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Sunday, March 23, 2008

heyla all^^"
Heya mates, I havent been on in a bit, I know, just couldnt get my lazy buttock in gear, lol.

My weeks have been pretty good, I've switched from d&d to a starwars rpg now, and for those of you who know starwars, imagine a Rodian scout armed to the teeth going mach 5 on a speeder bike through an army of chiss, and thats me, lol.

So, anyway, before I forget, Happy Easter all, and I hope its a good one. I went to IHOP and got a stomach ache on a plate, lol, I'm still feelin' slightly ick:P

Yes, I'm randomly breaking things into paragraphs today, have you noticed? Lol, moving right along, I've started drawing again, and will be desperately trying to get more of my drawings up on here at some point, lol>.>

Also, my brother helped one of his friends in North Dakota with some pirating ect, and got a free zen micro photo and a psp for it, and since the psp looks so freakin awesome, I'm saving my money to get one as well^^And three months till my sweet 16! WOOOT! I cant believe I have been on here almost a yearO.O Lol.

Answers to your questions:

1.Japanessqueen: Yes I did, and I'm doing great, besides the stomach ache^^:P

Question time, big surprise^^:

1.How many of you went to church today? *Me*

2.Guns or swords? *Big gun, sharp sword^^*

3.What kind of candy do you like? *I'd kill for a nerds rope^^*

4.Anybody miss me? *Lol*

5.Questions for me?

Bye for now all, and GB.


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