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Saturday, January 8, 2005

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Thanks for 700 visits!My popularity rank is 700 too! XD

In Other news:

Nothin' much.Hey,did anyone see Pokemon and/or Yugioh?I fell alsleep at 4am and didn't get to watch it.I woke up around 2pm.-__-
Anywho,My computer might be hooked up to the internet next week or so...Hopefully...I might not be posting until then,but then again i might!:P
I won't be able to visit any of your site today T_T gomen nasai..
Sooo..See you all later!*hugs*

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I can't wait until I get the internet!I'm going to have my own E-mail address and everything!^__^

Oh!I almost forgot!the Question of the the day!^_^

What's everyone's favorite day of the year?Excluding their B-day and X-mas!

Personally,I like April fool's!LOL!^_____^

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