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Sunday, August 31, 2008

You learn something new everyday!
My Mum's friend, came around yesterday, and she's Japanese, and she was saying how she left Japan because she found that everyone was like a herd. All people had to be in a group to have sufficient power, and that she found it very claustrophobic, for it was hard to do anything as an individual.
REmarkably interesting!

Sadly, this is the last weekend of my holidays. I can say that the sum of it wasn't much!

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Friday, August 29, 2008

It wasn't meant to be! *weeps* Long post, comment as you wish.
This post is more for my own personal gain, rather to to read- My own diary entry with the trimmings.
Nah, I went to Liverpool, so don't worry. Went to Tate Liverpool. It wasn't as pretty as I thought it would be, or large.
Tate Liverpool:

Tate Britain, my home:

Tate Modern! Been there many times; went to see a Dali exhibition last September

There were a few hic-cups along the way. My friend was to come, and the train was 8:47, and the train up there -Euston Station takes 40 minutes. She arrived to meet us to get on the Northern Line at 8:00, the agreed time was 7:30. So, that is cutting it bloody fine! We got the train during peak time, which is hell on the Northern line of the underground because everyone crams themselves on. I felt light-headed because it was so hot and I hadn't had breakfast and when everyone cleared out at Bank, I noticed that my friend wasn't there with my sister- we were pretty much separated. She'd gotten off for she felt unwell, and left my sister with her fare money. Plus but minus. I LOVE museums, and I love art. She has a low attention span, and has a tendency to steal- she took some 4 ear rings and put them in my sisters bag because 'they were too much'. Not good. So that gave my family frredom to do as we wish without thinking of her basically.

The trip by the train took three hours from London to Liverpool, which is pretty good. We amused ourselves by playing on the DS wireless collection with '42 all-time games' and I beat my Mum so badly at Ludo!
The temperature: hideously fickle. In the museums, it would be stuffy (that makes me feel ill and faint) or just hot, to cold. My body is very reactive to that (when the sun sets during summer, I sneeze for about 20 mins.) and it was hell. It hurts to swallow now! :(
So, to the Klimt exhibition! I did get some booty- it was hilarious the benefits I get because I'm Tate staff! I got into the exhibition for free, and any museum exhibitions, and then in the store, I thought I got 10% discount, but I got 20%!

So, the beginning! I'm rather atrocious at ordering my thoughts and paragraphing. The Klimt exhibtion. Why did I want to see it? It all started about a year ago when a good friend from here recommended 'Elfen Lied' to me. The opening theme tune has art inspired by the work of Klimt. Earlier this year, I saw on a show I watch, 'The Culture Show' that the exhibition was on. I was interested, and then when I was in my school library, a book on Klimt caught my eye. I read it, and did the comparisons between the original art, and then the opening theme tune. I do indeed love melancholic art, should I say? I mean, 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' is my favourite anime, and 'Elfen Lied' follows close behind. The reflections and aspects of mortality; I even volunteered at an old Jewish peoples' home, and that made me reflect even more than I usually do!
In his art, I love the expressions on their faces, and the gold does add to it!
My favourites of his pieces are: 'The Kiss', 'Judith II Salome'- the seductress Salome holds John the Baptists's head while bearing her breasts with dark sensual eyes and 'Three ages of life', a serene picture of three women, the mother, the child, and the old woman mourning.
There was one part of the exhibition where there were erotic pictures of women, let me remind you, the place was full of middle class old people, so I did stick out like a sore thumb (I was wearing a white shirt, black and white tie with Jack skeleton on it, a red pinafore with empire line cut, with black and white stripped tights and on top of that, a large grey hoodie) and some of the old people were screwing up their faces to the drawings like none of them have ever had sex or anything. It was strange, the beauty of conservatism!

'The Kiss'

The most famous of his paintings, wasn't there! Neither were the other famous one, of one of his muses- Adele, made during his 'golden age'.

I shall tell you of my booty! Har har har! *puts on peg-leg and eye patch*
1. The receipt!

That's what I bought! A frame of 'The Kiss'- originally 34, which I was hesistant about, and then my Mum reminded me that I'd have it all my life, unless it jumped off a wall and killed itself, which isn't impossible knowing me.
Two postcards of his work 'Two girls with Oleander', it looks more Renaissance than anything else.
'The Kiss' bookmark 1.
BUT, because I am a staff member, I got my 20% off, which meant, that it came to just under 30! One week's EMA! (Money paid when in education at 16-18, if income lower than 30 thou.) I got 8.60 off the reporduction, and the colour's good!
As his work uses gold leaf, the contrast of his work when reproduced is really paramount! Some are washed out, the others too dark etc.

The rest of the day was good! Went to the International Slavery Museum. It was interesting, but the way that Black people were treated, and considered as not even human was horrendous! I, myself am of Jamaican heritage, and I didn't learn much of it at school, but it was horrific! People being hung by the rib cage and the amount of labour involved in their lives!
I had watched 'Who do you think you are?' with Jerry Springer in it the night before, and the atrocities of the genocide of the Jews, and they were thought of as less than human, and their deaths being right for the interest of mankind, and I find it barbaric! These differences of race can make one feel that one is superior to the other, therefore, justifying the brutal savagery of the other race. It makes no sense to me.

Anyway, ate dinner- Chinese buffet, and it was interesting to see how different it was in Liverpool to London. There were the usual suspects, with a few lovely extras, but there were chips and coleslaw, and there was even pudding! Ice cream and roly-poly and cheesecakes, and black forest gateau to be had?! What?!" There was the usual though, the staff could barely speak a word of English, therefore adding comical distress for ordering drinks.

The train was at 7:47, and we got on it, and then we got to London Euston at 11:30pm, to get home by underground at 12:30! Done and dusted, and we are all mashed now! I've got a bad throat, and none of us could wake up. By the by, we have a museum event to go to tonight for playing footbal and making t-shirts etc.! Yay!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Guess where I'm going tomorrow? That's four hours there and back. My friend is going to stay over for the night, though she lives a 15 minute walk away. We won't come back 'til midnight. It's sold out for tickets, but as I have a Tate member card (I am in this youth club for the Tate Britain, so I can go to ANY gallery for free!) so I can go.
I hate to wake up at 6 am for the first time this holiday to get out at 7:30 to get the train by 8:45.
I passed a charity shop and wailed, scaring the people in the road, because there were porcelain dolls in the store display. It's an irrational fear. I don't like things with eyes. Do you have any strage dislikes? I also hate going down stairs; I'm accident prone and scared that I'll go arse-over-tit down the stairs.
I shall report back peeps! ATTENTION!

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Friday, August 22, 2008

   :( I mean, I am seriously not getting on here!
Yes, as you can guess, my bro and sis have been hogging the computer.
Anything to report on my part? Yes... Starting to play medium on guitar hero. I'm alright at it. The little finger of mine is bent, so it's hard to play the fret. I love Rage Against The Machine's 'Bull's on Parade' I so love RATM! Haven't got a single album though. :(
Watched all of 'DearS'. I have read volume 1, and it was as silly as the manga! The teacher likes to strip, make orgasmic sounds, and tell the main character of how he is being sexually active. It's wonderfully voiced by Wendee Lee, for me, it brings back the visions of Faye Valentine from 'Cowboy Bebop' to me when I was 11! *sighs*
WEnt to my Mum's friend's house. She's Japanese, and she has a new cat, so we played with him. His name is Feodore. She can't say 'th'. Her accent is quite thick, but I understand it all. I'm also allergic to cats! The throat is still currently closed up and the nose is running 2 hours later! lol Ah well.
Nothing else to report. School's in a week's time!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm back! (The ingrates I call siblings are back from camp! :()
Yes, they came back on Friday, and because I didn't have my keys, I was locked out and VERY hungry for 29 minutes.
Yes, that problem has happened, and I don't know why- concerning my site. I'm going to have to sort that out.
My brother has seemingly made up for the time he was away by being extremly obnoxious, and having a 'witty' retort to everything. *rolls eyes* I'm starting to get annoyed at that!
I haven't been on Guitar hero since they got back either!
I spent 6 on pic 'n' mix! I love that stuff!
I'm not going to Liverpool on Weds, I'm going next Thursday, which is rather hairy for the entry to getting into the Klimt exhibition, which is why I'm going there.
Not much else to report. I've got a bit of catching up to do with peoples' posts, and watch some animes!
Oh! I've officially got Raynaud's blah blah! I've only had cold extremities for about 10 years +!

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Friday, August 15, 2008

   Guys! My life has had an up and down!
Well, first, the results. As I liked to say to my Mum, I was concerned about French and Sociology. This is disgusting! lol
Got a U in both. That means 'unclassified', which isn't even a grade. I'm really thinking that I'm going to have to repeat the year! XD It's only two subjects out of four! I got TOP MARKS FOR ENGLISH LITERATURE; the total mark for this year is 300, and I got 271! W00t! I GOT A U! I got an A!

Anyway, *metaphorically waves issue away* GUITAR HERO III: LEGENDS OF ROCK ON THE Wii! EVEN GOT THE GIBSON GUITAR! W00t! My bro and sister are both at camp, and so I got it back to myself, and even my MUM was really rocking out! XD I'm being serious though! I've gotten to 35 out of 42 songs on easy; let me remind you that I got it on Tuesday...

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Monday, August 11, 2008

o_O It's so quiet, and the apathy is kicking in.
Actually, let me take some of that back! It's merely impossible for the apathy which has plagued me since childhood to suddenly kick in, so pardon me! XD

Yes, my brother and sister have simultaneously gone off to camp for the week, and it's SO quiet! It's just my Mum and myself. It's terribly weird! I can do what I want, it's quiet when I wake up. Now, the icing on the cake to make everything magical is if the BLOODY WEATHER WOULD JUST LIGHTEN UP! IT HAS BEEN RAINING ON AND OFF, AND THERE HASN'T BEEN ANY SEASONAL WEATHER IN ENGLAND FOR ABOUT 3 WEEKS- WHEN IT WAS BOILING! This is the true travesty of being in England! Last year, it was the same, but at one point it was sunny enough to get sun burn in my hair parting when I was at the seaside! XD
Because of this, I haven't been bothered to go out the house- I have banned myself from going out with a friend (she never comes on time, like and hour late, and I like to be on time, she lives nearer to the heart of London! *grinds axe*) and my other friend is up north of England with her Dad. She's coming back Friday, so it's alright, but I'm lonely! Now I understand how it feels for her! (She's an only child)
I've got a lot to do, but I don't have the impetus to do it! 'The Great Gatsby' is rather boring, as I know the ending, but I am behind in class because I missed the week the class started on it because of a week-long toothache. I have to compare it to another piece of literature in September, so it's sheer drudgery.
I also have to read a Frnech book, but I don't know where it has gone in my messy bedroom...

This is the end of my rant anyhow!
I'm not worrying about the tests anymore though! I was only worrying because I was doing nothing else! I now understand my worry-wart friend who's an only child and a bookworm. :D

I had to put this up, because I found it on my travels, and it's incredibly bizarre!

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yes, I'm watching it at the mo, I'm stuck on episode 4, and I am rather reluctant to watch it, as it's exactly the same as the manga which is brilliant, but I've only read the first two volumes because that is what the library had, but it's episode 4, and it's what happens in volume 1! :(

Here, I am so bloody apathetic because there hasn't been any sun all holiday, and I don't want to go out anywhere as a result, which is absolutely useless, because next year will be a hard year! THE FUTURE OF AMARIS IS AT STAKE! WILL SHE GET IN A GOOD UNIVERSITY/ COLLEGE WHERE SHE WILL LEARN ENGLISH LITERATURE AND MAYBE FRENCH (if she doesn't fail it)? I don't know
My results for my May/ June tests come in on the 15th, and I keep having panic attacks about one subject, but I shouldn't because I at least got a C! MAYBE?! *hyperventilates* The thing is, I answered the wrong question, and I couldn't remember certain sociological views! Dammit! The names are the worst!

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

I love both versions of 'Life Goes On' by Chemistry for the anime 'Antique Bakery', but this one is my fave!
This one beats the techno one! It's so tender! *swoons*

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Haven't been on in a while...
Yeah, my brother and sister, mainly my brother have been dominating the computer, and so I've been lazing around doing nothing.
Does anyone have any manga titles or anime titles to suggest to me?
I'm more into horror and a good storyline! ^^

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