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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

   Have you seen this person...?
Top Story:

Does anyone here a friend of
" Usagi&Momaru "?She was a good friend of mine.She hasn't updated since last September.I tried going to her site,but it's turned off.If anyone has information about her.Please PM me.

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I hope she's ok...

In other news:

Not much really!I've been trying to use that manga book,but it's REALLY difficult at first.Oh!I'm going to be changing my layout soon.Which one should I have?

Baten Kaitos

So....how's everyones day?It rained here yesterday for a breif 5 seconds.And....this is going to be a really short post.

Here is the question of the day!

What's everyone's favorite anime/video game song(s)?

My faves are:
Heart of Sword (Kenshin)
Blue Velvet (DBZ)
Butterfly Kiss (Rave Master)
One Card (YGO)
the DNAngel opening
Lost Angel (PS2 ToS)
Starry Heavens (JP GCN ToS)^__^

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I think I have some more,but I can't remember 'em right now!XD

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