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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hey guys!Howz it goin'?Yuyufreak won't be on for awhile,she's sick,I think it's food poisoning or something,She couldn't goto sleep last night.Poor thing,I hope she gets well soon!^_^In other news,There going to ba an Anime convention near here this weekend!It's gonna be SOOOO cool!There's Karaoke,art auctions,music videos,an arcade,Voice actors like Vic Mignogna(the voice of Ed from FMA!) and a bunch of other stuff!I don't know if I can go yet.I hope I can,maybe Yuyufreak will me better by then.Well,I got to go,CYAZ!*hugs for all*

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Oh man,I can't wait!^______^

I made a poll!^_^

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