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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

[mood Image hosted by Photobucket.com content, and Image hosted by Photobucket.com busy]

Neko: Hello everyone, thank you for all of your comments yesterday. Reading them made me happy ^^. I'm am sorry to make you worry though, I'm just going threw a slump right now. I'm sure I'll be over it soon.

Yukina #8: It's alright Neko everything will be alright.

Neko: *smiles* Thanks Yukina. I'm trying to do my hwk right now but it's very hard for me to do *sighs*. I have 44 terms for Government History to do and 25 of them have to have a paragraph size discription. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it done though. Then I have vocab for another class but I forgot the words I have to do at school. So much work so little time. I've been sleeping so much more then I'm supost to too. I'm just so tired. Yesterday (for example) I fell asleep at 4 pm woke up around 10:30 pm went back to sleep around 2 am and woke up at 7 am. I was still very tired all day too so I took yet another nap when I came home. Then there's my new cat which keeps peeing on my futon matress. I have to clean it up almost every night now. It's just weird the cat is 5-7 years old but he won't use the litter box. And he isn't eating or drinking anything either. I hope that something isn't wrong with him.

Hiei #8: Why would you care the cat hates you anyways.

Neko: I know. But I can't help but care. It's just the way I am I guess.

Yukina #8: I like how nice you are *smiles*

Neko: Thats nice of you to say Yukina, thanks. My school life seems to be going pretty well. I'm starting to make friends with the exchange students. I know where three of them come from now ^^. Ones from Germany, ones from China, and ones from Taiwan (sp?). I still haven't figured out where the other one's from yet. Ooh and my dad's finally going to set up my driving test. I'm almost 17 and I'm just now going to take my test. Wow. I had my permit for over 6 months now ^^;. So I'm going to be able to drive soon hopefully ^^.

Hiei #8: Don't you think you've conplained to these people long enough for one night?

Neko: Yeah your right. I'm sorry to have made this thing so long. Thank you for reading my ranting about junk ^^. I hope you all have a great day and everything. See ya.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

[mood Image hosted by Photobucket.com Guilty]

Neko: Hello everybody, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that I put a whole bunch of stupid stuff up that most of you don't care to know. Thank you for coming to my site, even though some of you probably don't care what I wright. Both thank you and sorry again. Have a great day everybody.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

[mood Image hosted by Photobucket.com determined]

Neko: Well I didn't get any of my hwk done, I was to busy cleaning cause the family was comeing over for dinner. I will get it done by the time school starts tomorrow though!

Hiei #8: Just like you were going to get it all done yesterday.

Neko: Well it wasn't my fault that I didn't know the family was coming over and I had to clean. In other news not related to the family, I updated my freewebs site ^^. Please go check it out, the link to it is in my intro.

Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention... I have created Yukina Clones!! Ah-hahahahaha!!!

Hiei #8: You did what!?!

Neko: Oh yeah I ment to tell you ^^;;;;;.

Hiei #8: *unsheths katana*

Neko: Eep! Don't hurt me!! *runs and hides behind Yukina Clone #8*

Yukina #8: Hello Hiei *smiles and bows* I've heard so much about you. And everyone else here on myotaku as well.

Neko: See isn't she nice *smiles nervously*

Hiei #8: *sheths katana and jumps in a tree* Hn.

Neko: Thats just his way of saying hello!

Yukina #8: Oh alright. *smiles*

Neko: Okay I think that is all that I have to say ^^. Bye everybody! I hope to talk to you soon!

Yukina #8: *waves bye*

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

[mood Image hosted by Photobucket.com bored]

Neko: Hello everyone!!! How are you all doing today? I hope your all doing well ^^. Thank you for all of your nice comments that you said yesterday ^^. And yes everyone that noticed Hiei did get emb-- *gets nocked in the head* Ouch!! *looks at Hiei*

Hiei #8: Hn.

Neko: You know Hiei you shouldn't go around hitting people in the head -.-*.

Hiei #8: I'll do whatever I please.

Neko: Fine, whatever I don't care. Anyways, what did everyone think of Naruto?? I don't really care for the VA's, but thats just me. I hope I'll get more used to them as time moves on. Cause I really liked the manga ^^.

Hmm... I should be getting to bed soon. I have a full day of hwk (homework) ahead of me ^^;. I didn't do any of it during the weekend so I have to do it all today. My fault though. I should have done it sooner ^^;.

Hiei #8: I don't see why you do it. You're just going to forget everything you do on it anyways.

Neko: Heh heh ^^;; that is ture. I have a really bad memory, but I still have to do it. *sighs*

Well I think that's all that I have to say for now! I hope to see you later!! Byes!!!

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Neko: Hi everyone! *pokes Hiei*

Hiei #8: *glars at Neko then looks back* Hello fools.

Neko: I'm getting progress with Hiei ^^. Anyways, I'm soooo sorry that I haven't been on in so long and not come to anybodys sites. Please don't be mad at me.

*sighs* On a better note, I got a new cat. His name is George he was my aunts cat but she had to get rid of him so my Dad let me have him... I just have to keep my English grade up to keep him ;_;. I'm so bad at English it's not fair.

Hiei #8: You whine to much.

Neko: Sorry, didn't mean to whine. *signs* School is just a pain now that I'm trying, and actually care about my grades. But I did figure out that I am going to be able to duel enroll (go to college and school at the same time). Hopefully if I do do duel enrollment I wont get to stressed out with hwk and studying.

Hiei #8: If you do, don't come whining to me.

Neko: Just for that I'm going to come to you whenever I get to stressed out XD.

Hiei #8: Hn.

Neko: Hehe well I'd better let you all go, you probably have better things to do with your time then read my post. Oh and thanks Pyroprincess for the awesome pic of Hiei #8 ^^. If you want one for you're Hiei clone go to her site ^^. You look so cute in that pic Hiei.

Hiei #8: *slightly blushes* Hn! *runs off*

Neko: *laughs* Well I'd really better be going now, I hope you all have a good day.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Neko: Hello everybody! I'm back! Anyone miss me? I missed all of you while I was away. Thank you soooooo much JeT224 for posting for me and watching Hiei #8! And thank you everyone who still came to my site while I was way! You're all such great people!!!

Hiei #8: Calm down before you hurt yourself.

Neko: I can't! I'm so happy that I have friends!! Well anyways, thank you again everyone! *bows and passes ice cream around for everyone*

Alright now with my normal post ^^. I was very bored when I was at my mom's for the weekend. All's she really did was complain about her boyfriend and drink beer *sighs* I hate it when she drinks. But I did get to see my friend jaydeenvy! She came back from college and is now living about 45 min away!!! (instead of 6 hr's like she used to -.-) So I spent 2 days with her and it was lots of fun! I watched Phantom of the Opra for the first time. I really liked it actually ^^.

Hiei #8: You would.

Neko: Yeah I kind of like musicals for some odd reason... I like to sing with them ^^;;;;. Anyways, I think I might be getting the 3rd Inuyasha movie tomorrow. If someone will take me into town to buy them that is. I hate not being able to drive ;_;.

Oh and anyone that wants to see my cool pictures that I put on the net in one area just go to my photobucket account. It has some of my George comic's on there and drawings I have done. The clubs I'm in and just stuff I think looks cool ^^. So go check it out if you want ^^.

I probably wont be albe to post to much during the week. I usually go to bed pretty early... Compaired to what a used to stay up till ^^;.

School isn't to bad. With the exception that I only have one friend there. Other then that no one want's to talk to me. But it's fine. I met a forien excange student from Taiwan (sp?). He seems pretty cool. We have like 5 excange studends this year. And thats a lot for our small school. I only know 2 of them so far though ^^;. I want to meet them all though. I'm failing English 11 already ^^;;;;;. 4 days into the new school year and I'm already failing a class ;_;. Hopefully I don't do to bad in the other classes I'm in. Well I think you have heard me rant enough for one night. Thank you again to everyone that came to my site and a BIG thanks to JeT224 for posting and watching Hiei for me!! Bye everyone!!!! I hope you have a great day!!!

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Monday, September 5, 2005

Jet: Yay!! Neko-San returns tomorow!! I'm so excited.

Hiei #8: Yup, this is her last day of posting.

Hiei #10: So everyone be happy and thankful.

Jet: Lol, that you won't have to read my post anymore.
It looks as if a good amount of you are still commenting, and I want to thank you again for that.

Hiei #8: That's surprising.

Jet: Everyone who answered the questions got them right, so I won't post the answers. If anyone does want the answers then just PM me, JeT224.
I'll leave you guys with a puzzle then.

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Sunday, September 4, 2005

Jet: Only two more days until Neko-san's return. It feels like it has been forever. I'm sure #8 feels the same way.

Hiei #8: Hmph.

Jet: Come on, you know you miss her a lot. I guess that I'll just get on with the questions.

Yesterday's answers;

1. Yusuke entered because Toguro forced him to by giving him an invitation that he couldn't refuse.

2. Kuwabara lost to Rinku by being forced out of the ring by Rinku's his yoyos.

3. Because he had a button that would give a signal to kill Kurama's mother.

New questions:

4. What held Kurama and Hiei up from battling Dr. Ichigaki's team.

5. How was doctor Ichigaki's team stopped?

6. What was the name of the doctor that held Hiei and Genkai captive?

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Saturday, September 3, 2005

Saturday, 8:52 AM

Jet: Sorry guys, posting a little bit later. The wireless mouse ran out of batteries, and it took me a while to find some. lol.

Hiei #10: Oh brother.

Jet: Thanks to all of you guys who are still coming to Neko-San's site. I know that since Neko isn't posting, and I am it's not enjoyable. At least Hiei #8 is still here. Unfortunatly he doesn't talk that much.

Hiei #8: What is there to say, this post is alreay starting to make me fall asleep.

Jet: Lol true, mine are boring compared to hers. Only 3 more days though, I know that you guys are all excited for her return.

Ok, I think I'll just get to the questions.

1. Why did Yusuke enter the Dark Tournament?

2. Who and why did Kuwabara lose against in the first round?

3. What did Kurama hesitated against his opponent on team Rokuyakai(sp)?

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Friday, September 2, 2005

Jet: 4 more days until Neko-San returns.

Hiei #8: Are you going to say that everyday?

Jet: Maybe, it gives me something to say.

Hiei #10: Great, these posts are going to be exciting.

Jet: Hey, I'm trying. You know that I am not good with words.

Hiei #8: That's helpful.

Jet: #8 and #10 are doing good, they have fun insulting me during the day. Let's just hope they don't gang up on me or have a plan for when Neko-San gets back.

I'd say just about all of you who tried to answer the questions got them right. Here are the answers:

1. Genubu had a glowing red stone, so when he broke into pieces, he came back together correctly. Without it he would come back together all messed up.

2. He hired the to make Yukina cry, so Tarukane could get more tear gems from her.

3. Yusuke fired his spirit gun which pushed Kuwabara, sticking his spirit sword in Toguro's stomach.

Jet: I'll give you guys some more questions tomorrow. Have an awesome day!! ^_^

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