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Sunday, October 1, 2006

My oh my...but it's been a while!

It's been really busy on my side. School is a major time stealer! I added another major, History, so now I am going for Political Science and History...I'm actually quite excited about that.

I'm loving all of my classes, though I am not quite as fond of one of them as the others. The one I'm not quite happy with is Early North America...ironically one of my favorite time periods and a class I specifically picked out for the heck of it because of my like of the time period. The reading required for that class is just astronomical...4 pretty hefty books...on top of readings for my other classes, one of which has 3 books. I know...I'm in college, I should be used to is...and to some extent I am, I just get frusterate because all my time is spent to those books...to that class really.

On the upside, I just about finished a research paper due on Friday..yes, that's right, I actually wrote a paper in advance, not the night before the paper is due, as per usual. Hehe, I'm quite proud, what can I say.

And I had a debate in my second history class! It was so much fun! It was a scheduled debate, we were given 2 weeks to get information about the side we chose, the debate being "Was the French Revolution a positive force for France?" and I said no. So those of us who chose this debate gathered info and then debated this past monday. There were 2 other people on my team and we were against 7 people..so 3 against 7...but it was great, we all did a good job and it went really well. I LOVE debates! I suppose it's a good thing that I do, as I want to go into law...

On a side note, I got another job. I work for an actual company now (though I still work one day every two weeks at EB just so I can get a discount at Barnes and Nobles ^.~). I love what I do at this company, I'm treated with respect and not looked down on for being a girl..which, trust me, is a new concept as compaired to working in game stores (and I've worked for 2 seperate gaming companies and found it to be the same attitude towards girls in both places...what can I say, some guys are just pigs). And the people at my new job are really nice. And it's great, were as before at EB while I didn't really put up with shit I was also careful as to what I did or said, now, when I work there, I don't care and people don't mess with me as much because it doesn't matter to me anymore...quite empowering I must say. Not only that but I'm paid a lot more than I was at EB (and let me just tell you, now this was before I got a new job, meaning I was working regularly at the store, bu when pay raise time came I was given less of a raise, making me paid less, than a boy who had less work experience then I did and was less qualified than I was...I took that to my manager and he said it wasn't his fault...O.O...ok...whatever.. ya see why I went looking for another job?)

At any rate, I'm sorry I haven't been on really but with school and a new job I'm not left with much time to do much else. I will try to be more frequent with my visits though.

I hope everyone is doing well!

Thank you and good night!


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