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Saturday, March 12, 2005

   Ello peoples!
Hello everyone!How have ya'll been doin'?Man,is it windy today.When the wind blew against tmy window you could hear a slight wistle.It sounded cool!Anyways,I hope you guys liked the layout while it lasted,'Cause I'm gonna change it soon!To...Fullmetal Alchemist!!But I wanna know how to get animated avatars,not like the ones that blink.The ones that are like litte clips or somethin' like that.If you know how PM me!I can ALMOST get to computer.I'm so close yet so far!!Oh,and I won't have time to visit everyones sites,SORRY!Well,Thats it for today.CYA!*hugs for all*

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Man is it windy outside!!XD

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