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Friday, April 29, 2005

   Howz it goin'?

Hey everyone!Whacha doin'?My brother ans sister are playing Soul Calibur2,Which means I get the computer!YAY!Not much has been goin' on aound here.It just Really Really windy.I also submitted a BUNCH of wallpapers yesterday!So you guys can go check those out if you want!And I beat Baten Kaitos a few days ago as well.It took me 114 hours,4 mins.and 15 seconds.I took the time to raise everyone to level 99!Oh,I might not have time to visit any of your sites either..SORRY!!!And....I guess that's it!Cya all laterZ!Squeak!!^_^

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*sighs* ^_^

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

   New theme!

Hello all!I'm SOOOOOO sorry for not updateing in like,FOREVER!!anywho,I gots a new theme!BATEN KAITOS!^______^Besides the new theme I don't have much to say...but the other day,I was cleaning my room and I found my first copy of FFCC sqeezed under my bed!Now I have 2 copies of FFCC!Ooohhh...what stupid irony!Ha Ha Ha!I might not be on much anymore because I gots nothin' to talk about!Anywho,thank you for taking the time to read this pointless post!Buh-bye now!*huggles for all!*

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*sigh* My posts are getting more boring and pointless by the day...

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Friday, April 8, 2005

   At long last!

It's a miracle!I'm on the computer!I might change my layout soon,I don't know what it's going to be,maybe randomness or something...I'm not sure.Sorry I haven't been on I a while,I've been really caught up in Baten Kaitos.It's all I've been doing in my free time.I'm almost done with it.It's really really cool!Anywho,I have some art I want to submit,but my scanner's acting up.Stupid scanner!*hits scanner* Oh!And there's a Dove that has a nest in an old pot on our back porch.And the eggs hatched today!The chicks are so cute!I can hear them chirping in the window next to me.There're adorable!Well,I gotta get going!Bye!*hugs for all*

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The chicks are so cuuute!^_^

EDIT:Oh I just noticed!^_^

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Thank you all so very much!*big hug*

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Monday, March 28, 2005

   I'm back!

Hi guys!Happy late Easter.Heh^^;;
Anywho,Yuyufreak and didn't go to the convention,it was too expensive:(.(It was $25 per ticket!)But since we couldn't go,my Dad bought some games for us,Yuyufreak got Soul Calibur2(Link rules!^^),I got Baten Kaitos and reserved Pokemon Emerald,And my brother got DragonBall Z Sagas!On Easter I just got some candy and went out to eat,nothin' big and special.And my neighbors dog had puppies!They're so cute!^_^So I had a good weekend.How 'bout you guys?Did you all have a good weekend?I hope so.Well,I got to go now,T.T.Y.L.!*huggles all*

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I won't be able to visit any of your sites either,sorry!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Hey guys!Howz it goin'?Yuyufreak won't be on for awhile,she's sick,I think it's food poisoning or something,She couldn't goto sleep last night.Poor thing,I hope she gets well soon!^_^In other news,There going to ba an Anime convention near here this weekend!It's gonna be SOOOO cool!There's Karaoke,art auctions,music videos,an arcade,Voice actors like Vic Mignogna(the voice of Ed from FMA!) and a bunch of other stuff!I don't know if I can go yet.I hope I can,maybe Yuyufreak will me better by then.Well,I got to go,CYAZ!*hugs for all*

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Oh man,I can't wait!^______^

I made a poll!^_^

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Friday, March 18, 2005

   Quick lil' post...

Hello everyone!Not much goin' on.But here is a banner for Yuyufreak!^_^
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Congrats on the signings!
Now I got to go clean my room!I changed the song too!Cyaz!*hugs all*

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

   Happy St. Patricks Day!!

Happy St. Patricks day everyone!
How is everyone?I finnally get to get on the computer!^_^

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Thank you!It was going to be a flashing banner,but Imageshack wouldn't upload it...>.<

Anywho,there's not much going on here.My Mom's not home,Dad's comeing back from a bussiness trip from Las Vegas tomarrow,I'm going to reserve a game,We got the Incredibles DVD yesterday,I've been working on Harvest Moon lately,And I got to plant a potatoe today for good luck!^^;; My mom's is superstious...Well,I got to go now...so Cyaz all Laterz!^_^*hugs for all*

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Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!

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Sunday, March 13, 2005


Sorry for updateing so late,but The layout is done!Nice huh?If anyone knows where to find animated FMA avatars please tell me!PLEASE!!I also submitted sone greetings and wallpapers yesterday too.Anyway,I'll hopefully post tomarrow!Cyaz!^_^ *hugs*

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Isn't is cool or what???XD

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

   Ello peoples!

Hello everyone!How have ya'll been doin'?Man,is it windy today.When the wind blew against tmy window you could hear a slight wistle.It sounded cool!Anyways,I hope you guys liked the layout while it lasted,'Cause I'm gonna change it soon!To...Fullmetal Alchemist!!But I wanna know how to get animated avatars,not like the ones that blink.The ones that are like litte clips or somethin' like that.If you know how PM me!I can ALMOST get to computer.I'm so close yet so far!!Oh,and I won't have time to visit everyones sites,SORRY!Well,Thats it for today.CYA!*hugs for all*

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Man is it windy outside!!XD

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Thursday, March 10, 2005


HA!It's 1pm and my brother's STILL sleepin'!YAY!I haven't been on the internet this long for 3 months!Ha! Ha!.I'v e been downloading stuff all day.WAVs,Movie clips,mp3s,etc.So far todays been goin' great!And tommarrow my dad's b-day!^__^
So happy early B-day to him!I'm woking on abunch of fan art right now.So Cya All later!^_^ *hugs*

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I wonder what time my brother went to bed last night....

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