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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Story time...the story begins about half way down if you want to skip the boring parts ^.^
Wow...it's been a month since I was last here!

How is everyone? Right now I'm listening to Hinder's Lips of An Angel...I really like this song! Next is Modest Mouse's Float On...another great song by a great band.

Well, life is starting to move back on. Summer and my brother are doing better. My brother is angry and upset and hurting but he is doing better. Summer is...I don't know, it's hard to explain. They're both doing better though. They're taking a break from each other right now....I guess that's for the good of both of them, they're not quite sure how to deal with things right now.

Thank you to everyone who wished them well. They really needed it, still do. But we have a close family and we will survive.

Is everyone ready for christmas? My family is kind of by-passing christmas this year, we'll pick it up again next year. This year we're just going to hang out and maybe go to a movie or something.

I have to tell you what happened at my cousin's wedding! It was so funny and so wrong, it was great!

Ok, my family is Irish on both sides, we have the family shield and all that great stuff that comes with a family like mine. We're very proud of our heritage and all generally are very quick to tell people of our lineage. Well my cousin was going to marry this man who was...Greek...that's right. Have you all seen that movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Yeah, I was soooooo surprised to see that the Greeks are REALLY like that!!

The first time I met her fiancee he said, "So, you're Irish? Well that's too bad. There are Greeks and those who want to be Greeks. I'm sorry you're not a Greek." and I was like, "You're right, I'm not Greek, I'm Irish and quite proud to be Irish." and he went on again about how unfortunate I was to not be Greek. HE WAS SERIOUS WHEN HE SAID ALL OF THIS!!!

Now, don't get me wrong, I love him to death, he is probably one of the nicest guys I have ever met.

His family is horrible to my cousin. She had their baby and none of his family would go to the hospital to see her or the baby.

We get to the wedding, and his family stayed away from my family and would only speak in greek. The only time they spoke in English was to call my family half-breeds, which we're not but even if we were that was very rude. Even the little kids were saying it. His mom starts an argument with him at the wedding, his brother shows up 2 hours late and that's not the kicker. Ok, his family owns a few restaurants and he runs one of them with his step-father. Well, his step-father was supposed to open the restaurant the next day so he could have a wedding night. The night of the wedding, his step-father said that he wasn't opening it the next day and that my cousin's new husband had to get up at 6:30 the next morning to go open it.

My poor cousin was in tears and I felt so bad for her. It was horrible and everyone was so upset for them.

But, my entire family handled it like we do everything, we all went out and got drunk ^.~ No, not all of us, but you should have seen my grandmother! She was plastered! It was soooo funny. My grandmother is great, she is the favorite of the entire family, has a great sense of humor. She got up and started dancing on the dance floor and she was so drunk. It was great and she had a blast with all her grandchildren dancing around her(and there are quite a few of us as she had 6 children who all went out to have several children of their own).

In the end, my cousin was absolutely beautiful. It was a very pretty wedding and I love her husband, he is one of the coolest guys ever. His family though...*shakes head*...I don't even know them all that well and based off of what I have seen and been told, I don't think I would really like to get to know them...except for his daughter. His daughter was very cool and she and I had a good time at the wedding.

Well, that's the story. I hope you all have a really nice christmas and I will talk to you all later. This is a long post...make-up for being gone for a month!

Talk to you all later!

Thank you and good night!


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