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Monday, March 28, 2005

   I'm back!
Hi guys!Happy late Easter.Heh^^;;
Anywho,Yuyufreak and didn't go to the convention,it was too expensive:(.(It was $25 per ticket!)But since we couldn't go,my Dad bought some games for us,Yuyufreak got Soul Calibur2(Link rules!^^),I got Baten Kaitos and reserved Pokemon Emerald,And my brother got DragonBall Z Sagas!On Easter I just got some candy and went out to eat,nothin' big and special.And my neighbors dog had puppies!They're so cute!^_^So I had a good weekend.How 'bout you guys?Did you all have a good weekend?I hope so.Well,I got to go now,T.T.Y.L.!*huggles all*

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I won't be able to visit any of your sites either,sorry!

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