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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Stuck To My Katamari: Chores

Current Mood: Tired

It was a busy weekend. John and I did a bunch of stuff around the yard, went to my Rheumatologist, coffee date with my friend Jen, had a BBQ with the family, baked a cheesecake and went on a little spur-of-the-moment out of town bagel run. Phew! I need a weekend to recover from the weekend! It was all good. I do have a funny little story from the BBQ. Instant Karma got me. My dad accidentally spilled some food on his shirt. I laughed and then promptly spilled food on me, in fact, in the exact same spot on my shirt he did. I totally deserved that. >_<;;

I guess that is about it for right now. Hope everyone had a great weekend and your week is off to an excellent start. Laters!

Royal Responses

SomeGuy: You just happen to comment at the perfect time! I'm really diggin' the KD-ness of my site. ^_^

Shireishou: Thanks! I have a bunch of costumes I need to work on. I have fabric sitting on my dining room table still in the bag from the fabric store. I really need to get going on that...

CosmicSailor: It's kinda fun when you check in on someone's site and there have been changes.

KitsuneTsuki: *rolls up KT in a giant Katamari* I'll be sure to pick up one of the M&M's World stores so you can have every single color of M&M's. ~_^

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stuck To My Katamari: New Layout

Current Mood: Revamped

So I guess you guys have probably noticed that I've updated some of the images for my Katamari Damacy layout. I just wanted a little bit of a change. So... what do you think?

Royal Responses

Yensid: I must see pictures of your new family member! It's good that she is having all her medical stuff taken care of right away. It would really be bad to have to deal with a sick dog in heat! Oh, the thought is just a nightmare! lol The museum trip sounds fun but I totally get how tiring it can be. I thought I was going to die when I was in Chicago at the Field Museum. They could have just propped me up next to the pandas or Sue. LOL

master hiko: RA is Rheumatoid Arthritis. It's an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack joints like they are something bad. This causes pain and disfiguration. If you type in Rheumatoid Arthritis in the image search of Google there are some really graphic pictures of what it can do to people. I'm not that bad... yet. :P

MiasmaMoon: KD is not really a storyline based game so the cut scenes really don't apply to actual game play. They are all just flashbacks of the King's past. I do find it funny about the elder King. My favorite part is when he breaks the flower pot with his head. :P

Desbreko: Woo Hoo! I wonder how many other sites those banners show up...

Mamma Vash: I will be thinking happy thoughts for you as you travel. John had a lay over in Chicago on the way to Maine and back. He just happened to be there between storm fronts. I haven't been in the windy city for a couple of years. Lucky for me I was with John's family and his dad use to live in Chicago so he pretty much knows his way around. I would have been completely lost. Be sure to give my well wishes to Big M!

Mercury Dragon: RA = Rheumatoid Arthritis. Yes, you can roll up people with your Katamari. You just need to make sure your Katamari is big enough or else they just end up knocking stuff off your ball. I love it when you pick up the sumo wrestlers. They add a lot of bulk to the ball. ^_^

KitsuneTsuki: My brother and I have a wacky relationship. There have been many, many times when one of us was hurt and the other would just point and laugh. Like the time he wrecked on his bike. He broke his collar bone. We had gone out to eat and I had to cut his steak for him. It was so pathetic I couldn't help teasing him. Karma... it comes back to ya. >_<;;

BankofKev: You know I'd love to eat Baked Alaska with you anytime! Have lots of fun at Dragon-con. Hope it's HOBO free and you won't have too many "Guys with ideas" bugging you!

SomeGuy: *glomps* I so do love KD. I wonder if AX drained his wallet... or he skipped AE to go to Kumoricon. I really love Chris. He is such a sweetheart! I really can't wait for Sakura-con. I am definitely going to have my Katamari Damacy costume done this year!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Stuck To My Katamari: Lobster T-shirt

Current Mood: Slowly Rollin'

Site stuff: More reviews have been published on the front page of the site. Check them out if you get the chance. Also, if you happen to be wandering around the web keep your eyes out for the Beck and Tsubasa banners from FUNimation, they used a couple of my quotes. Kinda neat huh.

Other stuff: Things have been getting back to normal for me. John just got home from a week long business trip in Maine. He brought me a t-shirt. It has a lobster on it. It rocks. He came back with many tales of adventures dealing with his journey there and back. When he got stuck at LaGuardia after his flight was canceled he and a couple other passengers were set up at a hotel nearby. While waiting for the shuttle to come get them John spied this guy running down the sidewalk with a large group of men behind him. They ended up tackling the guy about a foot in front of him. Apparently the guys chasing were undercover cops and they slapped some handcuffs on the guy and took him away. Nothing says "Welcome to New York" like having a take down right in front of you! >_<;;

Of course nothing that exciting has happened to me. I've been pretty much sticking close to the home front. I will say that I love my big brother so much! While John was gone I was having a pretty bad flare up of my RA. It was really bad and I could barely do anything. I was feeling pretty pathetic and sorry for myself. I just spent the day in bed. That evening, out of the blue, my brother stopped by with dinner in hand to check in on me. What a great guy. I don't think I've been so happy to see him in a long time! :D

I suppose that is it for now. Hope everyone is enjoying the end of the summer and hopefully I'll have something to update about sooner than later!

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No comments but I did dig up this collection of KD cut scenes just because Adam made mention of going through Katamari withdrawals! Enjoy!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Stuck To My Katamari: Fan Submissions

Current Mood: Repaired

Site stuff: Site work is done. Feel free to submit your work now!

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No comments today.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

   Stuck To My Katamari: theOtaku.com

Current Mood: Drowning in work.

Site stuff: Currently there is some work being done on the server. You may have noticed that the news section is missing images. This is also the same server that the submissions are on which, in turn, means that there will be some delay on pending submissions. So we would appreciate it if all artists could hold off on submitting things to the site until this maintenance is completed. I would hate for someone's hard work to be lost in during this maintenance.

I've also added two more reviews to the front page of the site. Check them out if you get a chance. ^_^

With that said, I have to cut this update short. Thanks for your patience during this our bit of house cleaning!

Cookies and Comments

Everyone: Sorry again for the lack of comments on your comments. The site stuff has me busier than a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest. So, I'll leave you with a question again:

Which would you rather have: Retractable claws or prehensile dreadlocks?

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Monday, August 6, 2007

   Stuck To My Katamari: Guitar Hero

Current Mood: Rockin'

Site stuff first: If you haven't already, and I am sure you all have, be sure to give Gia a big welcome to our dysfunctional Otaku family. She is the latest member of our News Team. It's great to have you here on theO Gia!

While you are on the front page of theO reading all the latest news be sure to check out the latest reviews I've posted. Currently on the site are the reviews for the Rumbling Hearts Box Set and the Starter Set of Mushi-shi. Currently I am working on finishing my write up from the Industry Panel at AX and three more reviews. They should be posted shortly. I've got to get motivated to finish up my AX stuff...

Personal Ramblings: So I really don't have a good excuse for my latest absence. Quite honestly I am a very boring person and not much happens in my life on a daily basis so I just decided to wait until I had some stuff to chat about. Since I last updated my aunt Kazuko flew up here from southern California to visit the family for a couple of weeks. So needless to say we had many family functions going on. My aunt suggested we have a Shimura family reunion in Hawaii, which I think is an excellent idea. I've never been to Hawaii and would love to go. ^_^

I also finally broke down and bought a new phone this past Friday. I'm sure you guys have been getting tired of reading about how much I was hating my old phone. It finally made it to the point where it didn't ring at all and would only tell me I had voice mail 3 days after a message was left. Not to mention it only held a charge for less than one day. Annoying. So, I bit the bullet and bought the 8GB iPhone. Any of you Mac haters can keep your hate to yourself since I don't want to hear it. *eyes anti-Mac faction* It's been quite a fun gadget to play around with and I even used it to work on theO. Since both John and I work via the internet this feature will come in handy when our regular internet service crashes or we are away from the computer. Often John finds out that MTV needs and update ASAP and we will be away from home. Now he can just take care of it right then. That totally rocks.

Just as a side note, if you look at the back of the season 2 box set of The Hills you can see some of John's work. He put together the virtual image of the cast. Neat-o huh. lol

In addition to taking care of stuff around the site, family stuff and other obligations I have been trying to finish up some of those odds and ends of games I never completed. I finally finished up Final Fantasy 12. I had been trying to get a Ribbon so I could use this one shield but I finally gave up after days of trying to get it. It's one of those it may or may not spawn so keep checking back deals...meh! I finally said forget it and finished out the game. Plus all my characters were at level 99. Now I'm working on finishing Okami. Never did get that game done. It so pretty to look at. On the DS I am working on a Phoenix Wright game then moving on to Trauma Center. Unfortunately, as you can tell by my blog title that Guitar Hero is also taking up a lot of my free time.

Speaking of Guitar Hero... as many of you know I am a child of the 80's. Yes, I know I'm old. lol I love the 80's. With the latest Guitar Hero game coming out (BTW, it's pretty much GH2 with a new skin and not as much stuff.) being dedicated to 80's rock it has become a bit of an obsession. I'm playing the game on Hard but I can only play for a little while before my RA flares up and I have to stop the rock. Which totally sucks but at least I can play. It kind of makes me sad to think one day I may not be able to play anymore. Oh well, I deal with that when it happens. Hopefully it won't happen before I have a chance to play Rock Band. I just need to find other people to rock with me. ^_^

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Everyone: Well, since it's been so long since my last update I'll just leave you guys with this random question: What was the last thing you were grounded for?

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

   Stuck To My Katamari: Pictures!

Current Mood: Chillin'

Sorry so long without an update. So let me get everyone caught up as to what has been going on with me. Went to AX, had much too much fun and completely wore myself out. Wore myself out to the point of getting sick. I think lack of sleep, too much heat and just too much fun finally pushed me over the edge. Not to mention the loooong drive back home. After getting home I started to get sick. Then I broke with a really high fever. Yesterday was the first day that I felt half way decent. I've pretty much just been in bed plagued with those freaky dreams you only have when burning up with fever and swimming in cold medicine. You know it's bad when the temp outside is over 100 and your temp is also over 100 AND you feel like you are freezing!

So, in the few moments of feeling good I have done my best to get caught up with stuff around the site. I published a couple more reviews, finished the AX write up and edited pictures for the gallery, returned all emails/PMs (Hopefully! If not, message me again.) and started in on the report of the Industry Panel at AX as well as two more reviews. Phew! Pretty good for being on death's door huh!

Anywho, the picture above is of my dog Heston and cat Harrison under an old beat up coffee table of mysterious origin. John ended up with it after moving out of one of the houses he lived in during college. I hate that table, but the pets like it. It's like a pet cave. Harrison really thinks he is a dog. So he can usually be found chillin' with the dogs under the table with his little deformed legs crossed like they are in the picture. Either that or he can be found wearing my shoes... I guess I didn't have any shoes out for him to lounge upon.

At this point I suppose you are all expecting me to tell you wonderful tales of adventure from AX. Well you are all wrong. j/k Here are some odds and ends of trivial things from AX.

- Our hotel room at the Hyatt was #1125, which also happens to be my anniversary - November 25. This room acted as theOtaku.com homebase and is where we were when the issues with the site were being fixed.
- Adam is like a hummingbird. He is constantly eating or drinking yet gains no weight. I'm just waiting for his metabolism to change. Curse you skinny boy!
- While dressed as Morgan Fey from Phoenix Wright I was in the elevator heading out to the con when the doors opened to the lobby an Orochimaru cosplayer got really excited to see my cosplay. It's just so out of character to see a fangirlish Orochimaru, it totally made my day.
- Adam's hotel room view was very scenic. *holds back laughter*
- Speaking of scenic I had a wonderful view during one of my lunches. From my table I had a prime view of the back side of Man-Faye. Ahh, nothing stimulates the appetite like a great view...
- There were no Shaolin Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle cosplay to my disappointment. This makes me want to cosplay the landlady from Kung Fu Hustle and force SomeGuy and his crew to do a Shaolin Soccer cosplay. I'm looking at you James, you better be getting on that project!
- There were TWO, yes, TWO different Hard Gay cosplayers. That rocks.
- But not nearly as much as Freddie from Cromartie High School. Freddie Rocks.
- The voice actor for Byakuya in Bleach gave me two books on cd. We listened to one on the way home and it was very good. The one we listened to was called Under The Baseball Moon. Very good. Highly recommended.
- One late night, perhaps it was the night the site had the server issues, John ordered pizza. It was the worst pizza we had ever had in our entire lives. The garlic bread was not even worth mentioning... tragic waste of money.
- The security (not AX, the union guys) were jerks. They were down right rude and gave congoers the runaround. Because of them I missed the opening ceremonies and the first contestants of the Masquerade. I could write pages of rant about them... but I won't. :P
- The gathering was fun. It was a small group of us who pretty much met up, milled about and visited. Thanks to everyone who came out. We hope to have things a bit more organized in the future. ^_^
- I ended up with three blisters on one foot and two on the other from walking around.
- Anime Vegas chartered two busses to bring all the people in their entourage to AX. Many of them were staying on the same floor as us. Rich even gave us our breakfast on Monday morning since he had a plethora of muffins. Yummy...

I guess that is a good start with the stories. I'll add more later. I am completely pooped out. I am still not recovered so I better not push it. At least I got a few things done around the site in the moments I've felt good.

Cookies and Comments

master hiko: SunfallE takes care of the place when I am away. One thing that is nice about working online is that as long as you have access to the internet you can work. When the site had it's little hiccup Adam and I pretty much just worked from they Hyatt. The joys of WiFi.

MillenniumChaos: Enjoy the pictures! If only they would invent those teleporters then traveling wouldn't be so hard. If we had those to use for free I would be traveling everywhere to all the cons!

JD Person: You know, there is also "closet cosplay" it's where you find the items you need just from the clothes you already have or can easily pick up at a thrift store. It's really easy to do and requires no sewing skills. Like... Heero Yuy. Green tank top, black shorts and wig if needed. Taada! Insta-cosplay!

KitsuneTsuki: John and I have a joke that he should cosplay this one character who you only see in the background of one episode of Macross. It's this big shirtless guy in an arcade. It would be totally hilarious if someone actually knew who he was! lol

Shireishou: Thanks for the compliment on my costumes. I am no where near a talented as some cosplayers out there. I will check out your gallery when I get a chance. ^_^

Mimmi: I totally expect a huge glomp from you when, note I used the word WHEN, we meet. I am still very jealous that SomeGuy got to go see you. *eyes James* I'm going to start a special travel fund so I can come visit. That reminds me, I really have to get my passport stuff done/renewed...

Rachmaninoff: Hey Darren! *glomps* I first need to finish my Katamari costume! Leaving SunfallE in charge is always a good idea. ^_^

AlbhedPanda: Had much fun, too much fun! lol

SomeGuy: AX just didn't have the same feel as it does in Anaheim. Next year it's going to be at the Los Angeles Convention Center so John and I are debating on going or not. We have tossed around the idea of going to another big con next year. Perhaps Otakon, maybe something in Texas... or perhaps Ohio since we have family there... we'll see. Maybe we should just head north to your neck of the woods and actually attend Anime Evolution. Now there is something I've been saying we would go to for the past several years. We are beginning to sound like broken records! LOL

SunfallE: *glomps* I'm so happy you take care of things when I'm away. I don't have to worry about anything! Except for you pushing that "Cause Chaos to Site" buttons... perhaps we should put a cover over those... lol

CosmicSailor: The one in October must be Tsubasacon. It takes place at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena Riverfront Ballroom and Convention Center on October 57, 2007 in Huntington, West Virginia. They've had some really good guests in the past. It sounds like a good con to go to.

indifference: Beth is truly a life saver. I would completely lost without her. ^_^ I had much fun at AX but now I must pay the price for it. Both physically and financially! Looks like we aren't going out to eat for a few weeks! lol

MiasmaMoon: Oh we took pictures. I posted quite a few of them so be sure to check them out. It takes so long to sort through, edit and upload them. So I hope you enjoy them. ^_^

Shinmaru: Shy told me you were only going to be out there for one day. I tried to call you but my phone died. Too bad we couldn't meet up. :(

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Monday, June 25, 2007

   Stuck To My Katamari: Anime Expo!

Current Mood: Excited

I've updated the Convention blog. Adam and I have settled on Saturday at 2:30 PM for the gathering. We will be meeting at the Anime X with Manga Fighter booth in the Dealer's Hall. It's booth number 654. I'll be wearing my Morgan Fey costume from Phoenix Wright. I'll be pretty easy to spot. Come by the booth and meet other members of theO and also get a chance to win some prizes! We are looking forward to meeting you!

Oh, if you see me wandering around feel free to say hi! I'll be wearing the following costumes:
Mei Chan from Fullmetal Alchemist, Sun Shang Xiang from Dynasty Warriors 5, Morgan Fey from Phoenix Wright, Ururu and Unohana from Bleach. I have pictures of me in all of these costumes in my cosplay portfolio here on the site if you want to know what they look like. But for sure you will see me as Morgan at the gathering. ^_^

Just a heads up for those who do not know. My trip to AX every year is a road trip. That means I will be away from the site for over a week. This means if you send me an email, PM or carrier pigeon I may not get back to you right away. I may have internet access while in Long Beach but I am not sure how much free time I will have at the convention. So in other words, I am on vacation so don't expect a reply until I am back home.

I guess that is about it for now. I need to finish packing and running errands. Hope everyone is having a great summer and I'll see ya'll when I get back from Anime Expo! *hugs*

Cookies and Comments

JD Person: I do love Katamari! LOL I really need to finish that costume...

indifference: I will be sure to take lots of pictures. I am really looking forward to the Phoenix Wright gathering. John is going as the Judge! Next to Katamari Damacy I have much love for Phoenix Wright.

SomeGuy: Fear mah geekiness! You just wait til I finish that KD costume. I WILL wad you up into my life! :P

SunfallE: I leave you in charge of the site while I am gone. Which is much better than leaving Adam in charge... like that one time I went to AX and he forgot I was gone leaving a huge pile of work to catch up on... Oh the nightmare...

Mamma Vash: I'm really going to miss you this year! Unless you want to surprise me at AX! *hint, hint*

Baptistgirl: Gotta spread the KD love. It's such an addictive game!

Rachmaninoff: *glomps* That photo was too perfect for words. LOL It just makes me smile every single time I look at it. I'll take lots of pictures to share with everyone. ^_^

choc-chipcookie: Thanks! I think my cat is a pretty cool guy. He so funny! LOL

BankofKev: I'm sorry I missed your call. I was out of town doing some last minute shopping. I'll give you a call when I roll into Long Beach. Be prepared to party with the Panda!

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Friday, June 15, 2007

   Stuck To My Katamari: Ichigo!

Current Mood: Rollin'

So just a quick update. Feeling much better now. All the family gatherings and such were very nice. Above is a progress picture of my Ichigo head I've been meaning to post for a while. What I think is funny is my cat Harrison in the background on the right. John snapped this picture right when he was yawning which makes it look like he is going to take a huge bite out of my giant strawberry head! LOL I've still got to attach my antenna.

Yeah, this IS how I roll.

Those of you going to AX be sure to stop by the Convention blog and give your suggestions on when we should have our gathering!

Cookies and Comments

Thanks for all the well wishes. I appreciate them. You guys rock.

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Monday, June 4, 2007

   Just a quick update...

Current Mood: Sad

So it's been a depressing few days.

John's aunt lost her battle with cancer. She is no longer suffering which, in a way, good. She was a wonderful woman and will be missed by everyone. Cancer sucks.

I went to my doctor's appointment and my chemo dosage has been adjusted so now I'll be getting more of it. Hopefully it helps. I don't want to move on to the harder drugs since those are worse than the chemo.

Sorry this update was such a bummer. It's been a rough few days.

Cookies and Comments

Sorry, no comments once again this update. I promise to leave some when I am feeling better.

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