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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Antique Bakery!
I read the manga and now I'm going to watch the anime! Yay! I loved it! I'm glad that I could tell the difference between that and another manga which was in a French Patisserie 'Cafe Kichijouji de'! I love borrowing mangas from the library! *glomps mangas from library*
Anyway, I like it, but the way that things are flat, but CGI, is weird.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I've got something to ask. Why does it always matter to people about who they previously went out with?
I think I would do it, but I just wondered what your own take is. Is it to live up to expectations? They're insecure, so they feel they need to compare themselves? Plus, I think it may be a cliche, but why does it seem that boys always say 'it doesn't matter who I was going out with before' because my friend said she ended up talking to a boy, and he said that.
I don't know, maybe I'm going to go goo-goo in the next couple of months, but I do not hold much interest in boys to talk to them etc. well, not in that way. She wishes to see him, even though she says he's too old- 22 (we're 17) but it's her decision.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh the distance is sometimes refreshing!
I've been having some distance from my friend of 4 years, and it's basically the both of us, but I've always been enthusiastic about meeting others, but now she thinks she is being replaced, and she is free to think what she likes, but the other friend is going on holiday for 4 weeks, so I won't be seeing her during the 6 weeks' holidays.
I've never minded being alone, but for her, it's a different story!

I'm looking forward to the holidays though!

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Monday, June 30, 2008

That is the new Wii game that my little brother has made me play with him! I wish the game was interactive though! I'm too used to wiggling the Wiimote when attacking in the games of Naruto etc. I was complaining that the whole point of the Wii, is that so games become interactive!

I went swimming with a friend (it is becoming almost a main event in my life it seems.) and I'm all achy from trying to get myself up on a float which they had. When you're slippy, and it's wet, there's a lot of mayhem trying to get up! So from the top of my arms and stomach hurt. Lovely when you have no upper body strength, and you realise how much you use your stomach muscles!

Back on topic though- my brother has been making me join him in the storyboard bit, and now we have to get all the statues of the characters. WE keep dying, and it's getting frustrating! The worst one was back with the little green blobs that live in those space vehicle things. Annoying!

I'm going to see 'Death Note: Last Name' on Friday! It's the live-action version, and though it's not absolutely true, as you can guess, I'm still watching it with my family and my friend!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

   Worrying over fuck all!
Yeah, well, I'm over it. I ain't going to say what because I've already incriminated myself! lol Going to tell the truth anyhow. That's the way I am, and it doesn't matter what the consequence is, because I'm more scared of the fear itself than what is going to happen in reality.
God, sometimes I do hate the melodrama of life! XD
The work-load for English Literature is startling!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

   If the shoe fits, wear it?
Seemingly so. I sometimes hate the way things look, but are not.
Seems that I am going to have to learn about the First and Second World War Ladies and Gentlemen. Help is required of yiz, so please reply!
It turns out that I have to learn the First World War for English Literature, and the German occupation of France in the Second World War for French. I have to read a book for that. IN FRENCH!

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Alive and well!
Yes. I am back at school now, and English Literature, and I exected, is HARD-CORE!
Good Lord, I hope I do not fail! I'm good at it, so I'll just have to apply myself. :D
It's a comparative essay, so it's going to be fun, but really hard at the same time. It is between 'The Great Gatsby' which we are reading now, and 'A Streetcar named Desire' which I've heard of before- it's a play.
It's also hot today, so I'm glad for that. Got to get stuck into work!
I did nothing last week when it was my study leave, but I've got to knuckle down, but the thing is, I wasnted to read the rest of 'Lolita'! I've just gotten to the bit where Humbert Humbert has procured her.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

   'Fighting for the right'
I'm not a fist-fighter, never fought someone like that in my life, but if there is one grey area worth fighting for, it's love.

Unlike many, I do not believe that you should fight for the person you love if they are with someone else. This may mean that you are pushed to the side, then that is an unfair, and sad fact, but I do not believe that it is worth it. I am not cruelly slandering the person who said it to me, who was the person I liked, but the fact is, the internet is a different domain when it comes to affairs of the heart, than face-to-face relationships, and I shall proudly say this out loud!
If that person is to truly be with you, then it'll happen, and that does not mean sending hate-mail to the girl who he is going out with, because that makes you less attractive!
It may hurt, but time is a strange entity when it comes to peoples' feelings!

For me, as ever, it was not the fact that he could not make up his mind, oh no, it's that the person in question led me up the garden path to his relationship status in the first place, and making it seem like I'm side orders, not the main meal, if you know what I mean!
I'm not having that, and why should I at the end of the day as a self-respecting, independent young women, which he hailed in the first place! He cannot blame me for not fighting for him, because that is just tooting your own horn there my lad! If he was worth fighting for, then I wouldn't have found my self backing off, and he would have just told me in the first place, and that is the right justification! You don't string me along! It's unfair on you and me, because I'll get you when I find out; and maybe that's part of 'the fun' when being young and your serial relationships, but it's not all fun and games for the victims is it?
I'm just saying it like it is, because that is a serious error!

Now, I've 'forgiven' but it was a messy business because he was so lapse, that he didn't know that I knew. The bliss of fraudulent males who can't even lie well, I assume. :D
Good day!

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Friday, June 6, 2008

'Junjou Romantica'
The last two days I've been watching it (NOT THAT LONG THOUGH, BECAUSE THERE ARE ONLY 8 EPISODES OUT AT THE MO) but it's a good yaoi series. Nice pacing; there is a sub story which alternates a bit between the main story which confused me, but it's a good bit of Boy's Love thrown into the mix! I have to watch it now every Friday night, because I think it's still running, I know I'm watching it illegally, but if I could buy it, I certianly would!
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Alright in the test.
Well, had theology, and let me just say, I forgot how many questions to answer, and the time to give myself because I hadn't seen my teacher for 3 weeks, and I hadn't done a national test for that subject since January.
The first test was awful, because I hadn't revised, and it was hard and a re-take, so I wasn't that bothered.
The second one was brilliant, because that morning, I had learnt one of the question topics, and the second question of that test was about Marxist and Functionalist perspectives on religion, and I do Sociology, so I knew the answer already, and what to expect.
That's my tests over, and I find out the results 15th August, so I hope that my mum doesn't kill me if I do badly, not that I hope that will happen, and I go back to school on Monday! Boo! That's until 18th July. *pouts*
I can get on the internet as much as I like though, because my mum isn't at home- she's working. *grins*

I'm reading 'Lolita' at the mo author is Vladimir Nabokov, don't worry, it's not in Russian, it's translated, I'm not that much of a genius.
If you want to read a book about a mad man who often refers to himself in the third person and lusting after a 12 year-old, READ IT!
Don't think that I'm weird because there is a whole fashion named after the sexually precocious child! :P It's under modern classics as well!

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