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Friday, August 11, 2006

Neko: Hiya people! How've you been since I've been away? I hope you have all been good. I haven't been doing much. Just d-loading amv's and I changed my site around alittle bit. What do you think of it? I like it better :D. I've also been drawing more and more, I have some new fanart up. So please go see it and comment and stuff. Or atleast rate. I would apprecate it a lot.

Hiei #8: Hn. Like they would want to go see your pathetic attemps at drawing.

Neko: >.< Meany! I draw... somewhat good ^^;;.

Yukina #8: I think you draw very nicely -smiles-

Neko: Why thank you Yukina :D! I'm happy someone likes them ^^.

Hiei #8: Hn

Neko: Well anyways, I shall let you all go. Please go check out my fanart, comment and rate if you would. Thanks! Byes for now!

~Question of the post!

How many of you would like to see a Hunter x Hunter AMV?

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Hey all ^^. How is everyone? I'm doing pretty good, except for the fact that I am sick X-P. I'm hoping with a little bit of sleep I'll get better ^^. Lots has happened since I last updated. Lets see, my mom came and got all of her stuff out of the house so now the house looks pretty bare XD. My bro is moving out of my room and back to his room by the end of this weekend (Yay!!!!). I went to my grandma's for a couple of days and a big storm came through where I normaly live when I was over at my grandmas house. Mostly every place around the place I live and the surrounding towns/cities were flooded and out of power it was kind of fun :-P. We all got threw that okay. Umm lets see what else. I got a new "How to draw Manga" Book ^^. It's the Illustrating Battles one. For the slight chance that I might make my own manga :-P. I lost my mp3 player then I found it a couple of days later, lol. That happens all the time around my house. I got a new mic for karaoke machine ^^. My dad is going to get me a car very soon. I'll have to work for the insurence and the gas money though -sighs-. My cousin is going to be taking my Senior pics for me ^^. My dad want's me to dress all girly for them >.<. I refuse!!!! Lol. He tries to make me something I'm not... I don't know why ^^;. I'm going to an air show tomarrow!!! I've never been to one before but I hope it's going to but fun ^^. My mom is making me a pair of Hakuma (Kenshin's pants). I've been trying to eat healthier, sinse all's I normaly eat is unhealthy food XD. I got to go to my really good friend Mario's house for the first time since he moved.

Hmm I think that's all I did ^^. Wow that was a long winded thing XD. I'm thinking about changing my site around again. Another Hiei one ^^. Any seggestions? As for my youtube there is a link for my youtube site up above in that scrolly box thingy it has a pic of the YYH gang in a band and says My Youtube or something close to that.

And as for your question Jet. No, sadly, I do not have a Hiei plush yet. But I really want one ;_;. It would be really cool if you could get me one but it's kind of impossible -sighs-. Darn you far awayness!! Lol.

I'm sorry I didn't get to any of your sites. I'll go later today ^^. Hiei and Yukina are sleeping. I'd better get going too... I have to watch my neice later today too -.-. I hope you all have a great day!

Question of the post!

Is there anything I can do to make my site better?

Answer to last post!

My fav/lucky number is... Number 8!!!!! Good guess to those who got it right ^^. Thanks for playing :-P.

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Saturday, July 1, 2006

Neko: Hi!!! It's good to see you all again! -hugs- I missed talking to all of you while I was gone ^^. I just got back from visiting my cousins house... and before that I was at my sisters house... and before that I was at my moms house for about 2-3 weeks @.@. And she has no comp!!! I almost died!! Besides I left Hiei and Yukina at my dad's house. So I didn't even have anyone to talk to really ;_;. But I did talk to my Chibi Hiei key chain that I keep around my neck ^^;;. Me and my Hiei key chain ^^

Hiei #8: Heh, that thing is fake. Why do you talk to it. And stop pretending it's me -.-.

Neko: I can't!! And he is not fake! -covers it's ears- You're hurting his feelings!

Hiei #8: You've gone insain. I should take that thing away from you and burn it.

Neko: Nnnnnnnnnnooo

Yukina #8: That wouldn't be very nice Hiei. She really likes her momento of you. -smiles-

Neko: Yeah what she said!! -starts petting the chibi key chain-

Hiei #8: -anime sweatdrop-

Neko: Anyways, today was pretty boring. I slept threw most of it, lol. I watched my neice. I had a bit of a depression thing going on. And then I got better. And then I got on here ^^. I've made a myspace account, I don't really care for the site but that was the only way to keep in touch with my cousin who moved to CA. Here is my link thingy to it if you want to visit it My myspace.
There I hope you have fun. Also, I've been on youtube a lot lately. I have so many things saved on my favs now :P. If any of you have time you should go to my youtube site and see my two amv's I made. There not much but I don't have much to work with either ^^;;;. Umm, I'm still willing to take requests for fanart. Or just suggestions would be nice ^^. I guess thats all's I have to report for today. I'll catch you all later.

Question of the post!

What's my lucky number?!?!?!
(Muwahahaha, I'll be very suprised if any of you get this one right :P.)

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Monday, June 5, 2006

Neko: I am updating again, yay!! Lol. I've been away for a while. Nothing has really been going on around my place. School has been out for a little over a week so I'm not doing much at all. Summer is a drag, but atleast I have Yukina and Hiei :-D. There fun to hang around with when I'm not sleeping or there not ^^;;;. We have different sleeping patterns XD. I sleep during the day they sleep at night.

Hiei #8: Heh you need to get your habbits straitened up.

Neko: Nah it's more fun this way! I shall make you stay up all night with me!!!

Hiei #8: Like H*ll you will!

Neko: No swearing in front of my friends!! Or I shall smight you!!!

Hiei #8: -smirks- Heh I'd like to see you try.

Neko: Okay so maybe I can't!! Just don't do it!!! Or I'll tell Yukina your secret!!!

Hiei #8: -glairs-

Neko: Yay I win ^^.

Yukina #8: What secret?

Neko: Umm ^^;;;;. Come here Yukina. -whispers- Hiei is a cross dresser he just didn't want you to know.

Yukina #8: O.O

Neko: Can you make us some tea Yukina?

Yukina #8: Umm sure... -goes and makes tea-

Hiei #8: What did you tell her!!!!!!

Neko: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told her you were a cross dresser XD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiei #8: I'm going to kill you!!!!

Neko: Eep!!!!!!!!!!! -runs-

Hiei #8: -chaches me-

Neko: Well, umm, I guess I'd better let you all go before Hiei kills me ^^;;;;. Perhaps I should have left the colar on.


Neko: -been stabed multiple times- @.@ I think he got it out of his system. I told Yukina that it wasn't true and he stoped stabbing me ^^;;;;. Anyways, I thought that I would tell you all that I put up some new fan art and I am taking requests. I would perfer it to be from YYH but whatever you want is fine. Just tell me the name of the person and the show that there from due to some characters from different shows haveing the same name. PM me with the request or leave it in a comment I don't really care which. I hope you all have a good day!!! I shall try and heal after Hiei's little attack ^^;;;;. Byes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question of the post!

Who do you think would win in a sword fight, Hiei, Kenshin, and Inuyasha?

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm still alive!!!!!! Sorry I've been gone for so long. School is harsh and I'm behind in two out of three of my classes XD. And I can't turn in late work anymore so I'm kind of in touble ^^;;;;. I have exams today and then I'm out of school for summer. I can't wait ^^. I have a semi busy summer though so I don't know how much I'll be able to get on and visit you. I hope you wont be mad at me. I am going down on the rank list. It's probably because I never get on anymore sorry about that. I'll try a bit harder to get on more ^^;;;. So maybe I will go back up or down or whatever you want to say... the better way XD. Hiei and Yukina are asleep and I'd better be going soon too. I have to take 3 exams in a row today and I'm going to be exosted afterwords. I hope you all have a great day and I hope you're not mad at me for not updating in such a long time ^^;;;. Take care! Byes!!

Question of the post...

No question of the post today ^^;;;.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Neko: I'm just posting to tell all of ya that I am alive, lol. I don't really have to much to say.

Hiei #8: That's a change.

Yukina #8: Are you okay??

Neko: I'm fine, lol. Just very bored. Well I'll go... do something. Catch all of you later. Byes.

Question of the post...

How come no one answered the last one -.-? Lol.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Neko: Hey peoples miss me? Lol. I havenít really been gone that long. Turns out we didnít lose the internet so we still have stupid slow AOL. Hopefully we (my brother and I) can talk dad into getting Cable Internet.

Iíve changed the layout of the site once again. I seem to get board with it really fast now a days, lol. It still needs a little bit of work at the moment, but Photobucket decided to update its site so I canít put any pictures on the web till they get done ^-.-^. Lol. Please check out what I did to the place a bit. Check the sites or the icons I put on here. Oh and sorry I havenít updated in awhile even though I have had internet since my last update. And to tell the truth the only reason I updated today was because someone told me I had to, lol. So thatís it now... I hope, lol. Byes for now everyone!

Question of the Post!

What is the name of the song that Suzaku plays on the Makai Whistle when he sends the humans infected with the Makai Insects after Keiko?

Suzaku playing the Makai Whistle

Answer to the last question...

Kana: Ah! Itís snowing! I knew it would snow today. Say, hereís a question for you. When the snow melts, what does it become?

Hatori: The answer is water, of course.

Kana: Bzz-bzz! Nope! It becomes spring!

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Friday, March 31, 2006

Neko: I'm so sorry I haven't been on in a while ^^;;;. I don't really mean to be gone as long as I end up being. But I guess thats what happens when you have a combination of Lazyness and never having the time to do it ^^;. Oh well. Back to business! I might not be able to be on for a while. We're getting rid of AOL and I don't know how long it will take before we get internet again. So I'm sorry if I'm gone for a long time.

Hiei #8: Hn. I'm sure their enjoying the breaks from you. I know I would like to have that long of a time away from you.

Neko: You don't mean that ^^.

Hiei #8: Beleive what you want to, it doesn't change the fact that I want to get away from you.

Neko: You're mean -.-.

Hiei #8: Hn.

Neko: I'm just kidding I know you don't mean it no matter what you say ^^. Well thats about it. I'm sorry this is late also. I don't think I'll have internet tomorrow so I can't post this then ^^;. I hope I get to talk to you all later!

Question of the Post!

When the snow melts what does it become?

Good luck!

Hehe not a YYH question! It's from Fruits Basket ^^. Good luck with it.

And the anwer to the last question was...

Kurama: Hiei how many times did you cut him?
Hiei: Only sixteen.
Yusuke: Sixteen? Darn it, and here I could only keep track of seven or eight.
Kurama: That's nothing meager. After the first hit I only saw flashes of light.
Kuwabara: I couldn't even see the flashes!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Neko: I'm all better! Well I have been for a week now, lol. Just been to lazy to comment again ^^;;;. Sorry bout that. -yawns- I'm tired XD. I should get some sleep :-P. But I thought I would post before I did so. I took mid-terms last week in college. They were hard -.-. Lol. I didn't have school yesterday... I don't know why though. It was a reward!!

Hiei #8: More like trying to get away from you and your annoying friends.

Neko: -.-... Anyways, how have all of you been? I've been good. I did some yard work the other day and that was pretty fun. By the way have all of you seen the changes that have happend on myO? It's weird... Oh well. I guess we'll get used to it again ^^. And now I shall start something new for ya to answer when you read my posts... It's like a question a post... and it will be at the end of the post everytime. Thats about all I have to say. I hope you all have a great day and everything! Byes!

Question of the post!

How many times did Hiei cut Seiryu of the Four Saint Beasts?

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Current mood: sick
Current music: Nothingness >.>...<.< The zombies are out to get me :-P

I'm sick @.@ My cold that I have had for over a week has made it to the next stage and I can not talk really at all now because of it. I guess it's my own fault for shovleing for 3 hours with out a coat and then today I was swinging in rainy type weather without a coat on again X.X. I really need to stop doing that. Lol. I will still go to school though, because I am way to stuborn not to :-P.

Yukina #8: You should get to bed Neko!

Neko: *thinking* 'I just woke up though' T.T.

Yukina #8: I'll go make you some tea! -runs off and does so-

Hiei #8: Hn. I think I perfer this a lot better than you talking constently.

Neko: -.- *cough, cough* Well I should be off. I'll try and get somemore sleep. I just slep for 6 hours though T.T. -holds up a sign, writen on it is- You'd better take care of Yukina while I'm asleep Hiei.

Hiei #8: -glairs-

Neko: XD I hope you all are good and have a great day!

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