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Friday, January 28, 2005

   The shortest post ever!

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Thank you! now I got to go!Cya!

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Thursday, January 27, 2005


Top Story:

VOTE TOS!!!!All ToS fans go to


And vote ToS as the game of the year!!
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Vote Symphonia!

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In Other News:

Happy Birthday to my Grandmother!YAY!Today's her Birthday!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!I changed the song too.And that's really it.So see ya all later!^_^

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Is it me,Or are my posts getting shorter and shorter....

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

   La La La!

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In Other News:

Not much!I just finished watching the pokemon movie:Destiny Deoxys!It a cool movie!!^___^There's a kid that looks and sounds like genis!See?
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He looks kinda scared,but it was the best picture I could find at the moment.
Anywho,I've been playing ToS,internet,homework, blah blah blah!Anyway,I got to go!Later!Oh,And I'm still looking for the FMA intro and ending songs.Ya know,the ones they played on Thursday.Don't forget to vote for bet MyO site!Please PM me the votes so I can give them to Azn Gurl!Thanks!Cya!

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Look!It moves!^_______^but it's a little big though...

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Thursday, January 20, 2005


Top Story:

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I can't beleive I got 100 entires!!!!THANKS!

In other news:

Does anyone the names of the intro and ending to FMA?I'm trying to look for them.I also going to show my grandmother ToS this saturday!Yippe!

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See you all tomarrow!

This is from Azn Grl.


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Monday, January 17, 2005

   Cast your votes!

Top Story:

My friend Azn Gurl is holding a compitition for best MyO site.I'm one of the Judges.Yay!You can vote for anyone you want!If you would like to vote just PM me!

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The votes will be counted at the end of January.

In other News:

Did anyone see Kenshin last Saturday?I was at my grandparents house and didn't get to see it.We left right when it started.I saw both FMA and Inuyasha....twice.
Anywho,I'm getting the internet VERY soon.And I'm almost done with Lloyds theme!I'm doin' Presea's next!^___^Well,I gotta go!Cya!

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Haveing an Ocarina is better than I thought!

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

   New Layout!

Top Story:

I gots a new layout!Rurouni Kenshin!YAY!^_____^

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Anyone like the layout???

In Other news:

I'm getting the internet VERY soon(hopefully).Besides that,I've been doing some drawings,playing on my internet-less computer-_-'.
And trying to learn ToS songs on my Ocarina!I've almost learned Lloyd's theme!^_^I also made a BUNCH of ToS wallpapers yerterday!Go check 'em out if you want!This is going to be short so see ya later!Queston of the day!

Who's everyone's favorite Rurouni Kenshin Character?

Mine's Soujirou!YAY Soujirou!^______^

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

   Have you seen this person...?

Top Story:

Does anyone here a friend of
" Usagi&Momaru "?She was a good friend of mine.She hasn't updated since last September.I tried going to her site,but it's turned off.If anyone has information about her.Please PM me.

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I hope she's ok...

In other news:

Not much really!I've been trying to use that manga book,but it's REALLY difficult at first.Oh!I'm going to be changing my layout soon.Which one should I have?

Baten Kaitos

So....how's everyones day?It rained here yesterday for a breif 5 seconds.And....this is going to be a really short post.

Here is the question of the day!

What's everyone's favorite anime/video game song(s)?

My faves are:
Heart of Sword (Kenshin)
Blue Velvet (DBZ)
Butterfly Kiss (Rave Master)
One Card (YGO)
the DNAngel opening
Lost Angel (PS2 ToS)
Starry Heavens (JP GCN ToS)^__^

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I think I have some more,but I can't remember 'em right now!XD

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Monday, January 10, 2005

   Hello all!

Top Story:


In other news:

Nothin' much,same old same old.Well,Yesterday I got a "How to draw anime and game characters" book.I might be submitting some more drawings later on in the week!^__^ and my sister got a Yusuke plush at Borders too.And that's really all that's happend...I changed the music,I might get internet on my computer next week,and that's it!^^'
Well,here's the question of the day!

What do you all dislike the most?

I don't like my brother's friend.(the 1 that hates ToS)

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*sigh* boring boring boring...

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Saturday, January 8, 2005


Top Story:

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Thanks for 700 visits!My popularity rank is 700 too! XD

In Other news:

Nothin' much.Hey,did anyone see Pokemon and/or Yugioh?I fell alsleep at 4am and didn't get to watch it.I woke up around 2pm.-__-
Anywho,My computer might be hooked up to the internet next week or so...Hopefully...I might not be posting until then,but then again i might!:P
I won't be able to visit any of your site today T_T gomen nasai..
Sooo..See you all later!*hugs*

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I can't wait until I get the internet!I'm going to have my own E-mail address and everything!^__^

Oh!I almost forgot!the Question of the the day!^_^

What's everyone's favorite day of the year?Excluding their B-day and X-mas!

Personally,I like April fool's!LOL!^_____^

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Friday, January 7, 2005


i'M SOOOOOOOO SORRY!Please don't hurt me!I haven't updated in DAYS!We'er still trying to get our computers up and running!(yes,I live in a lazy family).I don't have time to check all of your sites!GOMEN NASAI!!!!!!!*hugs tightly*

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Please don't hurt me!

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