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Friday, October 31, 2008

One of my favouritist songs by Shiina Ringo, but I haven't the time to change my intro.
Meisai - Shiina Ringo
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Monday, October 27, 2008

Anime expo yesterday!
I am on the Wii using the internet, so please forgive me. Even the predictive text bit isn't so helpful, well kind of.
So, the low lights first. I managed to lose 30- 40. I was not best pleased by any standard. I must have dropped it when I was rummaging in my handbag. My mum gave me 20, so that buffered my supreme annoyance.
Onwards and upwards anyhow. I just love the cheap prices. I got 'Peacemaker' box set for 25, so pretty good, and I got myself the 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' soundtrack for 11.99 and 'Madlax' and 'ghost in the shell: Sac 2nd gig' volume 1 together for 10. I'm not really a merchandise girl as in toys and bags, I just like to own them.
I have to mention that because I went on sunday, there was no line. Sadly, I've got no pictures of cosplayers, some were good, and sometimes the males in dresses were a little unsavoury. What else was there? Oh yeah, some people who I know like anime at the other school I go for my theology class were there too which was surprising. I just adored the fact that it was so empty compared to the Saturday, which I was glad for since I hate crowds. Another incongruity was that in the same big area, there was a big fat Islam peace convention, so there were a bunch of cosplayers, some wearing next to nothing alongside with Muslims, with the women all covered up! You would have to be there to appreciate the site! I also saw the Darleks, and there was a man dressed as the saw puppet which freaked me out because he was so still turning his head from side to side; I had listened to the first one the might before while I was at the computer.
I can't think of anything that interested me to tell yiz, but feel free to ask me questions! :)

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's something that comes twice a year here in London, and I'm really glad! XD For me, the only bug bear for me is the admission, but then again, there is so much it is truly incomprehensible. It's 9, but I've got plenty of money now! ^^ It's 4 for kids, but then I think of other things that you have to pay admission for, and you still spend. I'm just glad that the things are going to be cheaper there than in the shops. Thinking about it, I don't actually know what I want to buy! I've got my 'Paradise Kiss' mangas, I own 'Neon Genesis Evangelion', I own the 'Death Note' mangas, own two volumes of 'Immortal Rain' and I don't really want anything else! Oh, I know! One volume of 'Happy Mania' which changes the whole tone, but either I dont' remember when I go to buy manga, or the library I go to doesn't have that volume. I can tell you that they have EVERY OTHER ONE, AND THERE ARE 12! I don't want yaoi lying around my house, because I have a 12 year-old brother... What shall I get guys? I'll probably get some soundtracks and cheap DVDs!
I won't be cosplaying though because I don't want to be wearing heels while walking for several hours! I'll just be an angry woman! It's scary though, people are cosplaying, and they walk by, and someone takes a picture of them creepy!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

T_T I just deleted my post!
The backspace key kept getting stuck, so I would have to do undo: Ctrl+Z, but I couldn't figure out how to do redo, so I did Ctrl+R, which is refresh! *bawls* It's control Y!
I can't even remember what I wrote! Something about the yaoi one-off 'Boku No Pico' and there being two more of that series 'Pico x Chico' and 'Pico x Coco x Chico' and that being scary as I wasn't sure if any of them were over 13, as 13 is the age of consent in Japan. 'Boku no Pico' is a shotacon which I accidently fell across and watched the weirdness. Please do not attempt to find it! It'll scar you!
Also, I found a truck-load of yaoi manga at my library's repertoire! Basically, they joined with 6 other council areas, so I can get manga from all over London, and it's free and legal! XD
Ah yes, my accident-prone self got me into another calamity! I was taking out my pizza from the oven, and the door opened, but hadn't rested all the way back because the drawer behind it was open; so I backed up, wearing shorts of course, though it was freezing that day, and burnt the calf of my left leg! I left it, and then only after a fashion I put a cold compress on it, but I had a shower this morn, and the hot water was hurting it! I DON'T WANT A BLISTER ON MY CALF! IT'LL BE SCARRED AND UGLY! *cries once again*
Also, my knees are still hurting me after 3 weeks. I'm going to have to go back to my doctor next week. My doctor is so soft spoken, I just want to hug him and reassure him! I must say, not in the perverted way though! My other doctor I went to because I forgot to tell the other one that I had sleep problems has piercing green eyes, he was a mix of Indian and White, and I couldn't look in them! They were downright scary, but I noticed that he had pointy eyes! He was like a Nosferatu or similar to that, didn't have fangs though...

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

   The sublime to the ridiculous!
For me, I don't mind some aspects of the fantasy of manga, but then it can just go too far. I'm talking about the brushed aside storylines of statutory rape, or the good old plot of 'I rape because I care'. The person objects, but the person does still obviously still want it, and they are getting it whether they want it or not!
I find these plots very samey. For instance, when I was on manga fox, I knew that the end pages of each chapter would have a sex scene, and low and behold, what did I get!? I was accurate in about 8/10 estimations of pages numbers- a good six pages for good measure 'til the end will suffice a sex scene! Any good 'true' love? I find those ones where they are unsure more satisfying then those mere smutty mangas, using a poor plot to hold together the excuse for some male on male sex. Or the line 'it hurts, but if it makes them happy...' garbage. Maybe I am a bit of a romantic, but I also like a good plot!! XD

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Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm an old woman!
I'm full of aches and pains, but less than when I arranged my appointment at the doctor's. Isn't that always the way? My knees aren't inflammed anymore, but now my right elbow is starting to hurt, and the wrist, though I actually haven't been doing that much writing,(I mean, I'm an English student, and I write my essays) I got really light-headed this morning, and felt like I was going to faint, but I think that was due to lack of water, as I hadn't actually drunk a drop this morn. I was nearly late at the other school I go to again because one undergound line was delayed, so I sat, hazy in the train for five minutes for the sake of one stop! *rolls eyes* The bus stop was also moved for the bus I have to get for the school because they were repairing the pavement. My lower back also hurts. That soft-spoken doctor I'm going to have is going to be over-whelmed with my complaints!
My english teacher was not in either! I got a free, but I wanted to do some work, not that I wouldn't have been in trouble because I hadn't finished my work!

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Friday, October 10, 2008

5 year anniversary!
Ah yes, the duration of half a decade I have spent (wasted) on here! I have gained friends, lost a lot in the last year, but most of all, I still love anime and manga, and this has somewhat evolved slightly, as I have, and friendships have! :D

My teacher gave me the wrong information, and I thought I was predicted to get an E at English, but how could that happen when I got an A last year/ My head of year overheard my convo to my Mu, and corrected it, saying I was predicted a B. >.< I was so pissed off! I was more annoyed that I was annoyed at the prospect of having to talk to my English teacher, but that was prevented luckily!
I'm going to Tate Modern today, so I may upload some pictures tomorrow and show all 'a yiz! :D

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Well... I wouldn't go so far as calling it a fetish them!
I just enjoy the idea of acquiring and wearing them with shirts and prancing about! What's wrong with that, may I ask?

Today, I have shown that I am one of the most ultimate fools of fools.
Number 1: I wasted my Sunday fretting over a mini-essay for English, which ended up being the wrong question.

Number 2: I have a free lesson, which I am in right now, but I haven't got my folder or book, so I can't do it, and she even gave me an extra day! It's very distressing!

Other than that, I can't think of anything else; it's too early for anything to happen. I mean it's 9:31 am! I still need to buy socks because I've got Reynaud's disease, so my extremities are starting to hurt, and I hate when my nose is cold! I also need a jacket. I'd rather buy it first hand though.
I got a scary book which is translated from Japanese called 'Out'. It was 1.50, so I HAD to get it! I look forward to reading it! When I have the time that is! XD

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Travelling to York!
I went to a university open day on Friday in York, so I had to travel there by train from London.
Pretty far, but I got the fast one, so it only took 2 hours instead of 6 hours.
The requirements are AAB for me if I want to apply there to study English Literature and Philosophy, which is alright. It was so demoralising because I know that black people are only about 7% of the British population, but I felt so lonely with just my sister and I being little and black!!! It was sheerly disorganised, but I think it's because the amount of people was so large! I hate crowds, so it was awful to me, and I thought about how I didn't actually get to see any libraries or anything. The talks for English and Philosophy were interesting, but I was so tired from the travelling up there, I was dozing in the Philosophy talk. My mum didn't come because she got a new job, but she phoned me during the talk and it was so embarassing because my brother's voice is the ring tone, so I had to quickly turn it off. The thing was, I was trying to get her all day, and that was the one time she phones! I have the second of the opening Death Note theme tunes as my text message tone, so that one's alright!
For lunch, as about 3pm, my sister, of 15 years wanted to go to a pub for lunch, because she 'liked the atmosphere'. Now, let me tell you, she has been in a pub as many times as I have, that being about 5 times. We ate there though, and it was only a little one, and we had burgers and chips. Is was actually quite nice, but a weird choice nonetheless!
In all, I think the course content was absolutely fabulous and fantastic! :D

I also bought some clothes from two charity shops, and dead cheap! I got a purple pleated skirt and a pinafore and a red tie, I have a fetish for them! XD I love ties! I own about 5, with one being Jack Skeleton from 'The Nightmare before Christmas'! W00t! Ties! And yes, I wear them, the weirdo that I am! :S

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Anime club! *jumps in the air*
My tailor-made anime club has come alive, and to start off with, there are 6 members, not including my sister or friend. I'm glad you know. They're either Year 8- 12/13 or Year 9- 13/14. They were all excited, and talking over each other all at once. Also, they were pretty new to the anime scene, but most of them had watched the general titles like Naruto and Bleach. Pretty good methinks. We watched an episode of 'Peacemaker' and then an episode of 'AzumangaDaioh!'. I brought in the pocky to which they ate faster than the blink of the eye. There's one girl, and she's in Year 8, and she was the one who suggested it, but she 'only reads manga' which she pronounces the American way- Munga as opposed to Manga. She's Malaysian as well, but she is quite the snob! Everyone seems down to earth, and was laughing and protesting about me hating the big ones of Naruto and Bleach.

Oooo! I LOVE THIS SONG! I saw the film 'Sakuran' with Anne Tsukiya I think her surname is. Shiina Ringo's album, I think was the whole soundtrack to the film. It was a beautifully asthetic song about a geisha girl trapped, with attitude. With multitundinous sex scenes, and being right near the screen, I found it brilliant. I want to buy it in furture as well.

Sakuran - Shiina Ringo

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