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Saturday, February 3, 2007

   Stuck To My Katamari: Carpel Tunnel

Current Mood: Tired

I've been a busy bear. I've got four new screeners posted on the front page of theO. Why four you ask? Well because I wanted to give those non-football watching anime fans something to do over Super Bowl weekend. I've got two for Rumbling Hearts which is a great chick flick, the next in the violent Basilisk series and a special treat, the live action Shinobi, which is based off the same novel as Basilisk. Lots of stuff to check out. Please check them out in your spare time.

Things have been moving along swimmingly for me. John and I ended up getting some nasty flu bug that was floating around but we've both finally worked through that. Hooray for cold medicine! Hmm, since all I've been doing lately is be sick, watch screeners and write reviews, I really don't have much to tell you guys. How about some random trivia about me! Yeah, you know you love it when I tell you useless information about yours truly. You never know, it could come in handy one day...one very bizarre day...but a day none the less!

- When I get the hiccups drinking Cherry Coke will instantly get rid of them.
- When my family members speak to me in Japanese I don't notice it since I automatically translate what they are saying. It's more of an understanding of what they mean than what language was spoken. It's hard to explain. LOL
- I can read music, can't play by ear.
- I love giving gifts but I am terrible about getting them mailed out in time for what they were purchased for. I still have Adam's Christmas present here. It's going to be a Valentine's gift soon. Luckily it isn't perishable. >_<;;
- I've never been sick from drinking too much.
- I only got into one fight all though school. I was in the third grade and I beat up an older boy who was teasing my friend because she is Japanese. The best part, I didn't get in trouble even after he told a teacher.
- I prefer a really, really, really flat pillow to sleep on. No big fluffy pillows for me!

Well, that's all I can think of right now. Hope life is treating you kindly and I wish you the best over the weekend. Take it easy! ^_^

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Everyone: Since I'm too lazy to write responses to you guys all you get is a question! Did you guys have an item when you were little that made you feel safe, such as a security blanket or stuffed animal? If so what was it and do you still have it?

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

   Stuck To My Katamari: Love and Support

Current Mood: Optimistic

My blog update is dedicated to a very important person in my life. You know who you are and I'm actually updating my blog just for you. ^_^

Day after day we are forced to deal with things we would rather not deal with. Things we hope would just go away and never vex us ever again. Unfortunately these issues are the ones that never go away or work out the way we want without great sacrifice and struggle on our part. Whether it be work, family or even within ourselves, we have to face these difficult and stressful times in our lives. It's hard to look past the things that plague us but we need to remember there is a reason for everything. We need to remember that this too shall pass. Dealing with these issues helps us grow and learn. They shape us into the people we are. These bad times will not last forever. In the cosmic sense of things these stressors aren't significant.

So what did all that first paragraph mean? Not much really. I know when we are stressed all the "helpful" advice and suggestions really don't amount to a hill of beans. "I understand how you feel." "Things will be okay." Or my personal favorite: "Think of it as a learning experience." These responses really end up being more annoying than helpful. Then why say them? Because we know these things to be true when we aren't under the gun. When we are the ones on the outside of the situation we can see things without the emotional ties felt when you are in the thick of things. I also think we say these things since we do care about what's going on but don't know what we can do to help the situation.

What it all comes down to is that I know things are very stressful right now but your efforts will not go unappreciated. Someday you'll be able to look back at all of this and laugh. That is unless you end up going insane from it all, in that case I guess you can just start laughing now. Either way, there will be laughing.

In the immortal words of Strong Bad: "When life throws pies at you, you make yourself a tall cool glass of piemonade."

Cookies and Comments

ComicSailor: Thanks for the well wishes. I appreciate it. I am feeling better just in time. John just came down with a cold today and is feeling bad so now it's my turn to take care of him! It makes me think of that old Ren and Stimpy cartoon "Nurse Stimpy". I guess that makes me Ren. :P

Yensid: I love FMP. I have a very soft spot for Kurz since he uses the money he earns to pay for the best medical care for his girlfriend who is bedridden with some illness. *sigh* Guys like that are a dream come true for a sickly girl like me. Oh, off subject but are you guys planning on going to Sakura-con this year again? If you are we should grab a bite to eat at the Cheesecake Factory! We really need more time to visit. ^_^

SomeGuy: Speaking of Sakura-con, are you going to make it to Sakura-con this year? *hint, hint* On a separate note I've got to check into that whole passport thing for US residents re-entering the US from Canada. I've heard it was only for flying but I better make sure before I decide to venture to your neck of the woods or I might have to become Canadian! Wouldn't that just be my luck, I would leave the US and then not be able to come back since I don't have a current passport. LOL John's brother moved to Vancouver so we'll be visiting more often which means we need to meet up! ^_^

KitsuneTsuki: Thanks for telling winter to leave me alone, it worked! I'm feeling pretty good right now. Things are groovy. Maybe now I can catch up on all the stuff I want to do around the site! Well, if I could only overcome my procrastination problem. Let's just face it, I'm lazy. :P

Adam: *hugs* *hugs again* *hugs once again for good measure* I better stop or John will begin wondering about me. After all I don't want to be "Mrs. Robinson"....or do I?

DarkReno: Thanks for the get well wishes. I'm feeling much better. The sun is shining, the snow is melting and I feel like I'm getting back to my old self. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or bad? When I'm sick I can't go out and cause any trouble, but when I am feeling good.... *evil smirk*

Mamma Vash: The phone gods hate us. *shakes fist in air* Or should I say they hate me. My phone doesn't ring anymore. Sometimes it will but only for my dad. It's just weird. My mom and everyone else will call and my phone won't ring but my dad does and it'll ring. I'll try to call you soon. I need to go shopping for a new phone. That's a thought that raises my anxiety. Those phone places are always so busy! What's up with that? There are like 3 places in this world you're guaranteed to find a line: DMV, Cell phone stores and anime conventions.

SunfallE: Where would I be without you?! WHEN we finally get to meet I will treat you to some over-the-top decadent dessert. Yummy....dessert. *dreams of chocolate*

AngelBest Dream: I'm glad you got your site figured out. ^_^ I'm sure you can tell by looking at my site my coding is very minimal. I subscribe to the KISS method of web page layout: Keep It Simple Stupid. I don't want to mess it up so I just stick with the basics. Maybe someday I'll do something flashy, but until I get better with codes, this is the extent of my web page design. LOL

Mimmi: I love you too! *hugs* You are an amazing person who makes this world a better place. We may not be able to hang out with each other in person but knowing that you are just an email away makes me happy. You so totally rock.

Kev: Yes my dear, at AX you shall have the rare opportunity to Party with the Panda! No "Guys with ideas" or HOBO allowed!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

   Stuck To My Katamari: Electric Blanket

Current Mood: Tired

Just a quick note to let you know I'm alive, not feeling up to par, but I am alive. I'm pretty much wrapped up in an electric blanket staying out of the snowy cold. I need coffee.

Cookies and Comments

Everyone: Since most comments were happy birthday messages I'll just use the comment area here for a big thank you to all of the well wishes.

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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

   Stuck To My Katamari: Birthday Cake!

Current Mood: Old, very old.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope your year is off to a great start!

Well, unlike Lalala the Katamari Damacy cousin I just posted above, I will not celebrate my birthday wearing only my birthday suit! LOL So, today is my birthday and I have no big plans for the day. I think I might just chill around the house, drinking coffee and watching anime. I'm not feeling very well so I'm taking it easy. I'm just going to laze about the house all day, in fact, I don't think I'll change out of my flannel panda jammies! Why? 'Cause it's my birthday and I can!

Cookies and Comments

Everyone: Since I'm not feeling so hot I'm not leaving any comments. But I'll share some cake with everyone!

Hope my wish comes true!

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Monday, December 25, 2006

   Stuck To My Katamari: Presents!

Current Mood: Sleepy

John and I would like to wish each of you a very happy and safe holiday season. May your travels be safe and all your gatherings be tons of fun.

So, what did Santa bring you this year?

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Saturday, December 2, 2006

   Stuck To My Katamari: Aizen and Byakuya

Current Mood: Spacy

Lo, I shall bestow upon thee an update! Well, at least it wasn't an entire month between updates this time. I just happen to have some free time on my hands (actually, I just don't feel like writing a review right now so I'm stalling) and thought it would be a nice time to give a quick update on the happenings 'round this place. I live such an exciting life I know you're all chomping at the bit in anticipation! *crickets* Or not. :P

Well, John and I had a very nice anniversary. As you guys know from my last update the traditional 11th anniversary gift is steel. We decided to get new cook wear. Since John's hobby is cooking we got the fancy stainless steel cook wear set. He absolutely loves it. I love it since he is cooking all the meals! Health wise I am pretty much stuck at home right now. My last blood tests came back with super low Lymphocyte (white cell) counts so I need to be really careful. White cells are what fight off infections and such when you get sick. Since mine are low that means I can't fight off infections. I am what you would call "immunosuppressed". For some reason I feel like I am giving a physiology lesson right now...there will be a quiz later. LOL I'm pretty sure this is why I have no energy. The plus side to all this is that my doc has pulled me off of two of my meds including the chemo injections! Woo Hoo!

Okay, since JD Person asked I will give you guys one clue as to what English voice actors will be in Vegas with theOtaku.com crew:

Now you guys have to wait for the official theOtaku.com convention news update on the site for more info. They will be at our booth signing autographs as well as our panels. They are both really sweet guys and fun to hang with so if you can make it out to Vegas I hope to see you there. Now I know not everyone can make it out to Vegas and would like us (theO) to attend cons closer to their hometowns. I can't speak for Adam but I know I would be more than happy to attend any con that invited theOtaku.com as guests. ^_^

I would like to do something on the site for those who can't attend the con. Some sort of contest with a prize being an autographed DVD, poster or something from the VA's that are going to Vegas. I'm not sure what the contest would be since I would like to have it open to as many members as possible. Fan art contest exclude non-artists so I wouldn't want to do that. Maybe the best myO blog dedicated to one of the characters the VA's have voiced or something along that line. I guess I shouldn't worry about that right now since I would first have to get it cleared by Adam to run such a contest. We'll see...

I suppose that is about it for now. I really should get back to work. Hope life is treating you all kindly and the holidays aren't too stressful. Keep out of trouble and I hope to see you around the site. Remember, if you need any help with the site you can always email me or send me a PM either here or on the OtakuBoards. Well, take care and I'll be see you guys around. ^_^

Cookies and Comments

Mimmi: *hugs* We will get together. That is a promise. ^_^ On to the topic of "The Electric Sheep Company": They do lots of work on Second Life, which is a virtual world you can go mess around in, and they have their own island called Sheep Island (go figure). On this island they have their virtual office where in the lobby there is a giant "electric sheep" (John did the original animation) that floats above a platform in the center of the lobby. On the base is a big button. When you press the button the sheep "plugs" into the base. At which time this electrical looking charge zaps it and it lights up. The best part is it will "Baa" when you plug it in. LOL

Just for Mimmi, a pic of the "Electric Sheep".

Oh and I don't think I mentioned this in my last post but at that Sheep gathering everyone got a glow-in-the-dark Sheep t-shirt. I've got to take a picture of it. It's so...electric and sheepy! And for those who haven't noticed, the Sheep only has 3 legs in the shape of the electrical prongs on electrical appliances.

jkrowlingdahl: I did mention to him that I was thinking about getting him a sword for our anniversary. He got a good chuckle out of that. But alas, we opted for the more practical gift. Pots and pans. How boring huh. Maybe I should got to the mall and buy him a sword from the "Cutlery" place? LOL

KitsuneTsuki: I am such a cheesy person. You should have seen me at the airport at 3am. I instantly woke up when I saw that thing in front of me. I was like: "OMG! It's a Katamari! *tosses camera at hubby* Take my picture! LOL I swear, I've never been so excited by airport art in my life! This is probably the cosplaying part of me that isn't embarrassed to take pictures in public. Lucky I didn't have one more person with me or I would have had them take a picture of John "pushing" the Katamari with me laying down on the opposite side being "rolled up". Yeah, I would totally lay down next to it for a photo op. If only I had my Katamari Damacy costume with me...

CosmicSailor: You know, when it comes to gifts I am really a part of the "it's the thought that counts" group of gift givers. One of my best friends and I have this long running gag about this certain brand of Shortbread cookies. One time while on plane traveling to a veterinary conference we were given these cookies as the onboard snack. The main ingredient was butter. It was pretty much just a stick of butter with sugar and flour. So I'll just go to the store, pick up one of those little snack packs of this cookie as a gift for her. I actually just gave her one the other day. Cost me under a buck and it's good for a laugh. You are right though, $20 doesn't go nearly as far as it use too. I do know that you can get a really nice throw blanket for that price. ^_^

JD Person: I know my clue may not help since the two Bleach captains they are voicing haven't yet appeared on CN, but they will soon. "Byakuya" is a really dear friend of mine and I love him to pieces. I am certain if you've been watching any dubbed anime like Naruto or Eureka 7 or playing any games recently you've heard their voices. ^_^

BeatingHearts: My last post only made it seem like I had lots going on. It was over a month since the previous post so I actually had stuff to write about. >_<;; As you can see by this latest update I really don't have much to chat about. I really am a very boring person.

blackwings: If there is one thing I don't miss it's working retail during the holidays. I loved the discounts but dealing with unhappy holiday shoppers is such a downer. I am a very good shopper. I love shopping so the holidays are a great excuse to go, well, shopping! I'm sure these angry people just aren't shoppers to begin with so the stress of the holidays and the masses of people just drive them over the edge. Sheesh, this just sorta turned into a rant about angry shoppers! I'm almost done with my shopping so it's all good.

Keeper of Souls: I just don't have stuff to post about. I can see it now. Day after day of the same post. "I got up, drank coffee, watched anime, played some FF12 and/or FF3, did some writing and then went to bed." Now times that by 30 and you've got a month's worth of posts from me. LOL

Monkey Orange: We had a very nice anniversary thanks! Now is not a great time to fly in to JFK. They are doing some major overhauling of the terminals so it's a total mess in there. So don't feel bad you haven't gone for a visit, you're just waiting for the construction to finish! ~_^ NYC to me is a very nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. People steal your clothes on the trains there! *looks at Adam*

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Friday, November 24, 2006

   Stuck To My Katamari: Leftovers!

Current Mood: Heavy

Yeah, yeah...I know. Lack of updates. But things have been busy. Honest! Here is a quick run down since my last update.

- New York was fun. We had a great time visiting Lake George. All of John's co-workers at The Electric Sheep Company totally rock. They got lots of work done and I got to hang out with "the flock". All I can say is I have never seen so many laptops in the same house at the same time.

- Final Fantasy 12 rules my life. John and I came home from NY on Oct. 30th. After a long day of traveling we got home just in time to hit the midnight release of the game at our local Game Stop. So needless to say I've been playing that game quite a bit since getting home from our trip.

- Screeners. I've just posted two new screeners on the front page of the site. One is for Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki - Target Tenchi and the other is for Kodocha - Fixing Friends. If you get a chance please check them out. I've got over a dozen disks to review so be expecting to read a few more reviews over the holidays.

- I've been doing some odds and ends for The Anime Tour for The Cure getting guests and such. In case you missed it theOtaku.com will be attending the con. You can meet Adam, check out our booth, have a chance to snag some great giveaway items, attend our panels AND you'll have a chance to meet a couple of my favorite voice actors as well as get their autographs. I'll post (or Adam will) a con update with more info about our voice acting guests. I will tell you that if you show up you'll be very happy meeting these guys. Their catalog of anime and gaming work is quite impressive. And yes, you can hear their voices in some very popular anime series currently airing on Cartoon Network. ^_^ But we all know if you are attending the convention it's all to meet me right!



- Thanksgiving was very enjoyable. I love Thanksgiving. My parents and brother joined John and I at his parents' house up in the mountains. His brother was there too. It was a great time. Played games, watched football, ate lots of delicious food and had an overall wonderful time catching up on stuff. I guess it was decided that Christmas will be at my house which is nice since I won't have to travel over that holiday. Now, all those leftovers!

- November 25th is my anniversary. John and I will be celebrating our 11th anniversary. The traditional gift is "Steel". First thing that popped into my head was a sword. "Happy Anniversary honey, here's Excalibur." Yeah that'll work. LOL

-Holiday shopping. I have a bunch of birthday gifts I need to buy along with all that regular holiday shopping. I thought about hitting all those crazy early hour sales but then the lazy part of me decided it was too much work to fight the crowds. So here I am still at home. I'll get around to it later.

- Health wise I am doing okay. Same ol' same ol' for me. I have only a couple of appointments scheduled so I am pleased as punch that I'll not be spending the holidays in the waiting room of my docs' offices!

I think that is about it. theO has been keeping me busy with odds and ends and now with the holidays upon me I'm pretty sure I'll only get busier. Hope everyone had a wonder Thanksgiving and may the rest of your holiday season be a joyous one. I love you all and I'll be floating around the site if you need me.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Cookies and Comments

Instead of comments I'm leaving you guys with a picture of me in the airport in Albany, NY.

When I was on my way to catch my flight to NYC there was this huge piece of art in the middle of the walkway and it just looked like a giant Katamari to me! I had to pose for a cheesetastic picture. Forgive me for my shabby look. We had to leave Lake George at 3am to catch our flight. The fact that I am fully dressed and moving was an achievement in itself!

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

   Stuck To My Katamari: Plane Tickets

Current Mood: Love

I want you all to know that I love Katamari Damacy and my site layout no matter what trollers have to say!

Well kids I am off for my trek across the country to Lake George. Not much to really report but I did publish some more screeners in theOtaku.com Screening Room in the news section of the site so if you get a chance check them out. I also added the November list of anime conventions. Also if you haven't noticed the new Fan Manga site is in it's beta testing right now. If you or someone you know is creating a Fan Manga send them over to that section of the site. You have the choice between submitting single page comics or a full, multipage comics. Go check it out and you'll see what I mean. The guys also made a handy-dandy button to transfer comics already submitted in the fan art section to this new section. Go now, check out this great addition to the site!

I'm really not sure what to say. I am suppose to be packing up the car right now but instead I am sitting at the computer drinking my coffee. I guess we'll call this short and sweet update good for now. I hope you guys have a great weekend. I'll leave you guys with a question:

What are you doing for Halloween?

Since I'll just be getting back home from the trip I'll be doing laundry and handing out candy to the kids. Hopefully somewhere in the mix I'll have time to pick up the new Final Fantasy game. ^_^

Cookies and Comments

CosmicSailor: Psoriasis and RA. Aren't we a pair! Darn immune systems freaking out. If you can get avoid the biologicals then by all means do. They really suck. It's like that "burn the village to save the village" idea. Meh!

Dark Phoenix: I hear you about the skyline change. It's weird to think that future generations will only get to see that skyline in pictures.

BubbleMegee: I guess I'll be in your neck of the woods then! Hope the weather is like it is here in Washington. Please don't tell me it's like Buffalo! @_@

blackwings: I hope you are over your congestion. I hate having a stuffy nose!

Yensid: I would love it if you guys were to get a room downtown during SC con. You'll be able to check out more since you won't have to worry about the commute time. We definitely have to get together and at least have dinner. Cheesecake Factory is just across the street and it gives you great views of all the cosplayers walking to and from the con. ^_^

Mariskah: I know I don't need to tell you how much RA sucks. My appointment went well. I hate it when you go in and the Rheumatologist does that flexibility thing where they flex all your joints. "Does this hurt? How about this?" Arrrgh! It didn't until you started messing with them! Afterwards my joints are all sore! LOL

KitsuneTsuki: I'm feeling much better. I think all the changes in weather just messed my immune system up a bit more then usual. ^_^

indifference: Utah has a convention! It's called Anime Banzai in Salt Lake City. You actually just missed it. It was October 20-21. There may be more but that is the one I remember off the top of my head. If you can make it to a con you should try to go, they are so much fun!

Mamma Vash: You and I really need to stop playing phone tag. The trip to John's parent's place in the mountains I'm sure didn't help. No cell service up there! I'll try to give you a call on Friday. I'll just need to remember to keep an eye on the time zones!

SunfallE: You rock.

BurningDeamon: You must cosplay Zhu Rong! Now we just need to get to the same con at the same time! *hugs*

Pokomi: I've already left you a message in my comments in the last blog entry so I'll leave it at that. Word of advice, don't troll on the administrators blog unless you want to be banned.

Aaryanna: I'm glad at least you like my blog. I made my site the way I like it, not to please trollers. LOL

AngelBest Dream: If you get a chance check out Dynasty Warriors...there are a bunch of those games. If you do a Google search I am sure you'll find lots of information on it. ^_^

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

   Stuck To My Katamari: Kleenex and Cosplay

Current Mood: Wrapped Up

*In best Kakashi voice* I got lost on the road of life. Yeah. So I know I keep saying that I am going to do better about updates but I haven't been. I suck. I'm not even going to bother saying I'm going to update more often since we all know that just isn't going to happen. Meh.

Actually I have been keeping busy. I've got a few irons in the fire right now and the days seem to fly by. I am also fighting off my first cold of the season. I skipped my chemo this past week since I knew if I depressed my immune system more I would be in a world of hurt. It's kinda stupid. Rheumatoid Arthritis is the result of an overactive immune system. So I have to take drugs to suppress my immune system. But because of that I get sick from all those stupid cold bugs that are out in the world. So in the end I am sore AND I have a cold. /pity party. I get to go see my doc next week. Oh joy. :P

Hopefully I am feeling better before the end of the month since John and I are flying all the way over to New York for a business meeting for the company John works for. It's in a city called Lake George which is outside Albany. I've only been to NYC and that was back in 1991. So this is going to be interesting trip to some place I've never been before. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures. I hope we are going to be in an area where there are lots of trees with beautiful fall colors. ^_^

I have been working on some costumes. I'll post pictures when they are complete. I am a costuming freak! I did buy a costume from a fellow cosplayer. She was retiring one of her costumes which is one that I've admired so when it came up for sale I had to buy it. It's the art book wedding version of Sun Shang Xiang from Dynasty Warriors 5. In the game she is suppose to marry Liu Bei, who is voiced in the English version by a close friend of mine. So I'm going to get him to pose for some pictures with me in my costume. It can be our "wedding" pictures! LOL

Just for you guys here's a sneak peek of that costume.

I'll get more pictures of this costume when I wear it to a convention. The next one on the list is Sakura-con which is in April. I wish there was a con closer to where I live sooner than that. Oh well. I guess I should be happy being able to go to the cons I do attend. AX next year is going to break the bank. Room prices in Long Beach are crazy!

Anyway, I guess that is about it. I have to get some work done around the site and work some on my current cosplay project. I'll post pictures when I am done. I think you guys will like it. ^_^ Love you all and hope live is treating you kindly. Laters!

Cookies and Comments

Everyone: Instead of comments I'll leave you with this KD picture. It just seems very fitting with my theme and how absolutely slow I am with updating my site. Enjoy!

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

   Stuck To My Katamari: San Francisco and FMA

Current Mood: Fullmetal

If I told you I was abducted by aliens would you believe me? I doubt it. How about if I told you I was in San Francisco, more specifically Pacific, California at my cousin's wedding. Would you believe that? Not without proof you say, well, have a gander at this!

Golden Gate Bridge as seen from the sunroof in our car.
You can see John's leg in the refection! lol

FYI: Going into SF there is a $5 toll to cross the Golden Gate Bridge but none to go the other way. The Bay Bridge on the other hand only cost $3 to cross.

John and I drove to California for my cousin Wesley's wedding. The wedding was held on the beach at this place called the Pacifica Beach Resort. Check out that link if you want to have a look around the place. If you click on the link to pictures of the rooms we were in Room 303. They say they have high speed internet but when we got to our room we couldn't get online. It was hardwire internet so I think there was something wrong with the plug-in. The only wireless internet they had was in their restaurant but we couldn't use that either since they reserved the entire restaurant for the reception. A reception that was the best wedding reception we've attended...including our own! Anywho, so the entire time we were there we couldn't get online. Not that we had lots of spare time to get online but it would have been nice. It felt funny not to be able to check email and work on theO.

Here's a picture from the deck outside our room.

Back on the topic of the resort, it was very nice during the day but at night it kinda turned into the hotel in the Silent Hill game. John snapped some pictures out the back window of the area behind the resort and it's like you were just waiting for a Closer to come lumbering out of the creepy trees or one of those nurses would come limping down the path. In addition to this the kick plates on the wooden doors were taking a beating from being in the salty ocean air. Looks like normal during the day but in the dim light of the walkway it reminds me of the stuff that crawls up the walls in Silent Hill. Here, let me share with you the creepiness.

Welcome to Silent Hill

The creeping crud is on the doors!

Statement time! This was my first time to explore the San Fran area and let me tell you, those streets are insane! I dub thee the "City with NO LEFT TURNS allowed!" It seemed like every single cross street had those no left turn signs. The only way you could turn left was to turn right, loop around to another street and use it to drive straight across. Otherwise you would never make it to the left side of the road! Those crazy San Fransicans!

Okay, back on the subject of the beach and ocean. Now that was a bunch of fun. We wandered around this touristy area in Pacific and I picked up some gifts for my friend Jen who was doggie sitting for me. John picked up some local micro-brews which were pretty tasty. It was fun doing the cheesy tourist stuff. We also took an early morning walk on the beach. John with his camera, me with my coffee. Life was good. It was just beautiful. Surfers were out in the water and people were walking their dogs. That was something I thought was really cool, the beach was dog friendly! All the dogs looked like they were having a wonderful time. It made me miss my doggies all the way back home in Washington. But you know what, it's hard to be sad when watching happy dogs playing on the beach. Now here's a bit of fun...

A surfer enjoying the waves.

A surfer not enjoying the waves.

Here's the story behind the surfboard. While John and I were standing at the edge of the water chatting we notice a surf board with no surfer attached. It eventually just washed up right in front of us. We look into the breaking waves and there is a lone surfer swimming to shore. As we waited in front of the board for the owner to swim back to retrieve it John snapped this picture of the board coming to shore.

Ok, enough of the San Fran stuff, on to site related news. Some of you may have noticed I published three, yes, three Fullmetal Alchemist screeners on the front page of theO. If you get a chance check them out. They are for Volume 12, Volume 13, and the movie. Feel free to chime in and leave a comment on those screeners.

Well, I guess that is about it right now. Adam has put me on a new little project so I best be getting that going. Hope all is right in your world and life is treating you kindly. Things have been pretty good for me. I wish you all much happiness and joy. Later y'all!

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Everyone: Instead of comments I'll leave you with this KD/FMA crossover picture. It just seems very fitting with my theme and the massive amount of FMA reviews I just completed. Enjoy the silliness.

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