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Thursday, September 1, 2005

Jet: Hey guys, this is JeT224 and I will be updating for Neko-San until Monday while she is away. I know that my posts aren't as awesome as hers, but please still visit her site. I appreciate it, and I'm sure she does too.

Hiei #10: So basically you get to read Jet rant for five days.

Hiei #8: Instead of Neko ranting.

Jet: Ok, I may rant, but Neko doesn't. Her post are really enjoyable to read.

I guess I'll leave you guys with some questions then, like Neko-San has been doing.

1. What was Genubu the stone beast's weakness?

2. Why did Tarukane hire the Toguro brothers.

3. How did Yusuke and Kuwabara beat Toguro when rescuing Yukina?

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Thank you everyone that came to my post yesterday. I'm sorry that I can't post up the answers yet again but I really need to go to bed it's my first day of school today. Wish me luck!


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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Neko: Well I think my last post intimidated people a little bit cause I didn't get to many comments ^^;. Thank you everyone that did comment though ^^. And thank you everyone that checked out my fan art section yesterday ^^. If you didn't please go there and vote on my art work. I don't care if you vote it bad either cause I like honest oppinions ^^. Did you guys enjoy hearing Hiei talk more? I can do it more often if that's what you wish ^^.

Hiei #8: Baka. I'm not going to talk just because they want me to.

Neko: Well I might get him to talk more. If he doesn't want me to bug him a lot he'll talk more ^^.

Hiei #8: I could just leave then you wouldn't bug me at all.

Neko: Then you would be attacked by mobs of Fan Girls ^^;.

Hiei #8: ...

Neko: There I knew you would see it my way ^^. Anyways were the questions yesterday too hard? I'm sorry if they were I didn't mean for them to be. Would you like me to continue the questions? If you don't I'll stop creating them. I'll put the answers up for them tomarrow. Just incase someone wanted to answer them, that didn't get a chance to yesterday.

On another note Seeyu is holding a Bishie Contest. You can vote for whoever you want really ^^. Just read the post before you do ^^.

Just a few more things and you get to be on your way.

Hiei #8: I order you all to go to JeT224's site. And be sure to comment on the post while your there.

Neko: Yes, Jet has an awesome site! I love going to it and reading what they (Jet and Hiei #10) have to say ^^. That was nice of you to do that Hiei ^^.

Hiei #8: Hn. I did it for Hiei 10's sake.

Neko: Right. Well anyways go and check out all of the site's coolness ^^.

One last thing... here is my George comic 3. One of my fav ones are tomarrow. Alright thats all we have to say. I hope everyone has a good day ^^. Oh yeah I start school tomarrow. Wish me luck!

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Neko: Hello everyone! How are ya today? I hope you were good. I had a somewhat good day. My sister and I went to the college that sheís going to this year and I followed her around cause I didnít have a clue were I was going ^^;. I would have gotten lost if I went off on my own.

Oh yeah I said that I was going to make Hiei talk more didnít I. Iíll make him talk against his will sense he doesnít want to talk today. *pokes him in the ribs multiple times*

Hiei #8: *tryís to ignore it at first then looks annoyed* If you touch me again Iím going to break your arm.

Neko: Then talk.

Hiei #8: Hn.

Neko: -.- Youíd better talk Hiei. Or else... Iíll... Um... Uh... I donno! But youíd better talk! Or... Or else Iíll make you!

Hiei #8: Heh. Baka.

Neko: You asked for it Hiei. *pushes a big rock off of a hole in the ground and pulls up a rabid fan girl and lets her go*

Rabid Hiei Fan Girl (RHFG): Hiei!!!!!!! *runs and clings to his leg*

Hiei #8: GET IT OFF!!!!

Neko: There are more of them down there if you donít want them up here and if you want me to get her off, youíd better talk in todays post.

Hiei #8: Fine. Just get it off! *stabs the fan girl*

RHFG: *clings to him more* Oh I just go stabed by my one and only love!! Iím so happy!!!

Neko: ^^;;

Hiei #8: Get it off now!

Neko: Right! *goes over and takes her off somehow and puts her back in the hole and covers it back up with the rock* I would have let her go home but they wont go home and tried breaking into my house and kidnap Hiei ^^;. Sorry I had to do that to you Hiei. It was the only way though.

Hiei #8: If you do that again I will kill you. *glairs at Neko*

Neko: Okay ^^. So talk about something Hiei.

Hiei #8: I would have a conversation with someone, if there was somebody intelligent to have a conversation with. But youíre the only one here and having a conversation with you is like talking to Kuwabara.

Neko: Thanks Hiei. I can tell you like me a lot -.-.

Alright thatís enough of us arguing... Iíll just put up the George second comic. George comic 2!

And now here are the answers for the questions the other day.
1. Name each of the main four characters

a. Yusuke
b. Kuwabara
c. Kurama
d. Hiei

2. Who are there English VAís? (voice actors)

a. Yusuke = Justin Cook
b. Kuwabara = Christopher R. Sabat
c. Kurama = John Burgmeier
d. Hiei = Chuck Huber

3. What is the main characters most used attack?

-Spirit Gun/ Rei-gun

4. What is Master Genkai known for?

-Spirit wave technique

5. How many battles does each of the main characters technically lose in the Dark Tournament?

a. Yusuke = 1 Jin
b. Kuwabara = 3 Rinku, Shishi Wakamaru, Onji/The beautiful Sazuka
c. Kurama = 2 Touya, Karisu
d. Hiei = 0

6. What are the bugs called that the Four Saint Beasts used to control humans?

-Makai Insects

7. What episode do Hiei and Kurama first show up in?

-DVD #2 ďThe Artifacts of DarknessĒ, Episode #6 ďThree MonstersĒ

8. How does Yusuke save Keiko from the fire in his apartment?

-Throws his spirit beast egg into the fire, which makes a clear pathway to the door outside

9. How many siblings does Hiei have? And are they older or younger?

-1 younger twin sister, Yukina

10. How does Yusuke die the first time?

-He gets hit by a car trying to save a little boys life

Alright! Thatís all of them! Iím sorry I canít post who has which ones right... it would take way to much time to go threw all of them and say this person got questions 5, 6, and 9 right, and this person got question 3 right. Besides Iím not online typing this up so I donít have who got them right ^^;;;;. Alright Hiei you get to ask the other ten questions. And be sure to read the oneís I have written down.

Hiei #8: Hn.

Question 11: How does Yusuke finally defeat Jin ďthe wind masterĒ?

12. What is Maze Castle called in the Japanese version?

13. Whatís the first and last name of the guy that kidnapped Yukina? Why the hell do you have that basturd in here???

Neko: Just ask the questions!

Hiei #8: *glairs* 14. How many childrenís souls did Goki eat all together after he obtained the Orb of Basst? (Before he was made to spit them out)

15. What does Kuwabara call the piece of cloth that he ties to his head when there rescuing Yukina?

16. What is Hieiís motherís name?????? Why do you have that in there???

Neko: Stop doing that and just ask the questions!! They donít have all day to read this!!!

Hiei #8:

17. What does Botan fly/float on during parts of the series?

18. How old is Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Kurama (in his human form) when the series starts?

19. What is the name of the gem that Yukina creates when she cries?

20. What is the name of each member of the Triad?

Neko: Well I guess he did a good job with that. I donít know if Iíll let him do the questions anymore though ^^;;. My new fan art is up if you would like to go check it out. And Thank you JeT and Hiei #10 for commenting on some of them ^^. Alright I think thatís it. I hope you all have a great day!

P.S. Sorry this is soooo long ^^;;;;;.

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Neko: Hey there! How is everyone in this world? I'm doing just fine. I'm staying the night at my sisters right now and it's curently 12:18 am. I'd better go to sleep after this so I can wake up in the morning, and get my sleeping habits straitened out. Since I start school on Monday.

Hiei #8: Then I'll finally have some peace and quite.

Neko: You know you like haveing me around ^^. You'd be bored out of your mind without me here to annoy you ^^.

Hiei #8: Hn.

Neko: Okay then... Well everyone I'm so happy you liked the questions ^^. I'll post the answers tomarrow along with who got them right and a new set of questions ^^. Do you want them harder or were they hard enough?

Okay you all remember what I said about George yesterday correct... well here is the first comic. George comic 1! It's more childish in these ones, but he gets more crule as time moves on. Oh and George is NOT a cat!! He's a demon. I haven't decide what kind, just don't say he's some sort of anime or anything, it's really annoying hearing that all of the time -.-. No copying my idea's either please! I worked hard on those and if you stole my idea I would probably track you down and blow you up. I'm serious too. I'm psyco when people make me to mad to controll myself. It's rare to see me that mad so please don't do it ^^. Sorry if I just freaked you out there ^^;;. I just get mad when people do stuff like that. Okay that's all I have to say I think :D. Oh wait... would you guys like to see Hiei talk more druing my posts? I could force him to if you do, hehehe. Well now thats all. Tell me what you think about George and I hope everone has a great day!!!!!!

P.S. If people don't understand what George is doing I'll explain each frame in tomarrow's post.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Neko: Hello! How is everyone doing today? Hopefully well. Sorry that the post was so long yesterday, but thank you very much to everyone that took the time to read it ^^. Thank you for all of your comments on my art also ^^. One of them is in my fan art section, it finally approved of one of them. I'll try and get the other ones on there tomarrow. Right now I got these really cool pants on that my sister gave me and I think I could get them to look like Hiei's pants! That's why I like them so much, Lol.

Hiei #8: I think you're a little to obesssed with me.

Neko: Hehe you're not the only one that thinks that ^^. My parents and siblings all think that as well. I think it's fun ^^.

Hiei #8: Baka.

Neko: Okay! Sense a lot of you wanted to see my George comic's I will scan them later today and try and get them up ^^. Here are some things about it that you might want to know first...

1. The main character in them (George), is a stick figure!

2. The animation in them is not very good. The first episodes I created of him I was in 8th grade, meaning about 3 years ago.

3. The only perpose of the George comic's is to kill people/things. There's no plot besides how he's going to kill them...

4. These comic's have no words (excluding the title) in the early episodes. George does not talk in any of the comic's so far. Some of the people in them might talk though.

5. You have too look very closely at every box to understand what happens in some of them.

Thats all of it, I think. If you decide that you don't want me to put them up that's fine and if you still want them up that's cool. And that's all I have to say about that.

Umm, lets see what else? Oh right my sister might take a picture of me tomarrow with her digital camara. So you might get to see a pic of me.

Hiei #8: If the camra doesn't break that is.

Neko: That's just mean Hiei "Sit boy!". Darn it, it didn't work, lol. Well I don't have anything else to really say so here are the questions.


Some of these are very easy and some are a lot harder take at your own risk, lol!

YYH Questionair!
1. Name each of the 4 main characters. (Everone that watches the show better get this right or else I'll track you down, lol)

2. Who are there English VA's (voice actors)

3. What is the main characters most used attack?

4. What is Master Genkai known for?

5. How many battles does each of the main characters tecnicly lose in the Dark Tournament?

6. What are the bugs called that the Four Saint Beasts uesed to controll humans?

7. What episode do Hiei and Kurama first show up in?

8. How does Yusuke save Keiko from the fire in his appartment?

9. How many siblings does Hiei have? Are they younger or older?

10. How does Yusuke die the first time?

Those are the first ten ^^. If you enjoy answering them then I will put more up if not then I wont ^^. So it depends on the feed back I get if I'll post anymore or not. If I do should the be easier or harder, or are they fine as they are? It's all your chioce ^^. That about ends my post so I hope you have a excellent day everyone!

P.S. Just to let everyone know I'm going to change my layout soon, it will still be Hiei just a bit differnet ^^.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Neko: Alright everyone! I got lots to post today, so if you don't want to read all of it thats fine. I just hope I can remember everything I wanted to say. Well first off I got my secdule that I have been waiting for since the beggining of August ^^;.

These are my classes:
-Government History
-English 11 (Nooo!!!! I hate English class, I almost failed it last year *crys*)
-Communications in the Workplace
-Aide (Help out a random teacher)
-Publications (I get to put some of the pages together for the year book)

They sound like pretty good classes, and two of them may help me out with my computer skills ^^.

Hiei #8: I think you're to hopeless to learn any of that complicated stuff.

Neko: Thanks for the encouragement Hiei -.-. Anyways those are just my first semester classes, second semester is practicly the same only a few switched around. But I dought you really care.

Hiei #8: I certainly don't care to know, but you still talk about it with me...

Neko: That's cause I know that you won't stay mad at me for too long and I know deep down you care what I have to say ^^.

Hiei #8: Baka.

Neko: -.-. Well anyways, on with the post. What was another thing I had to say?? Oh yeah ^^! My ranks!

Total Visits 2132
Popularity Ranking # 320
Guestbook Signings 276

Thank you everyone for coming to my site and making this possible! Now there's one last thing I wanted to post but I really don't remember what it was ^^;;.

Hiei #8: You wanted to put the links up to your art...

Neko: Oh yeah! Thanks for reminding me! *gives Hiei a tackle/hug*

Hiei #8: Get off of me!!! *pushes Neko off and jumps on the roof of the house*

Neko: I can get up there easly you know that right? I'm sorry though, I just wanted you to know that I was happy with you ^^.

Hiei #8: Hn. *runs off*

Neko: Now I'm alone ;_;... Oh well I'd better put up the links before you leave and don't get to see them. Thats if you haven't already left or skiped over my post and just commented ^^;;. The light gray lines in some of the pic's are for shading when I color the pic's. Well with no further ado here are my links to them...

Hiei's Face
Hiei Punching
Hiei with his Sword
Kenshin Smileing

There they are, I hope you like them ^^. Please tell me what you think of them. I really want your feed back on them, so please say whats wrong with them if you think there is anything wrong with them. Okay thats all really... Oh wait, two questions for you.

1. I was thinking of puting up triva questions up about YYH if you want me to put them up just say so.

2. Does anyone want to see my George comics? There not exactly nice cause he kills something/someone in every episode thing. Thats just my since of humor, sorry if it bugs you.

Okay thats it, I hope ^^;;. Thank you everyone that read this entire thing! You're soooo nice if you did, and thank you! I hope you have a great day!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Neko: Hello everyone ^^. Thank you for all of you're great comments yesterday. I loved reading everyone of them ^^. You're all so nice to come here all the time and comment on my rambleing nonsense. Ooh and I got 16 comments this time too! I'm so happy ^^!

Hiei #8: You get excited because people you don't know read about you're life... that's real smart of you.

Neko: Well at least I actually have friends on here ^^. Even if I don't know them too well. I'm still happy to call them my friends ^^.

Hiei #8: Baka.

Neko: You know Hiei I would think that "Baka" and "Hn" are the only things you could say sometimes.

Hiei #8: Just cause I say them a lot doesn't mean that's the only things I can say.

Neko: Close to it.

Hiei #8: -glairs-

Neko: Hehe, I couldn't help myslef, sorry ^^. Well I think that's all except that I'm suppost to get my secdule for school tomarrow. *jumps up and down with joy* I really want to know what my classes are. Alright I'd better stop now ^^. I hope you have a great day!!


I'm going to post up some links to my fan art tomarrow if you would like to see them. Till then, here's a pic of my cat thats been dead for about 1 1/2 years. Colby! Don't worry he's still alive in this pic ^^.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Neko: Hey there people ^^. Thank you so much for understanding yesterday ^^. I'm so happy you decided not to hate me ^^.

Hiei #8: Hn. I think it was good as well that you forgave her. That way she's not all sad and clinging to me -.-;;.

Neko: Yeah sorry about that earlier Hiei ^^;. I thought you would be mad at me so I was all clingy to him and stuff ^^;;;. I didn't mean to be, I just didn't want to lose my friends. Alright thats enough of that junk. Today was boring, I mowed the lawn then the family (aunts, uncles, and cousins) came over for dinner. My one aunt said I looked really skiny ^^;;. I didn't know I looked that skinny to tell the truth. Then I got online... and that was my day! Exciting huh? Lol. Hiei didn't meet them though (he would have gotten picked on way, way, way to much and probably killed them ^^;;.)

Hiei #8: Hn...

Neko: *puts arm around his sholder in a buddy hug thing* I'm sorry Hiei I didn't mean to exclude you.

Hiei #8: *looks sort of embarrassed* Hn...

Neko: *smiles and ruffles his hair a bit* Aww come on say something else besides "Hn".

Hiei #8: Kasama, get away from me.

Neko: ;_;

Hiei #8: ...

Neko: Fine be that way, meany. *sighs, then smiles* Anyways I joined yet another club :D. This one is for Kurama ^^. If you would like to join please PM my friend Xx beth xX ^^. Haha now every main character from YYH has a club except Kuwabara! *laughs* Sorry if one of you like him, I just think he's a moron ^^;;.

Hiei #8: *smirks* I actually agree with you on that one.

Neko: *smiles* Okay that's all sorry this is long. Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a great day ^^!

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm sooooo sorry I didn't make it to all of your sites yesterday! I'll try and get to them all today from everyone who commented me yesterday and everyone who commented me today. Once again please forgive me.

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