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Thursday, October 2, 2008

   Heroes! *rolls eyes*
Now, I'm not intending to slag off Heroes, but don't you think it's like watching anime crossed with Lost? The stories and the enigma behind it all? I find it a bit tireless if you ask me. I watch it, why, do I have a choice in my household, but the third series started, after a boring second one finished in July, and all the happenings and aspects, I found rather predictable, and yes, that does mean sitting at the screen and predicting that certain things would happen, even to the point of Suresh temporarily getting strength, pretty funny if I do say so myself! When whatever her face from South America groaning about her powers, I thought, well, at least you're not dead like your brother! I don't know if the series will be good or bad, but Sylar just has the power to make me think, oh God, why do I torture myself watching this crap!?
There was this bit after it, and the people were saying how cool it was etc. I mean, would you be saying that it was shit when you're employed to be in it? I think not somehow!

This is the end of my complaint. COMMENT!

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Pizza and DVDs!
Got myself 3 anime DVDs for Thursday with my anime club. They are Peacemaker- 7, AzumangaDaioh- 7 and something else for a 5. Hope people like it. Watched the first volume of Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex series on 1st Gig, and it was good! :D I got it for free a year ago it is, but haven't watched it.
I got chucked out of my Sociology class, but I don't know where the book is!
I had a large pizza with my sister at Pizza Hut on Saturday. It was fun, but I got 20 for the both of us to eat incl. drinks, but I lost it in the restaurant, and then had to get out another 20. I was asked for I.D. too when I got 'The animatrix' for 1, because it's a 15, and I'm 17, but I was wearing hairband and girly thinkgs. He didn't even believe that I was 17! I had to give him my student card before he believed me!

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Such a cruel world it is!
Nooooooooo! It's the last episode of 'Antique Bakery'! *cries and howls* We'll find out all the secrets behind Tachobana's past, but I'm sad!
I'm also starting an anime and manga club at my school (I don't know why I only thought of it in my last year of school, but I didn't even think of it! It was a Year 8 who's 12 years-old to make me do it!) I'm thinking of dressing in my Lolita dress that day, but it depends on the temperature.
Loud Tate is on tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that! Some friends are coming, and I'll get to make a free t-shirt! *grins*
Also, the club is on Thursdays, and there's a debating society being set up by my old English teacher the same day and afternoon, so I don't even know if I'll make it! She said I could dabble in the classes, but I don't know.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Nottingham was good!
Well, I can report where I was going because I have already been. I went to the open day there, and it was rather impressive. I fit all the criteria, so all I have to consider now is my personal statement which will impress prospective universities, so they will let me in!
We were running like mad for the train, and my Mum even shouted at someone! There was a policeman who was checking stuff but he gave up because there was only 2 minutes until the train departed.
I'm not sure as to whether I will be doing catered, or self-catered. I love making food, but won't it be a chore after a while and an expense? The other university on my sights is University of York. I'm not sure about Cambridge.

I'm getting into the swing of things for school now. I'm still not familiar with the timetable, but I'll do. I hate studying though! *grumbles* My Sociology class is so mind-numbing! The amount of people who love to have their own conversations, and interupt the teacher as well as each other. I know that most people are turning 18 this year, and I know that they one night are not going to realise their supposed maturity, but is it not too much to expect these people to at least have some level of control from the shit in the form of verbal diarhea they emit?

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Friday, September 12, 2008

No lie-in tomorrow!
NO! I've got to bloody well go to an open evening. I have to get out the house by 8AM! My brother is watching Fred on youtube the Wii and my brain is melting! The loud high-pitchedness is unbearable!
My teacher gave me a detention, yes, please remember that I AM 17 YEARS OLD! I missed lunch, so that meant that I hadn't eaten since 7:30 am, so when I got home, I ate a jacket potato- I brought some extra cheese and butter for my potato I get at lunch for free. I was in a terrible mood.

A funny quote from Vladimir Nabokov, the guy who wrote 'Lolita':
"No one in their right mind would visit a psychoanalyst" I fund it funny anyway.

Watched the 10th episode of 'Antique Bakery'! I want to know what happened when Tachibana got kidnapped, but there are like only 2-3 episodes left! *howls*
I'm going to see 'Sakuran'. It's about a feisty geisha girl basically. Looking forward to it! :D

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Shakespeare time! *does a jig*
Truly scary I think. I'm really preparing to have a nervous breakdown! I swear it! I do not have the ability to have any good sleep as it is, let alone with the pressures of deadlines and studying and 'having a social life' etc. My mum says that she wouldn't want to be a young student now, and I don't like it myself! Alas, I have to pull through, and I know my temper will be even less, but perserverance is the only way to go!
Also, my friend is still not talking to me, but she never does, and then refuses to while I'm depressed! Isn't friendship beautiful?! My little 12 yr-old brother doesn't understand the dynamics and why I can't just leave her for dead. If only it were that easy.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

   The school bus is evil! :(
Yes! We were left for dead yesterday, it came half an hour late, so we were 45 minutes late, and the bus left me at break-time without me today. I got there in half an hour though! Pretty good I think! :D
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The school year begins!
~It's dreary today, and I can't even say that there was a summer to buffer it!
I'm picking up Theology A2, and it's at a connected school, so I'm going to have to travel. There's a school bus, but it's the first thing in the morn on a Monday. :( Not the best thing in the world!
I'm going to have to read loads this year for English! Wish me luck guys!
Not much else. A friend of mine is still rocky with me. She thought I was replacing her last year, but she doesn't notice that she's so cold.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

   Isn't vying for the attention of the subject part of the FUN in a friendship?
Well, that's not what I thought, but since a friend of my friend's has come back, I haven't seen her! I know why she attatches herself to our friend, but I want a look in edge-ways! :( I want to organise an outing to the indie cinema in order for us to see the Japanese film 'Sakuran', but she is never around! Grrr! I also have to say I'm fine with her dropping out of going to Liverpool.
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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another weird anime that I have come across.
It's called 'Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei' and it'a mad. The only problem is, that it's hard to find the early episodes of the first series, as opposed to the second series. It's quite funny. I recommend it! :D
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