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Saturday, October 8, 2005

[mood Image hosted by Photobucket.com Happy, Image hosted by Photobucket.com Cheerful]

Neko: Hey everyone! How are ya doing today? I hope good ^^. I'm feeling pretty happy right now ^^. Just got done chatting with a real good friend, and they made me happy ^^. But I do have some downers, they aren't really making me sad or anything so it's all good ^^. One of the factors is I have low grades ^^;.

-GOV HISTORY: Final percent (98/204) = 48% Letter grade = E
-ENG 11: Final percent (179/269) = 67% Letter grade = D+
-WORKPLACE: Final percent (weighted) = 71% Letter grade = C-
-AIDE: ???
-COMPUTER: Final percent (weighted) = 93% Letter grade = A-
-PUBLICATIONS: Final percent (113/160) = 71% Letter grade = C-

And those are my lovely grades ^^;. I really need to try harder in them. Thatís the order of my classes too. My three hardest classes first off everyday ^^;. There the only ones (that I have to pass this year) required to graduate too ^^;. And then thereís one other bad thing, and that is one of my friends is sad, or at least I think there sad. They didn't say much so I'm not sure. I hope you feel better!!!

Yukina #8: Yes, I hope you feel better soon too.

Neko: ^^ Such a great support group here. Right now I'm listening to Bon Jovi "Have a nice day". That seems to make me happy to hear too ^^. And I'm listening to the Gorillaz "Feel Good, Ind." with it ^^;. I can listen to the same song for a couple of days strait if I like it enough ^^;. Right now I'm sick of all of my CD's though because I listened to them way to much (like a month or 2 each). But I only have about 5-10 CD's so not much of a selection.

Hiei #8: Turn these blasted songs off, there getting annoying -.-*.

Neko: Hmm? I don't want to though. I like them too much ^^.

I'm cold right now. I'm wearing a tank top and it's 60 degrees, and I'm pretty sure I'm sick so it makes it seem really cold ^^;. It didn't help that I walked home without a coat either ^^;. I let someone barrow my sweater cause they were cold, and walked home in just my tank top, that was pretty chilly ^^;.

Yukina #8: Youíre going to end up sick again if you keep doing that.

Neko: I know I don't mean to I just forget to grab my coat or a sweater most days ^^;. And your not usually up when I leave for school, so you can't really remind me ^^;.

Yukina #8: Hiei couldn't you remind her, youíre usually up in the morning when she leaves aren't you?

Hiei #8: ... Fine.

Yukina #8: Thank you Hiei *smiles*

Neko: You're so nice Hiei to do that for Yukina *snickers*.

Hiei #8: *glairs*

Neko: Lol! Anyways, I think that's all, besides the fact my weekend is going to be packed with make up work ^^;. I hope I have time to get on and visit everyone. Have a great weekend everyone!!

P.S. Here is a website about VA's and it has Lord Sesshomaru's VA David Kaye on it ^^. Just for those that might want to visit it. I had one with a pic of Justin Cook (Yusuke's VA) on it, but I lost it so I got to find it then I might put it up ^^. Oh can anyone help me find a pic of Chuck Huber? Just curious, if you have a pic of him please send it to me or something, thanks.


I found the site with Yusuke's VA (Justin Cook) on it. Also it has Koenma's (Mike McFarland), and Inuyasha's (Richard Ian Cox).

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Thursday, October 6, 2005

[mood Image hosted by Photobucket.com Sleepy, Image hosted by Photobucket.com Content]

Neko: Thank you guys for everything ^^. Your so nice to me. I wish there way some way I could repay you for the kindess that you all have shown me. Thank you once again ^^!

Hiei #8: And thanks to you baka's she's back to her normal self.

Neko: Yup, well almost. Still a bit depressed but it isn't bothering me nearly as much as before ^^.

Yukina #8: You seem happier now that you read everyone's comments.

Neko: Thats cause I am cosiderabley more happier then when I hadden't read them. And listening to music is helping me too ^^. Right no I just keep listing to Gorillaz "Feel Good, Inc" I got a site with the Music Video on it and I love watching it ^^. If you wish to watch it here is the Url address for it Gorillaz "Feel Good, Inc".

Hiei #8: You truely are an obsessed freak arent you?

Neko: Hm? What you mean all of the pic's I have of you or listing to the same song for 8 hours strait?

Hiei #8: Pic's of me? What have you been doing on this contraption all day.

Neko: Nothing really, just looking for pic's of you and puting them on my Photobucket account. And I'll be looking for even more soon! After all since I can't save them to my comp anymore I have to save them someway ^^! *yawns* I am tired but I got to do my hwk XP. I pushed it off and now I have a ton of it to do again ^^;. I really need someone to keep me on track. Oh well. I'd better get to bed soon. I don't want to sleep in again ^^;. I hope you all have a great day! And please be sure to take care of yourselfs!!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

[mood Image hosted by Photobucket.com Apathetic, Image hosted by Photobucket.com Sad]

Neko: Hello peoples, how are you all doing? I hope good. I have a question for everyone. Am I too nice? I've been told that mulitple times ever sense I've joined myo. And I don't really know if I am or not. Please tell me your opinion.

Hiei #8: Are you alright? You're not acting like yourself.

Neko: It's nothing, just thinking. Something I hate to do, but have no choice. I even wrote down my thoughts. But I'm sure most people don't care to read them, and I'm not even sure if I want them too. *sighs* I don't know what to do or think anymore.

Hiei #8: You get depressed way to easily.

Neko: Perhaps, can't help it though. After all it runs in my family ^^. I'm watching episods of Rurouni Kenshin that I recored when it was still on tv, right now. Perhaps it can get my head back on track. I hope so. Yu Yu and Kenshin are what I watch to help me figure myslef out. They help me be strong, and not give up as easliy. I owe my life to anime ^^. And my good fiends on myo too. And I guess, I didn't keep my word to you guys... I said I wouldn't get on this mood on this site again. I'm sorry I didn't keep my word. I shall leave before I start doing it again. See you all later. I hope you all have a great day.

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Monday, October 3, 2005

[mood Image hosted by Photobucket.com Accomplished]

Neko: Yay I got to everybodys sites who commented on mine and a few others that didn't. I'm so proud of myself now ^^!

Yukina #8: Good job Neko *smiles* I knew you could do it.

Neko: Thanks Yukina ^^! I feel so much less guilty now ^^. Thank you everyone for understanding yesterday ^^! You're all such great friends!

Okay enough of that, I was at my Grandma's most of the day today. When I came back home, my dad showed my our new digital camera! It's awesome, I've never had one before so I'll have to get used to how it works, but it sould be awesome to use now! My bro and T.C.-chan are going to be taking the computer soon I'm sure. My dad says he's going to get a new computer and were going to be getting rid of our phone's so that we can get cable internet ^^. We both have cell phones anyways so it doesn't matter if we get rid of our house phones. And I'll be able to be online all of the time!!! Yay! Thats if my dad does dicide to do all of that. He might not. I hope he does though.

Hiei #8: Then you would finally stay away from me and I would be able to do stuff without you following me and being real annoying.

Neko: :P... Anyways, my cat George is being a dork right now and keeps doing bad stuff so I got to stop him. I'll talk to you all later I hope you all have a great day!! Sayonara till then!

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Sunday, October 2, 2005

[mood: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Busy/Sad]

Neko: OMG! I'm such a bad friend! I haven't visited anybody and I haven't been on here in about a week! I know thats not too long but it felt like I abandonded everyone here! All of you people that are so kind to me and come to my site when I haven't had the chance to visit your's.

Yukina #8: I don't think that they blame you Neko.

Neko: Why wouldn't they? I haven't done anything on here to help anyone or do anything. *sighs*

Hiei #8: Get over it. If their mad at you for it they weren't very good friends to begin with.

Neko: They have the complete right to be mad at me. And if they are I hope they forgive me. I really will try and get on and visit everybody soon!!! I just hope none of you are mad at me for too long.

Hiei #8: Just tell them how you day went so you can get off of this thing. It's annoying hearing you type.

Neko: Fine. I've been alright. I played cards today... Lost every game ^^;. I'm going to try and get some pic's scanned and stuff. My bro is moving out with my friend (T.C.-chan). And there taking the computer with them so I wont have a computer to get on anymore for a while. And perhaps I won't be able to get on the internet for a long while after that. I haven't had time to write any more of my story. I spent the whole week with my friend (T.C.-chan). Talked to a few friends online at times. Usually when I was doing lots of hwk. I was sick after my B-day and couldn't swallow anything for 3 days without gasping for air, and it hurt a lot. I had a fever and a head ache/dizzy spells whenever I stood up. I got over it all though. I'm still behind in school work. And I think that rounds it all up... Oh and I got my licence too. But I can't drive to often cause I don't own a car and I have to ask my dad to dirve his van whenever I want to drive somewhere.

Yukina #8: You did get something nice from your Onii-san (older brother).

Neko: That is true. He bought me a YYH shirt with Hiei and Yusuke on it ^^. It's red, black and white... mostly red. But it looks pretty awesome and it has there names on it in Japanese ^^. If you want to check it out go to Hottopic.com and in the serch box thing type in Yu Yu Hakusho and you can see it ^^. Thats if the site works for you.

Hiei #8: If it doesn't, to bad.

Neko: ^^; Actually if it doesn't work I'll try and get the pic on my site somehow. Okay thats enough of my day and junk. I just want to say I'm sorry again and here are some sites that I thought were pretty cool for an apology for this week...
These two are practicly the same
Website one
Website two
Website three
And this one (the one below) has some yaoi but it's where I get some of my Jap from when I used to give lessons on here.
If you don't like Yaoi don't click this one
Another thing about that site you might have to search around a little to find the glossary. I don't know if it will take you directly to the page or not. Good luck with it.

Okay thats it! Sorry again! And sorry this is so long! I hope to see you all, and please don't get to mad at me. Have a great day!

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Monday, September 26, 2005

[mood Image hosted by Photobucket.com Excited]

Neko: Hello everybody ^^! I'm very sorry that I was not able to visit anyones sites really. The computer is being a jerk right now and most of the pages are takeing FOREVER to load or aren't even loading at all. And I'm sorry that I don't get on as much any more it's not that I don't want to or I have to much hwk, it's just my bro says I'm on all the time so I can't get on to much anymore.

Yukina #8: Thats mean of him to get mad at you for that.

Hiei #8: Expecially for such a stupid reason.

Neko: I know. He wants to talk to his G/F every day after he comes home from work. So I can't get on anymore.

Yukina #8: He should let you be on every other day, that would be fair.

Neko: He doesn't think that way... he gets mad at me for trying to comprimise stuff like that with him... Well on to better news. I'm going to be getting my licence today! Yay!

Hiei #8: In other words everybody better stay off the roads if they want to live.

Neko: I'm not that bad of a driver. I passed the test.

Hiei #8: I don't see how you did. Your driving skills are worse then Kuwabara's fighting skills.

Yukina #8: -looks clueless-

Neko: ;_;

Hiei #8: -smirks-

Neko: That was just mean.

Yukina #8: Why do you say that? I think Kuwabara fights very well. -smiles-

Neko: Well, um, heh heh ^^;. On to another subject. I created an account thingy at livejournal.com. If any of you want to go to it you may, my name on it is kurai_neko2007 just in case someone decides to look at it.

Yukina #8: The colors look very nice -smiles-.

Neko: Thanks ^^! Do you have anything to say about it Hiei?

Hiei #8: Hn.

Neko: ... So is that a you love it or hate it? ... Oh well I'll figure it out ^^.

I'm glad that people liked my random fanfic. Just so you all know it's not baised on any anime. It's an original so I don't know how it will turn out exactly. And I'm not quite done one the character's personalitys and stuff like that. I'm hoping to get another chapter done soon. If you have any seggestions just say so.

I'm so very sorry that I could not anwer anyones questions that asked them yesterday. Nothing is loading right now ;_;. The comp is being a real jerk.

Yukina #8: Hopefully the rest of your day will go better.

Neko: Yeah ^^. Cause today is my B-day and I'm officaly 17 at 1:40 am today!!!

Hiei #8: Great, thats just what we need around here. You hyper and a whole bunch of people coming over to annoy us.

Yukina #8: I think it will be nice to see people around Neko. -smiles-

Neko: Well, unfortinutly and fortinuly at the same time, hardly anybody/if anybody will come. I don't like people to much so it's sort of good ^^.

Hiei #8: I think you have talked there ears off long enough.

Neko: Hehe. Your right! Sorry everybody. I hope you all enjoyed my jabbering and junk. I hope to see ya'll later!!!! Have a great day!! See ya till later!!!

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Friday, September 23, 2005

[mood Image hosted by Photobucket.com Content]

Neko: Hi people!

Yukina #8: -bows- Hello everbody.

Hiei #8: Hn.

Neko: Well, yesterday was alright I didn't really do anything. I didn't get my hwk done either ^^;. So I get to turn it in today but it will have 5 pts taken off for being late but it doesn't bother me any ^^.

Hiei #8: If you wouldn't of waited to do it till the last moment you could have had it done it time, so stop complaining.

Neko: Hehe your right.

Hiei #8: Of course I am.

Neko: -sarcasticly says- Cause your always right.

Hiei #8: Hn.

Neko: I'm pretty happy today. I get to take my road test so I might get my licence soon!! And today is Sirit Day at school. We get out of school early and we have a prep assembely which should be intertaining ^^.

Hiei #8: I don't see how watching the idiots in your school make fools of them selve is intertaining.

Neko: Maybe I should make you come with me so someone will sit with me and I wont be sitting alone.

Hiei #8: You couldn't get me to one of those if you tied me up and put one of those ridiculous collars on me again.

Neko: Hehe, anyways most of you wanted to read the fanfiction that I wrote so I shall post up the first chapter for you!! Please don't be intimadated by the size of my post because of it. Well here goes!

Chapter 1

Girl: Suku? Suku!
Boy: -snaps out of his thoughts and looks at the girl, smiles- Oh sorry, what did you want?
Girl: -blushes- Well Suku, I just wanted to know if maybe you wanted to come and hang out after school today?
Suku: -smiles kindly- Iím sorry, but I canít.
Girl: What? Why not? Did your parents ground you? Thatís probably it. Man, parents can be such a pain.
Suku: No, itís nothing like that. I just have other plans.
Girl: OhÖ Well maybe another time.
Suku: -smiles- That would be great.
Girl: Really?!
Suku: -nods- Perhaps next week sometime.
Girl: -grins- Okay!! See you then! Ėruns off-
Suku: -slightly frowns and sighs- If she only knew...
After School when he arrives at home
Suku: -sets his books down and goes outside, through the back- Mom! Dad! Iím home! Ėwalks in the woods a bit and stops at two big rocks and prays. Gets up and walks back in the house and cleans up the house a little bit, then does his homework-
That night
Suku: -walks outside and looks up at the stars- Iím not sure I can do this... Mom, dad, why? Why did you have to...
Mom: Suku! Go in the house and donít come out!
Child Suku: But mom!
Mom: NOW!
Child Suku: -runs in the house-
Demon: I will kill the cursed one!
Dad: Youíll have to get through us first!
Child Suku: -watching from in the house and sees his parents defeat the demon and watched it disappear, then both his parents collapsed on the ground in a puddle of their own blood- Mom! Dad! Ėruns out to them, feels for a pulse, but there is none-
~End Flashback~
Suku: -puts his hand on his face- I should have saved themÖ Why was I so weak?... Ėstarts crying- Why did I have to let them die?! I should have helped them. But I was too afraid.
Voice: You know, you should be over this by now.
Suku: Leave me alone Katsu. I donít need a lecture right now.
Katsu: Thatís usually when you need them the most. Ėcomes next to him and puts his hand on his shoulder them smiles-
Suku: -sighs-
Katsu: Listen, it wasnít your fault. Youíre parents were protecting you. Thatís just what parents do.
Suku: But, if they would have handed me over, they would still be here... alive. Probably happy.
Katsu: Youíre an idiot!
Suku: -looks at him-
Katsu: They would never have done that because they love you! And they would be miserable if you were killed!
Suku: -looks down- Youíre right. Itís just--
Katsu: -puts his hand on his shoulder- You donít have to explain. Just cheer up and donít think that way anymore. Ėsmiles-
Suku: -smiles and nods- Thanks Katsu
Katsu: -thumbs up- Anytime!
Suku: So, what are you doing here anyways, Katsu?
Katsu: Hm? Oh! I decided to come to your place and heal up a little bit. It isnít exactly safe to show that youíre weak in Demon World. With no one there to protect you from an attack.
Suku: How is it there right now anyways? I havenít been there in a long time.
Katsu: Itís the same as it has always been. And Suku...
Suku: What?
Katsu: Youíd better not ever go back to Demon World again.
Suku: Come on, Katsu! Iím sure everyone has forgotten about the curse by now.
Katsu: You shouldnít assume things like that. Thatís what gets you killed.
Suku: Iím probably right though.
Katsu: -grabs him by the collar of this shirt and picks him up off of the ground, eyes glowing red- I know that tone in your voice. Do NOT go to Demon World ever again!
Suku: -angrily says- Stop acting like this Katsu! Youíre not my father!
Katsu: No, but Iím the closest thing that youíve got Ėsets him down-
Suku: Just because you were too weak to help your brother doesnít mean Iím gonna let you treat me like you did him!
Katsu: -eyes get wide then he puts his head down and shuts his eyes- If thatís how you truly feel, than fine. I didnít mean to bother you. Ėdisappears/ flitters off-
Suku: Wait Katsu! I didnít mean it! Ėstarts to run after him but slips on something on the floor- Ouch! Ėlooks at what he slipped on and itís a puddle of blood where Katsu had been standing- No... Katsu...!!!

Alright that is the first chapter of my fanfic... PLEASE tell me what you think!!!

P.S. Hiei, Yukina, and myself will be taking any questions that you want to ask ^^. So please ask away! And I hope you all have a great day!!

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

[mood Image hosted by Photobucket.com Exausted]

Neko: Hey peoples I'm back!!! I've been gone for a while and I apologize for that I didn't mean to leave here for so long I'm just working on a project. And trying to do school work, but am failing miserably at that ^^;. In fact I am currently failing 3/6 of my classes ^^;;;. I really need to try harder.

Yukina #8: She is trying her best to do everything.

Neko: Yeah I am trying really hard it's just overwelming... but I'm sure I don't have it as bad as some of you probably do, so I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm just complaining. Also this week is homecoming week at our school, here are the days and the things we had to do on that day...

Monday- class color day (jr's had to wear pink and blue... I only have one shirt with pink on it!!!)
Tuesday- concert t-shirt day
Wednesday- graffeti day (everybody signs everybody elses shirts)
Thursday- Super Hero/Villin day
Friday- Spirit day (our school colors are orange and black XD)

Yesterday was supost to be picture day but something happend and they changed the day -.-*.

Hiei #8: They were probably trying to take a picture of you and the camra broke.

Neko: Your mean.

Hiei #8: Hn.

Neko: Anyways, I'm doing my hwk and it's taking forever!! I've been doing it ever since I cam home from school and I only have 9/44 of the stupid things done!! And there due tomorrow ;_;. I truly think I'm going to fail school this year.

Yukina #8: Just don't work yourself to hard Neko.

Neko: Thanks Yukina but it's a little to late for that now. I got in a stupid depressed phase again!!! It was because of my causin this time. Oh well I'll try and brush it off.

I got a song stuck in my head at the moment. Green Day "Wake me up when September ends". Great song I really like it ^^! I think thats all.

Hiei #8: Didn't you want to tell them about your story?

Neko: Oh yeah! Thanks for reminding me Hiei ^^. I wrote a fanfic I only have one chapter of it made though I don't have a clue how long it's going to end up being or anything like that. If you would like for me to post it up so that you can read it just say so. Just a warning it kind of has a cliffhanger ^^;. I guess I kind of picked that up from my great friend tiggerola. Cause her fanfics are awesome!! Alright now I think thats everything and if I think of anything else I guess I'll put it up next time I get a chance to post. I hope you all have a great day!!! See ya!

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

[mood Image hosted by Photobucket.com Tired]

Neko: I'm sorry I didn't visit any of you I just wanted to say I'm alive and Anime Club was fun last night. Please forgive me for not visiting you!!! I'll try to later.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

[mood Image hosted by Photobucket.com Bored]

Neko: Hey everyone. How are ya doing today? Good I hope. It's 5:30 am. Right now I'm watching Case Closed. But I've already seen this episode.

Yukina #8: *Comes into the room rubbing her eyes* What are you doing up so early?

Neko: Oh hello Yukina-chan ^^. I'm up cause my dad had to wake me up when he leaves for work which is 5 am. Cause I have a bad case of sleeping in lately ^^;;. What are you doing up?

Yukina #8: Oh I seen that a light was on so I thought I would see who it was.

Neko: It's just me you can go back to bed ^^. I'll wake Hiei up if I want some company, cause you need your sleep.

Yukina #8: Alright I'll go back to sleep then *smiles*. See you when you get home from school. *goes back to bed*

Neko: Well yesterday wasn't too special. I came home from school and helped a friend with there myOtaku site. Then another friend (one from school this time) came over and I went with him to pick somebody up. He kept trying to get me to go to homecoming with him and one of our friends that moved (you know like a friend get together) witch is next weekend. I don't think I'll go but I might. I hate dresses so probably not, inless I wore a kimono ^^. Thats practicly all for my day yesterday. Lol, that car ride was the climax of my day ^^;;;.

Hiei #8: Thats pathetic.

Neko: Hm? Oh good morning Hiei ^^.

Hiei #8: Whats so good about it.

Neko: I donno ^^;. Just wanted to say it.

Hiei #8: Hn.

Neko: Well now that I have someone to talk to I'll leave you all to do other important things ^^. I hope everyone has a good day!

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