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Monday, January 17, 2005

   Cast your votes!
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My friend Azn Gurl is holding a compitition for best MyO site.I'm one of the Judges.Yay!You can vote for anyone you want!If you would like to vote just PM me!

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The votes will be counted at the end of January.

In other News:

Did anyone see Kenshin last Saturday?I was at my grandparents house and didn't get to see it.We left right when it started.I saw both FMA and Inuyasha....twice.
Anywho,I'm getting the internet VERY soon.And I'm almost done with Lloyds theme!I'm doin' Presea's next!^___^Well,I gotta go!Cya!

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Haveing an Ocarina is better than I thought!

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