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Sunday, August 7, 2005

Okay since this is such a late update in the day I just want to say hi, and I'm still alive ^^.

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Neko: First off I would like to thank inuyasha311 so much for telling me how to use a blog, computers give me such problmes at times ^^;. Her sites are awsome check them out sometime ^^. Alright on with the news, lol. Hiei has been alright latly, not as many death threats to myslef anymore. Maybe he's just trying to get me to take the collar off sooner, I don't really know. But it's nice ^^.

Hiei #8: Hn.

Neko: Hehe. Anyways for the question everyone keeps on asking. Where are the other 7 Hiei Clones? Well tiggerola provided me with the answers for the question. The other 7 are with other owners, Pyro knows who has which Hiei Clone. Thanks for answering! Alright now for my day... I went to my grandma's house and helped clean out the coop and watched my dad power wash the barn. Then when we got home I mowed the lawn. Thats about all that happened today. It was fun though ^^... So Hiei what do you think about what tiggerola had to say about you in her comment.

Hiei #8: ...

Neko: Hehe it must be true then, you didn't mean that stuff about me in that truth or dare thing ^^.

Hiei #8: Baka. Why would I lie about something like that.

Neko: 'Cause you don't want everyone to know that your really a nice guy.

Hiei #8: Hn. I will kill you once this collar comes off.

Neko: Sure Hiei whatever you say.

Hiei #8: *glares*

Neko: I'd better stop pushing my luck before he actually does kill me ^^;. Just so all of you know I'll be gone till atleast Monday, I'm going to my mom's. I'll miss you all! I hope you have a great weekend! Sayonara!

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Neko: Hehe thanks everyone, see Hiei I told you they read all of my post :P.

Hiei #8: Baka.

Neko: Heh, I knew I was right ^^. Anyways my day yesterday was completly boring, I just walked around town all day. I did promise Mario that I would come over later on today though, cause we never see each other any more. Okay now that you all now how my day was it's time for Hiei and I to answer your questions ^^.

Hiei #8: I never agreed to answer any of those fools questions.

Neko: I really don't want to use this button on you, but if you don't cooperate it will be my only choice.

Hiei #8: Hn.

Neko: I knew you'd see it my way ^^. Alright on with the questions!

Questions and Answers!
So how long do you think it will take you to get Hiei to listen to your every command?
Neko: Well I don't expect him to listen to my every command just not be so mean to me and everyone who comes to my site. Thats all I really want out of him ^^.

So that's how you clone those Hieis...how come you were stuck with #8? Whatever happened to the other 7? lol Oh, and just to let you know, I indeed read the whole post!
Neko: Well I'm not really sure why I got #8, but he's a great clone ^^. Besides 8 is my lucky number and I just happend to end up with that number too ^^. I don't really know what happened to the other clones thats a question you'll have to ask Pyroprincess or tiggerola.

Magnus Lensherr
I think setting some spdiers on him would do the trick aswell as the collar lol Wanna borrow some?
Neko: Even though I like spirders I don't think Hiei is scard of them besides I wouldn't be fast enough to put them on him ^^.

hahaha an collar!
do u have a pic of him with a coollar?
meh u are so funni XD
Neko: I'm glad you think I'm funny ^^. Anyways no I don't have a pic of him with his collar on, but I could draw it ^^.

Chibi Koneko
HAHAHAHA hiei got beat at his own game!!!! a collar that was good thinking ^^ u show him who's boss Neko. cause neko girls rock!!! ....#8......what happened to one through seven.....that's something to think about ^^
Neko: Like I said before I don't know where the other 7 clones are at...

(This one isn't really a question)
Baka No Hanyou
V.V poor Hiei-san. it is a sad day when Hiei can be controlled by a mere human...*shakes head*
Neko: I'm only half human...

Yay! you got it on him! I knew you could do it! what? your considering taking it off? Thats risky, I prefere him misbehaving and getting shocked ^^ but if he is good, I suppose taking off the colar would be positive reinforcement! and YES HIEI! I read her WHOLE POST! ok, I thought of a question for Hiei, truth or dare Hiei? truth then you have to tell us what you REALLY think of Neko, if dare, I dare you to give her a hug and kiss her cheek!!! BuWaHaHA!!!!
Hiei #8: *runs off*
Neko: *sighs, presses the button*
Hiei #8: >o.O<
Neko: *runs and drags him back* Either answer her question or you have to do the dare!
Hiei #8: Hn. Truth. I think she's a baka who needs to get a life.
Neko: -.- How nice of you to say about me.
Hiei #8: Hn. *jumps back into a tree*

You show him Neko!! And Hiei I did read the whole post and enjoy reading Neko's posts. Questions..let's see.....for
Hiei-When the collar comes off will you go back to mis behaving for Neko.
Neko-Do you enjoy zapping hiei?

Hiei #8: Of course.
Neko: Well not really, I don't enjoy harming others, like some people *looks at Hiei*. But I do what is necessary.

Neko: Alright thats all of them, thank you so much for asking questions and reading my posts... Oh and putting up with Hiei's bad attitude ^^. I'll see you all later! Sayonara!

P.S. Can anyone help me figure out how to use a blog!? I've tryed it multiple times, but it never works ;_;. Please help!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Neko: Well it's me again and it's time for anther one of my exciting posts!
Hiei Clone #8: If your posts are exciting, then I would hate to see what a boring post would look like.
Neko: Your just jelous you don't have a site of your own.
Hiei Clone #8: Why in the Makai would I want a stupid site.
Neko: Cause it's fun ^^!
Hiei Clone #8: Baka.
Neko: -.- Hey Hiei come here I've got something for you.
Hiei Clone #8: I'm not comming anywhere near you. *jumps into a nearby tree*
Neko: *climbs up the tree and trys to grab Hiei*
Hiei Clone #8: *appears in another tree*
Neko: *standing on a branch* Get back here Hiei! *loses ballance and falls face first to the ground* Ow...
Hiei Clone #8: *smirks*
Neko: By the end of this post I swear I'll get you.
Hiei Clone #8: Hn. *sits down on the tree branch*
Neko: *sighs* Sorry bout Hiei everyone. If you would like one of these cuddly Hiei Clones please ask my friend Pyroprincess who used my friend tiggerola's Cloning machine, so we can all have kawaii Hiei and Kurama clones ^^.
Hiei Clone #8: If these fools were smart they would have stoped reading your post by now and just commented.
Neko: So your saying that they don't read my intire posts...
Hiei Clone #8: If there smart they wouldn't even come here.
Neko: Thats it Hiei! I'm gonna go get Yukina!
Hiei Clone #8: *appears infront of Neko and has katana up to her throut* Go ahead and try.
Neko: *smriks, grabs the blade with her hand and moves it to the side then hurrys up and puts a collar on him* Ha! I did it! I finally got it on him!
Hiei Clone #8: *jumps back onto the tree branch trying to take the collar off*
Neko: Hehe, I told you I'd get you by the end of this post. And for all of you who don't have a clue as to why I put a collar on Hiei... It's a present from tiggerola and when ever I press this button *shows a controller with a button* it shocks him.
Hiei Clone #8: Give me that controller now! *runs at Neko*
Neko: *presses the button*
Hiei Clone #8: >O.o< *jumps back into the tree and glars at Neko*
Neko: I wouldn't of had to use this if you didn't misbehave so much.
Hiei Clone #8: Hn.
Neko: If you can be good for a week I'll take it off. Okay lets see how good Hiei can be for a week ^^. Now for the last part of my post. If you want to ask me or my Hiei Clone any questions we'll be glad to answer them for you. Ask as many as you like ^^. Well thats all for today I'll talk to ya'll later! Sayonara!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Neko: Hey, everyone! How have ya been? I've been fine, except for Hiei tricking me yesterday and making me run for no reason.

Hiei Clone #8: *siting in a tree* I didn't make you do anything.

Neko: Yeah you did. You said you were going to kill me.

Hiei Clone #8: Well if you wouldn't have run, you would have realized I wasn't chasing you.

Neko: Hmph. I guess your right.

Hiei Clone #8: Of course I am.

Neko: Well anyways, I was reading all of your comments from yesterdays post and I actually decided to answer them ^^. I'll put all of the questions and answers on the bottom of this post so you can skip over them if you want. Oh I drew a new picture today! It's the one right before Hiei almost punches Tarukane ^^. I plan on drawing more pic's tomarrow ^^. I finally got in a drawing mood again. I'll try and scan it soon so you can all see it. And that Neko (not me) pic I was telling you about a while ago is in my fanfic section. That just about wraps up what I wanted to tell you. So I'll be seeing you all later! Say bye Hiei.

Hiei Clone #8: Hn.

Questions and Answers from yesterday!

Q. Did ya really get the box set??
A. Yes I really got the box set. I would have gone insane without seeing the episodes uncut ^^.

Q. Wow, you have all the Yu Yu Hakusho DVDs!!!!! Lucky!! Doesn't it cost hundreds of dollars??
A. Well around here that one box set cost $92.99. I got it on sale for $80 some odd dollars. All of the other YYH DVDís I bought by themselves and cost from $17.99-$22.99 each. So if I add it all together it would cost $550 at the least, and $690 at most. Thatís only if I did my math right that is. (Wow I never realized how much money Iíve spent on those over the years?!?!)

yuske starwind
Q. cool so you have all the yyh dvds.are you like made of money or something.lol
A. Lol, actually no. It took me about a year to save up enough money for the box set, and for the other DVDís I started collecting them when they took YYH off Toonami the first time.

shinsei tenshi
Q. YAY!!! I sure wish I could bye all of the Yu Yu DVD's... were did you get the money to bye them all!?!?!?
A. I usually got my money from cleaning the house every week, but when I was in school I didnít eat lynch so that I could save up the money to buy the DVDís.

Q. wow, aren't you lucky? how many episodes are there exactly for YYH? why is there a hiel clone #8? ?.? that makes no sense...
A. Nah, Iím not really that lucky, I had to work for all of the money to buy them. All together there are 112 episodes and there are 31 DVDís. I got a Hiei Clone from a friend and well I just happened to end up with number 8 ^^.

Q. No fair. How about you give them to me huh? (lol)Well congradulation on getting them. You're so lucky ya know that?!
A. Heh, I would never give those things up, I love the show way to much ^^. I would let you borrow them if you lived near me though. Iím lucky, huh. Well no, I didnít know that. I think Iím pretty unlucky actually.

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Neko: Well I finally saved up enough money to get the YYH Spirit Detective saga box set! So now I have all of the YYH episodes uncut and on DVD ^^! But now I have no money what-so-ever to spend on anything. It was worth it though.

Hiei Clone #8: I don't see why you spent your money on such nonsense.

Neko: Because it has the origional you on it ^^. And I got to hear all of the funny insults you made to Kuwabara ^^. And watch you kick Tarukane's a**!! Good thing Yukina was there to stop you from killing him.

Hiei Clone #8: Hn.

Neko: *smirks* Maybe I should get a Yukina clone around here so that you'll behave.

Hiei Clone #8: *glares*

Neko: Man, if looks could kill *nervously laughs*

Hiei Clone #8: Just get on with the post.

Neko: Right! This morning I walked home from my sisters (which is about a mile away from my house) in a storm ^^. It kind of freeked me out, but it was exciting at the same time! Then I got my DVD box set, helped pay for a game for my nii-san (older brother), and then bought him a gameshark, but he's going to pay me back for that. Oh yeah and bought us both lunch. Then when we got back home he want into his room with is girlfriend XP. It would have been good to spend more time with him, but I guess she's more important *sighs*. I might go see my friend Mario tomarrow, but I have to wait till he gets out of work. Hopefully he didn't make plans with his girlfriend. If so I guess I won't see him. Oops I just noticed I was ranting about stuff that you don't really need to worry about ^^. Besides I was feeling sorry for myself and thats just stupid ^^. Sorry you had to read about all of that junk up there. Hiei do something to entertain them!

Hiei Clone #8: I could kill you.

Neko: I don't think seeing you kill me would entertain them much.

Hiei Clone #8: Maybe not, but it would stop all of your sinceless talking. *pulls out his katana*

Neko: O.O What are you planing on doing with that?

Hiei Clone #8: Doing what I said I was going to do.

Neko: Eep! *runs*

Hiei Clone #8: *puts his katana away and smirks* Hn. Leave before she figuers out I'm not chasing her and comes back.

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Neko: Yay! I got myslef a Hiei clone!! I'm so happy now ^^! Hiei come over here and meet everyone!

Hiei Clone #8: Hn.

Neko: -.- He doesn't listen to me well yet...

Hiei Clone #8: And I never will baka...

Neko: *sighs* He'll get used to me soon and maybe he wont be so rude next time ^^.

Hiei Clone #8: Doubt it.

Neko: Well anyways I want to thank Pyroprincess so much for him and tiggerola for advertising it ^^. I was so happy when I read about the clones, I even stayed on past my online curfew to ask if I could get one ^^.

Hiei Clone #8: I'm sure they have more important things to do then read your pathetic posts, like go and watch paint dry or something.

Neko: Hiei that isn't very nice, but I guess your right I'll see you all later and I hope I can get to all of your posts later today. Sayonara!

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Okay I gotta make this quick, I'm suppost to be off of the computer so I'll just say hi and I hope to get back on here soon and check out all of your sites ^^. Sayonara!

P.S. I finally made myself a button for my site, it's in my intro... I think it's kawaii ^^. Please tell me what you think of it, thanks! Bye!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Okay! I'm finally back! And I'm happy and sad at the same time. Heh, kind of a hard thing to pull off, but somehow I'm doing it. Today is my friends B-day and an episode of YYH came out, but it was the last episode of YYH to ever come out so I'm sad. I'll miss watching the new episodes greatly, but I'll manage, I always do. I'd better get off the subject before I get in a bad mood ^^.

Well the day has finally come, my dad says I'm starting to get an attitude, hehe. I can't help it really, he keeps braging about his girlfriends kids and all there acivements -.- it's really annoying. It don't help that I don't like her kids either.

Ok now it's time for your quote, I don't know what DVD it's from or episode or anything like that cause it's from a magazine that got it off of Inuyasha, I hope that didn't confuse you either...

Miroku: I believe it would be best for me to stay with the princess tonight... naturally, in one bed... with one blanket...

Heh, well I probably won't post for a cupple of more days I hope to see you all around and stuff. Have a great day!

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Friday, July 1, 2005

Hey! How are ya? I'm pertty happy ^^. My dad and his girlfriend went shopping yesterday and she threw some Pocky in the cart when he wasn't looking ^^. So now I got some more Strawbarry Pocky ^^. I wont be here for the weekend just so ya'll know, I gotta go to my mom's ^^. I'll miss ya when I'm gone ^^.

Today is one of my good friends Birthdays ^^. So I just want to say Happy Birthday redtiger177!!!!!

Now for the best part of my post... the quote ^^...

~DVD #26 "Born Anew", episode #91 "Waking The Lost", Chapter Black saga... When Yusuke comes back to life the second time~

Yusuke: Man, you people sure know how to make a guy feel welcome.
SDF guy 1: We're too late... The Ma-zoku is alive!
Puu: Puu! Puu!
Yusuke: Hey there, little buddy. I see you've been drinking your milk while I've been away. You know even though I was dead I still heard some of what you guys were sayin'. So then... I'm... some kind of evil, vicious monster? My teacher's have been sayin' that for years. I just thought it was a figure of speech.
SDF guy 1: You see, Koenma sir, how strong his Demon Energy is?
Koenma: Oh... Not Yusuke.
SDF guy 2: Your Supreme Evilness... I am your humble servant-- please allow me to do whatever it is you desire.
Yusuke: Thanks, weakling, but for what I desire I don't need any help. For what I desire... is ending the world and everyone in it. For I am the mighty Ma-zoku, lord of evil! And now, after hibernating for more than a thousand years, I will finally reveal my true form. -Laughs-
SDF guys: -Run away from him-
Yusuke: Psych! Damn, you guys are gullible! Hey, Koenma... you didn't really think I'd turned bad, right?
Koenma: Well... Well, no.
Yusuke: Anyway, I better push off to Demon World. Sensui gave me a death sentence as a gift, and I'd be a jerk if I didn't return the favor.
SDF guy 1: But, you can't go anywhere, you have to be quarantined.
Yusuke: You even think about stopping me and I'll bite off your head, mustache and all!
SDF guy 1: I knew you can't hide your true character. You've transformed into a demon manace.
Yusuke: Look, jerk... Give me a break, it's called a running joke. I'm the same... "Yusuke Urameshi, fearless protector of the good stuff, with a healthy kick of nastiness and a ganeral hate for authority." And nothing as trivial as a violent death or a few drops of Demon's blood mixed in with mine is gonna keep me from helping my friends in saving the world and kicking the bad guy's ass!
Koenma: -Laughs- Hold on! I'm commin' with you!
SDF guy 1: But sir! You would be disobeying a direct order from King Yama, besides this hostile beast--
Yusuke: -Puts his foot in guys face- Pass this to King Yama for me.
SDF guy 1: -Falls-
SDF guy 2: -Goes over to him and sits him up- Captain!
SDF guy 3: Captain?
SDF guy 4: Are you alright?
Yusuke: -Runs and jumps on Puu's back-
Koenma: -Does too- You really should wash your feet more often, Yusuke.

Heh I don't have anything else to say to ya so I guess this is where I exit, have a great weekend, see ya!

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