O:P

I've started drawing again, and I'm pretty pleased with the results, except for my minotaur, he just looks odd, lol, Oh, and can someone tell me how to link my otaku world to my site?

Oh, also, I think I have found a way to not get addicted to video games, i'm getting an egg timer, and I'm just going to limit myself to like an hour or two now, lol, like I'm gonna succeed, but I can try^^"

So, now for something completely random, I may not be posting for a bit. The interesting and complete fallasy of a reason is as follows: I'm being relocated to saudi arabia on a secret spying run for the us government, dont wait up. The true, and not nearly as interesting version, is this: My parents may not let me on for a bit, they are scarier then the government, lol.

Oh, also, I found a great book called "The Ninja Handbook" Its hillarious. This one page is especially good, it says remember, light your smoke bomb, and then throw it, not throw it then light it. And it shows the bomb flying out and hitting the samurai in the head while he goes what the? Lol, yes, I have very simple styles of humor^^

Ok, answers time:

1.Kyo: My favorite character.....toss up between Mimiru *Spell check?* and Crim^^

Question time:

1.How many of you watch .hack//sign? I do, it rocks, lol

2.Any of you ever seen wolfs rain? I havent watched my copy yet^^"

3.Anybody here paly with legos? I'm a lego otaku, lol, I build mini war weapons^^

4.So, how are you all doing?

5.Questions for me?

Bye for now all,

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ugh, hey all, I can explain>.
Heya, sorry I havent been on in 25,000 forevers, I've been suffering from a bit of a game addiction, and i'm almost happy my compy just blew up again..... So, your probably thinking "huh?" Allow me to explain. I finnally got my compy fixed, and, of course, I downloaded games onto it thinking heck yeah, I'm the master of my problem.....I was wrong, lol. I was on the stupid thing like 6 hours a day, started losing weight ect. and finally my compy timed out because I forgot to activate windows, god bless them, lol.

So, in summary, I am deeply sorry if all of you have dubbed me a total horses you know what....

On to good news, I just bought my first 2 anime:D:D I saw wolfs rain and .hack//sign at my anime club, thought they looked good, so I ended up buying them, and i love em^^ I am finally an otaku, lol, and I havent practiced m drawing in mor ethen a month, oi. Dont even get me started on how long its been since I have touched my guitar, I'm sure i could tell you in exact seconds, lol.

So, I'm really happy to be back on, I'll try to visit your sites for apologies, now on to answers long awaited......:

1.Kyo: Yup, I love harry Potter, but another fantasy book series I would ready suggest is dragon lance, If you can find them, love tha series^^

now for questions, lol:

1.How many of you are mildly ticked at me? *If alot, ten thousand apologies^^"^^"*

2.Anyone miss me? *Tumbleweed:P*

3.So, how have you all been doing?

4.Has anything good happened while I was gone?

5.Questions for me?

Bye for now all, and I am deeply sorry from the bottom of my soul^^"

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Sorry I havent been on^^"
Sorry all, I know I haevn't been on for a while, my compy has been majorly freaking out, so I haven't been allowed on. And by mine, I mean mom and dads, lol, I like the theory in a book I just read. A race called Verbeegs doesent believe in personal possession, they think everything is everyones, unfortunately, mum and dad don't like my theory and have told me so with many odd and exotic words and languages, lol.

So, anyhow, sorry if this post is a little bit odd, my mind is feeling a little off, so bear with me^^

So, about my forging now, I found out my first class is on the 26th, and that I also get to have breakfast with my teachers, and lunch as well^^ Yes, I am also old enough to go, as long as dad goes with me, so they will allow me to work with forges and power hammers, and all sorts of wonderous things, so I'm left thinking, obviously these people don't know me, or they wouldn't let me within a mile of this stuff, cause they won't get me to leave, lol.

I am also actively engaged in preparing to hall arse and get a move on my schoolwork, so I can catch up and not end up living in a box somewere, lol, so yes, I hate math, and am as of yet trying to convince myself that I'm great at math, which I am really not.....Anyone sense a problem yet?

So, odd story time, lol. When I was walking down to the library a few days ago for otaku club, I started walking in sunshine, and then noticed it getting steadily colder. Well, being stubborn, I decided it wasn't important, and kept going, lol, so, I'm finally not thinking straight, I'm so cold, and notice a dumptruck on the walkway, and am thinking, "Oh great, they blocked the walkway with another truck, twits." So, I just wait for traffic to lull, and dash around it, and for my trouble, almost get creamed by a brick, lol, so I continue walking, and walk past a helpful little sign saying, "Danger, work zone, do not enter" And I wondered what they were talking about. Well, I got to the library alive, and when my brain thawed I realized I had just walked through a construction site, and had also almost been knocked unconsious, lol, and my reaction to all this was, "Well, that was fun^^"

Sorry, just had to tell that story, lol, now I'll answer questions:

1.Hiko: Surprisingly, if you mean the machine gun, yes I do. so this is for you: The inventor of the Thompson submachine gun was Kentucky-born Army officer John Taliafeffo Thompson. He was born into a military family, and spent his youth on military bases across the United States. He graduated from the military academy West Point in 1882 and then entered the army. By 1890 Thompson was working in the Ordnance Department, where he remained for the rest of his career. Thompson became a specialist in small arms, and by 1903 he was working on modernizing many of the Army's weapons designs. He developed a new model rifle based on the German Mauser in 1903, and in 1907 he was put in charge of small arms design, development, and production in the Ordnance Department in Washington. Thompson's dream was to convince the United States Army to adopt or develop an automatic rifle, but his ideas were considered radical. The machine gun's several inventors had all gone to Europe to market their weapons, and the U.S. Army remained uninterested. Thompson eventually retired from the army in 1914, and went to work for the Remington Arms Corporation, one of the leading American weapons manufacturers. At Remington he pursued plans to design his own automatic rifle. Through personal contacts, Thompson met business magnate Thomas Fortune Ryan, and the financier agreed to provide the inventor with capital. In 1916, Thompson launched a new company, the Auto-Ordnance Corporation, to develop, manufacture, and market a new automatic rifle. This firm, based in New York, contracted with a Cleveland machine-tool firm, Warner & Swasey, to build and test its prototypes. Auto-Ordnance's first attempts at an automatic rifle failed. In 1917, with the European countries engaged in trench warfare in World War I, John Thompson decided to opt for a new design entirely. This was to be a small, hand-held machine gun. The Maxims and other machine guns in use in World War I were large, relatively immobile weapons that were used primarily defensively. Thompson envisioned a gun of similar swift firepower, that soldiers could run with, and so use in offensive assaults.

Auto-Ordnance began working feverishly on this "miniature" machine gun. The first workable designs were done in 1918, and the company made several prototypes and got them ready to ship to American troops overseas. The prototypes reached the dock in New York the day the Armistice was signed, and Auto-Ordnance thus lost out on its intended market. The company went back to work, trying to modify the gun for use other than in trench warfare. In 1919 the company unveiled its Thompson submachine gun, the "sub" indicating that it was much smaller than the massive machine guns used in Europe. The premier United States gunmaker Colt agreed to manufacture the Thompson, and the first guns were ready in March, 1921. Though Auto-Ordnance hoped to get a large order from the U.S. Army, it instead found eager takers in countries like Honduras and Panama, where the guns were used to solve labor disputes. Within months of the gun's introduction, the Thompson found its way to underground fighters of the Irish Republican Army (IRA). Auto-Ordnance marketed the gun heavily to police departments, touting the "pocket machine gun" as a great way to stop bank robbers and other motorized bandits. Unfortunately, it was these criminals who seized on the merits of the Tommy gun. In 1925 gangsters in Chicago used Thompsons in vendettas, finding them ideal for quick killing from a safe distance. The submachine guns were apparently easily and legally available at sporting goods stores. Notorious gangster Al Capone supposedly stopped at a Chicago sporting goods store to get a gun, and Capone's first known Tommy-gun killing followed on April 27, 1926. The guns spread through the underworld, first in other parts of the Midwest, and then to New York. They were used in Chicago's notorious St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929 and carried by renegade killers Bonnie and Clyde in the 1930s.

During the 1930s, the Tommy gun continued to be identified with desperados, gangsters, and bank robbers. In 1932, Auto-Ordnance at last convinced the United States Army to buy its guns, but the Army bought only small quantities. However, on the eve of World War II, the company suddenly received an order from France for 3,000 Tommy guns. The French order was soon followed by a British one, and the U.S. Army too ordered over 20,000 Thompsons in 1940. Colt refused to manufacture more of the submachine guns because of the bad press the weapon had received, and the Thompson was redesigned and somewhat simplified to fill the World War II orders. The Thompsons of the 1940s were manufactured by a company in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where they were the only light machine guns being mass-produced by any of the Allied countries. But even the new, improved design was soon obsolete. By the end of the war, the Thompson had been surpassed by the cheaper, lighter British STEN gun and its United States counterpart, the M3. The M3 was known as the "grease gun," an inelegant thing that was made of stamped metal, welded together. Ugly as it was, it could be mass-produced for a fraction of the cost of the Thompson.

Lol, I know thats a bit much, but I'm tired, and didn't want to screw up my info, lol so anyhow, here are your questions:

1. How are you all doing?

2. Anyone like reading?

3. If so, what do you enjoy reading most? *Fantasy is my thing, lol.*

4. How amny of you have gone to anime cons? *Not I*

5.Questions for me or Hinata?

Bye for now all, may the trees shade you on your journey,

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hello all, and good tidings, I wish.
Ugh, another typical Saturday for me, lol, my good Saturdays are when I'm away from my house>.< Anyhow, its been pretty decent, except for the fact that my fool of a brother keeps pulling new and higher prices for my computer out of his rear, lol.

Anyway, weapons fun fact: A scorpion and a ballista are basically the same device, both torsion catapults, just the scorpion is usually smaller, and operated by two men, instead of 20, lol. Most people think, once again, that the europeans were the first to have ballista and scorpions, but they werent. China had ballista as far back as 300 a.d., and their biggest one was able to lob a missle with and incendiary bomb attached over 3 miles, litterally raining death on the enemy. Good grief, I love ancient
Chinese weapons technology^^ Thus ends another weapons fact.

Oh, I've discovered something mildly disturbing, my little sister likes all the bad guys, she laughs when darth vader comes on the screen, and giggles at darth sidius>.< I can't decide wether that is because I wear so much black or not, but regardless, it is slightly disturbing, lol.

And now to answer questions^^:

1.Alphonse: Hmmm, I'm thinking I'll either be a smith and contractor, or an artist. I'm also getting pretty good at music, but I don't think I could stand being a super star for two seconds, lol.

Question time:

1.How many of you like finger eleven? *Me, I love their song, paralyzed*

2.Have any of you ever read snoopy? *It is what inspired me to start drawing:)*

3.If you do like snoopy, whats your favorite version of him? *I like snoopy, WWI flying ace^^*

4.What is your favorite thing to do? *Draw, read, and avoid my schoolwork>.< Last one tends to be a bad habbit....*

5.Questions for me or Hinata?

May the trees always shade your footsteps, and may the sun always shine on your journey,

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Friday, January 11, 2008

hello all
Heya guys, I've been having a pretty good few days, cept I got in a bit of a fight with my bro last night, which ended with me clocking him on the forhead>.> I've noticed that I can't take other people smarting off at me very well lately, and my bro pushed all the right buttons.

Anyhow, I found out that yes, I am old enough to go to the smithing class, and also dad has signed me up for an adventure club, knife making, and silver and gold smithing classes, lol, so if I'm not on alot, I'll be working my but off at a forge^^

So, another weapons fact: This time, its the ak-47. The ak-47 was developed by a russian scientis to be one of the best rifles of the time that was fully automatic. he also designed it to be easy to use with relatively little training, and he suceeded on both accounts. As such, the AK-47 has not only been dubbed on of the best rifles of WWII, it has also been dubbed one of the best rifles of the century, and is still popular today. Thus ends another weapons fun fact.

Lol, I just noticed something, I have been utterly neglecting to do my schoolwork, and am now burried up to my neck. The upside of this, however, is that my forge class is going to count for science, math, and history, so that will be quite a bit of my grade^^ Thank god for blacksmithing, lol.

Well, nothing to answer, so I'll move right along to asking^^:

1.How many of you think I'm in deep crud cause I'm behind? *Me.*

2.Have you all been having a good year so far? *Fairly good*

3.So, how many of you know what a ballista, or scorpion is?

4.What kind of animal is your fav? *Either big cats, or wolves*

5.Questions for me or hinata?

Bye for now all,

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Monday, January 7, 2008

   Heya all, sorry I havent been on.
Hello all, my parents havent let me on for a few days>.< I am seriously in otaku withdrawl, lol. Anyhow, I'll try to get to all your sites, but not sure how many I can reach, very sorry if I miss any:(

OK then, the biggest ship of the time: The biggest ship of the 100a.d to 900a.d era was a chinese treasure ship called the emporors pride, least I think that was the name.... Anyway, it was roughly 3, yes 3, football fields in length, had about 12 or 13 masts, and over 300 cannons. It could carry about 300 tons of tresure in one go, and made as many as 200 trips before it sank. thus ends todays history lesson, lol.

Oh, guys, I have excellent, ubeliievable, incredible news!!!! My parents found a blacksmithing course in this area, and if I'm old enough, they are going to sign me up for it! I'm gonna have to work hard, deal with incredible temperatures, and get run around like a chicken with my head cut off, but I dont care, its black smithing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT! Anyhow, lol, yes, I am very excited about getting to learn blacksmithing, if I am old enough^^

I just drew today after not drawing for four days, and drew a body I am pretty pleased with, I'm going to try to upload it, I hope it works. *Looks at compy with his it-better-or-you-die look.*

Also, I got to see my good friend Otaku le fae Saturday, along with a few of my other friends, so I was pretty happy about that^^

Now for answers to your questions:

1.Corrine: Yes, I went to the pitt art museum, the art there was beautiful, I really liked a piece called 'it couldn't get any worse'^^

Question time:

1.didja miss me? Lol, I ask this alot^^"

2.How many of you play the starwars pen and paper rpg? Me, I play one with my bro, one with a game group.

3.Anybody know what a mechwarrior is?

4.How many of you like Rurouni Kenshin? *Me, I love it^^

5.Questions for me or Hinata?

Bye for now all,

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hey, I know I'm posting again, but just wanted to say this.I have noticed something very odd about me and my bro. One moment, we can be ready to destroy eachother with various blunt weaponry, and the next, we can be acting like best friends, lol. Odd, isnt it?


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Heya all
Heya, I'm going to tell you a bit about my last question. In 2007, I had two beautiful golden retriever mix dogs, named bernie and brownie. Brownie was around 16 or 17 years old, and bernie was like 14. Well, the story goes that Brownie got sick, and we had to put her to sleep, and Bernie got sad and died just because she wasn't there three days later.......*Sigh* That was my worst ever experience of 2007. And my lovely incensitive brother 1 day after my dogs died said, "Oh come on, its not like you even cared about them." I just smiled and started saying every filthy swear and insult that popped into my head at him, lol.

So, now that I have started off my post in a hideously depressing manner, lol, on to happier things. Last night we had a delicious chinese stir fry, and it was delicious because I had three servings, lol. Also, my cat has started ghosting through rooms, as in, he walks in all calm and everything, then goes so fast through the room you can barely see him, then walks calmly up the stairs, lol. Like yesterday, he was in the living room and I walked into the kitchen, before I could blink he was eating at his food bowl, and had made me jump out of my skin, lol.

My day has been pretty interesting, n the fact that I am actually feeling helpful>.> I went out in 15 degree weather to shovel because I felt like it, and was helping mom all around the house today, lol. Also, I have been thinking that perhaps I don't want my compy up again, because when I had it, I was a major, I mean MAJOR game addict. I would sit and play for 10 hours in a row, without even eating, and I totally ignored my drawing. Yup, I was an idiot, lol.

Also, good news, for me anyhow, lol. I am going to get to start building catapults again, and think I have a few leads as to where I can learn how to make a sword,among other things^^ And, I'm going to be building my own kiln and smithy shop in my back yard, lol.

Now to answer your questions:

1.Kyo: I watch a TON of the history channel and discovery channel, and look up weapons and armor all the time, lol.

2.Corrine: You sound like an interesting person with dark tendencies^^ Hinata: It doesn't take very long^^ Me: Yeah, right;)

Question time:

1.Have any of you ever seen an air cannon? I have, they are awesome^^

2.Are any of you excited about the new discover channel show, weapons masters? *ME!!!!*

3.How many of you like Bleach? *Me, I love it^^*

4.Do any of you know what the biggest ship in the 100 a.d to 900 a.d. Time range was?

5.Questions for me or Hinata?

Bye for now all,

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

January 1st, YAAAAHHHHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The title says it all, folks, I am totally psyched about the new year^^ So far, my new year has been absolutely wonderful, I went to sleep at 2:59 in the morning, got up at 7, drew some and read comics, watched the rose parade, ate a truly delicious breakfast, then at 4:00, I went for a walk in 15 degree weather blowing snow and a world of ice, lol, and yes, did this all for kicks^^

Now then, my fun weapons fact of the new year: The M1 Garan was a rifle highly prized in WWII as one of the best rifles the troops had ever fired, and it is still highly prized today. it fired a...45 cal I believe....round, and was bolt action. It ha d apop up scope, and was accurate up to a qaurter mile. My grandfather on my mums side fought in WWII and most likely used this weapon to protect himself, so I am honored to call this gun the weapon of my forefathers^^ Thus ends my first weapons fact of the new year.

I think the good will of the new year has thoroughly permeated our house, in that I haven't been in any real trouble all day, and thats gotta be some kind of a record, lol. Even my cat is being freindly, as in purring, playing, bouncing around, and doing normal 'cat' things, lol.

So, here are some more facts about myself: I'm a pretty closed off person when I first see someone, but as you get to know me, the oh-my-god-its-an-impassible-wall-of-a-human feeling wears off, and I start to be a pretty nice person, lol. I enjoy reading, drawing, learning new things, I love horses, cats, dogs, basically any animal, fantasy or reality, lol. I seriously enjoy watching anime, sci-fi, fantasy, mysteries, basically anything but horrors and really gushy romance movies, lol. My god, that just sounded alot like an add for a dating service, but whatever, lol.

Basically, I'm a fun loving guy, nice to others, but with you mess with me or my friends, even if your a fully armed 50 foot tall giant, your gonna get beat on like a drum, lol. I'm the knd of guy that seems quite alot like a slacker, but wouldn't hesitate to bear the load for another person, or stand and fight so others can escape. thus ends my facts about myself, lol.

So, now that I feel I have left myself wide open, lol, time to answer your questions:

1.Elves: Not unless you coun going out in 15 degree weather for a fun walk special, lol.

2.Corinne: Hinata: I think girls should dye their hair if they want to.....

Question time:

1.How are your new years going?

2.So, after my facts, now how well do you guys feel you know me?

3.Not a question, but I forgot to add, I tend to talk to much, lol.

4.To make up for number three: How many of you have a pet, or have lost one in the past year? *Me, both accounts, *Sigh*

5.What is you guys fav color? *Mine are anything ranging from sky blue to black, lol*

6.And your fav food?

7.Questions for me or Hinata?

Good bye for now all, and god bless the new year,

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Heya all, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Hello all, as I am typing this, it is 12:00, january 1st, 2008, and happy new years all. As a new years treat, I'll give you an idea how I look. I am 6' 4", 195.4 pounds, dark brown hair, brown eyes, fairly muscular, and my qaurter Italian heritage shows very well, lol.

Now that thats out of the way, happy new year all, and may it be a blessed one^^


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