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Monday, January 3, 2005

   Attack of the Baka!

Top story:

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In other news:

Yesterday,my brother had his "friend" over!HE"S AN IDIOT!I was playin' ToS,then he came in and started insulting it!He always makes fun of Genis looking like a girl,Colette's wings,The Rhieards,The battle system,calls Lloyd "Robin",And whenever I start casting a spell with Genis,he imitates it in an insulting way!He makes fun of evrything I play,Like on FFCC he makes fun of the female Selkies for being too "revealing",the moogles,the music,and that you can't attack people in villages.He also thinks pokemon is too "childish",and yugioh is just plain weird.why dose he hate yugioh and pokemon!?!HE PLAYS POKEMON GAMES AND COLLECTS YUGIOH CARDS!!!He's an complete Baka!BAKA!BAKA!BAKA!BAKA!*sighs*Well,I'm getting tired,see you all tomarrow!If the baka dosen't show up again...

Question of the day:

What's everyones favorite season?
I like spring!Not too hat,not too cold,it's prefect!Besides,my B-days in the spring!XD

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He's a BAKA!!!!!!!

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Sunday, January 2, 2005


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In Other News:

*yawns again*Sorry for updateing late.I went to slepp around 3:45AM.I have got to stop going to bed late.Anyway,I knoow how to make animated GIF's!Check My avatar!YAY!Well,I'm almost done with some drawings.And this is going to be a relly short post.We took down our X-mas decorations yesterday.and soooo ummmm....thas's really it.See ya all later!

Here's the Question of the day!:

What's everyones favorite color?
I like blue,green,red and purple.

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And yes,The questions get more boring by the day...

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Saturday, January 1, 2005


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It's the first day of 2005!YAY!How was everyones New Years eve?Mine was exausting.It was REALLY foggy here.You could barely see the neighbors houses.All I did was some poppers and silly string and that was it.That somehow got tireing.I only did it with my bro,sis and Parents.All my neighbors were asleep!o0
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I'm exausted...

In other news:

Sorry for updateing kinda late I went to sleep at 3am.XD Well,my new computer is almost hooked up.And uhh...I changed the music,something a little more peaceful.I'm learning to play some of these songs on my ocarina.
Let's see,what else is there to talk about.My brothers B-day is next month.This is going to be a short post.I working on a few drawing,Working on my pokemon fanfic.And working on ToS.Nothin' special.Anywho,Here's the quetion of the day:

What's everyones favorite

I like Foxes,Wolves,and horses!^^
Well see you all later!

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I like Foxes!^^

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Friday, December 31, 2004


Top Story:

Happy Birthday Chibicreator!^^

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I hope you like the card!^^
I acceidently spelled your name incorrectly!Sorry!I was typeing too fast to notice!^^'

In other news:

Get out the silly string and confetii!It's New Years eve!YAY!!
Anyway,yesterday I spent 4 1/2 hours shopping with my family!!WHO SPENDS ALMOST 5 HOURS SHOPPING!?!?We had to use 4 carts.4 of 'em!It's insanity!Well,i didn't do much of anything yesterday either.Because we spent most of it shopping...-__-
Anywho,It's New years eve!
Does anyone like the new look?I change everything when I get a new layout,even my password.I have a bunch of different songs to play,when I run out of songs,I'll change the layout!^^
But for now,let's listen to the Myrrh Festival song due to New Years!^^
I hope you all have a happy new year!*hugs*

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Happy New Years!XD

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Thursday, December 30, 2004

   GIF files!!

Top Story:

Hey,does anyone know how to make GIF files or those animation/slideshow kinda things?I want to make them SO badly!

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How do I make them!PM me if you know how!

In Other News:

Nothin' new latey.Just playing mulit-player FFCC with my brother,doing some drawings, working on my Pokemon Fanfic,and practicing my Ocarina!Here's what I can play so far:

1.Zelda's lullaby
2.Song of time
3.Epona's song
4.Saria's song(mostly)
5.Frost the snowman!
6.Joy to the world
7.Serenade of water
8.We wish you a merry x-mas
9.Song of healing
10.Jingle bell rock
And some others.

Well,That's really all i've been doing lately.Oh!Here's the Question of the day!

What's everyones New Years Resolutions?

Mine are to get 100% of everything on ToS and catch every pokemon in my pokemon leafgreen and sapphire versions!^^

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Just a random picture! : P

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Ello everyone!I haven't been doing much lately.I've been practiceing my ocarina and clearing space for my new computer!It's gonna be so cool!It's gonna have the internet,and I can stay on as long as i want!YAY!!!Soooo.....That's really it.This is gonna be a short post.Sooo.......umm.....uh..Here'sthe Question of the day!

What's everyones dream?

Mine is to meet all of you and my other friends on the internet in person!^^

Well,gotta go!Cyas alls laterz!*bug hug*

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Just think,wouldn't it be cool to meet you all in person?^^

EDIT:P.S I changed the music!^^

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Hello everyone!I don't have much to talk about right now.but um....I might change the song soon.It's the same singer though.Anyway,um.......uh....I can't think of anything so...I'll post later!Here's the question of the day!

What's everyones favorite food?

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*sigh* maybe tomarrow I'll ask a better Question...

This is for Mitz:Hey,Mitz if you reading this,These are what your buttons are going to look like:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And here's the other one:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It was a hassle to get them up there.But hey,It ws for a friend!^_^I hope you like them!Maybe soon we can get them working on your site!^^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I sure do hope we get them working!*hugs*

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Monday, December 27, 2004

   My apologies!^^'

Top Story:

I"M SORRY!I said I was going to be on yesterday,but I wasn't!SORRY!

In other news:

I know Christmas is over,but here are some X-mas cards some of my good friends made me!^^
From Shizuka:

From yami seto:

Well,I'm haveing problems with FFCC music,so I'm going back to my good ol' Symphonia layout!!!^^
I got a bunch of stuff for X-mas!
1.My own computer!
2.Pokemon DVDS
3.An Ocarina!^^
4."THe incredibles" the video game.
5.A digital camera the size of a keychain.
6.blank CDs to download music on.
7.a portable CD player
And lots and lots of CANDY!!!!^^
Anywho,This is all I can post for now.BYE ALL!^^

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*sigh* ya gotta love X-mas!

EDIT:OMG OMGOMG!I got the music working!Yay!i also drew yuyufreak a picture for x-mas.You can go check it out in my fanart section!She loved it.I have a felling you will too!lol!I'll take some requests.But,if you want me to animate yourself with a anime/videogame character,You have to give me your describtion (hair color,hair style,eye color,etc.),And it has to be a anime/video game character that I can draw.And tell me if you want it in color os not!Just PM me!^^ Oh,and since I can get music working,I'm going to have my FFCC layout on the 31st!

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Friday, December 24, 2004


Top Story:

IT SNOWED!IT SNOWED!YAY!!!!!!I'm so happy!Just like in Colorado,except less anow.But who cares!IT SNOWED!^^
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In Other News:

Thank you all for 600 hits!^^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And happy birthday to Wyomingsama!I hope I spelled your name correctly.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The only thing that has happend today is snow!XD
Nothing else has happend really.And I won't be posting tomarrow,I might,but most likely not.Anyway,I got to go,MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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p.s.I won't have time to vist any of your sites until the 26th.Sorry!

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

   Happy Birthday Marik!

Top Story:

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Happy Birthday Marik!

In Other News:

Tomarrow's Christmas Eve!I'm so excided!^____^.But if you don't think about it,The days will go by faster!^^Anyway,this is a short post.Not much to talk about.I'm Celebrating Christmas at my Aunt's house like we do every year.*sighs*Well,see you all tomarrow!

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Meri Kurisumasu!

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