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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hey there peoples ^^!! How've you been? I've been alright ^^. Tired all the time, but thats about it. Hehe my dad keeps telling me I have to get my sleeping habits back on track cause I stay up all night and sleep most of the day ^^. My friend Mario called me yesterday night around 11:30 and said he was going to come over today and bug me and make it so I can't sleep ^^;;. My friends love to do that kind of stuff to me, it's kind of funny ^^. I actually ate something besides cerial today ^^, I had a hamburger, but thats cause my dad made me eat it, cause I'm practicly starving myself. But I do eat once a day atleast ^^. And thats all really... ^^. Here is your quote...

~Rurouni Kenshin~

Kenshin: The will to live is stronger then anything
Shishio: The only thing stronger then anything is me!

I think thats how it goes anyways ^^. I didn't watch the episode so it's kind of by memory. And just for you who don't remember who Shishio is here's a pic.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
He's the dude on the left ^^. Ok thats it byes ^^.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Alright everyone! I got a new layout up, I'm not sure how much I like this one though. Please tell me if you like it or not. Oh yeah thank you Cloud Strife 7777 for helping me out with my site ^^. It was very nice of you ^^. Hehe besides that I haven't done much... I slept all day yesterday ^^;. Well I guess I'll leave you.

~Rurouni Kenshin~

Shishio: If your strong you live, if your weak you die

P.S. Welcome back spirit gun2!!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Well time for another boring post by me ^^. Seriosly I don't know why you read my posts, there all mostly pointless ^^;;. I mean it's not like I do anything exciting. Lets see what I did today... I slept watched Shaunna and went for a walk around town till dark. That was my day. Very boring. I did draw a pic of a Neko though ^^. That was pretty fun. I'll put it up whenever I get a chance to scann it. And I have decided to change my layout... but for you all to know it's still going to be Hiei... ^^. I don't think I'll ever do one of anyone else ^^;;;. Well thats all for me... Maybe I'll put up a quote in my next post too ^^. See ya ^^!

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Monday, June 27, 2005

Hi all! Whats up? Not to much here ^^. Sorry I haven't been here in a cupple of days. I've been playing the 1st FMA game. It sometimes makes me really mad and stuff, but it's still fun ^^. Well I think it is anyways ^^. Heh besides that, I don't have anything to say ^^;;;. Sorry. Nothing exciting ever happens to me ^^;. Oh I do have one more thing though... I'm thinking about changing my theme again what do you think?

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hey good news everyone I will be on next week ^^!!! I got most of the house cleaned today when I came home ^^. I cleaned it really good so maybe next time I won't have to move all of the funiture when I clean it next time. And my dad told me today if I clean the house good once a week I get $20! Thats so awsome since I never got an allounce before ^^. And more good news for me I get to see Samurai X trust and betral tomarrow!! One of my best friends just got it and said that they would bring it over so I could watch it ^^. Then later he might stick fight with my nii-san (older brother), it's fun to watch ^^. My friend usually wins cause he's faster then my nii-san is ^^. Im sick of wirting "my friend" so I'll just tell you his name, it's Mario, just so you know for later refrences, even though you probably don't care ^^. And one more bit of good news I might be getting a job babysitting with my aunt soon ^^v. So maybe I'll be able to by more anime!! Yay!!! Ok one last thing and then I'll stop talking ^^. Please go to my friends site red tiger177. They made me a button and I think it looks Kawaii! Well thats enough of my ranting I hope you have a good day... Oh wait I forgot your quote which I said I would post today...

~DVD #31 "Dreams of Power", episode #109 "Love and War", Three Kings saga... before Hiei and Mukuro fight~

Mukuro: Before we have our battle, I'm curious to know, is your opinion about death still the same as it was before?
Hiei: Yes, I remain convinced. There's nothing left in this life to live for.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Howdy people's ^^! How are ya today? I can't really complain ^^. After all I got to watch the new episode of YYH today, and I got Strawberry Pocky!! It was very good ^^. I didn't really like one of the episodes of YYH though... But thats just me, I don't really like Mukuro, and thats one of the reasons I didn't like the episode so much ^^;;;. Anyways, I might not be able to be on that much next week cause I'm going back home and well... I have to clean the house to make up the money I borrowed from my dad. So I might not be able to get on to much next week ;_;. But maybe I'll get lucky and get on ^^. Okay thats all, I didn't have time to type up the quote again... Sorry I'll try on my next post. Have a good day ^^.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Yo!! I'm a little on the happy side today ^^!! I don't really know why either. Probably cause I'm drinking pop and I never used to drink it at all XD. But it also don't help that I'm living on hardly any sleep... That also makes me hyper for some odd reason ^^. Heh I'm sorry bout that, it's really out of my character to be hyper, I'm not really used to it ^^;;;. Well anyways a lot of you wanted to see my Heero Yuy fanart I did... I posted it up in my fan art if you really want to see it. I drew it cause one of my really good friends online likes the show, and I wanted to see if I could draw him ^^. I kind of drew it for them... But they don't know it. Sorry if that little bit there was confusing ^^... Heh heh, I think I'll go before I confuse you anymore ^^;. Bye byes ^^!

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Monday, June 20, 2005

Hello everyone again ^^. How are ya? I'm doing fine ^^v. I got all of the stuff done on time for the wedding. My cousin really liked that banner I made ^^. Also I am starting to draw again, finally ^^;;. I tryed drawing Heero Yuy last night/this morining... It isn't that good... Maybe I'll put it up later so you can see it and tell me what you think. Well I think thats all I really have to tell ya. Sorry no quote again... Have a good day!

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hi everyone! I got this blog thing and I wanted to check it out, please tell me what you think of itÖ if you donít like it I wont use it anymore ^^. So anyways whatís up? Not to much here, I will have a lots to do before I go to bed though. The wedding is today and I got to finish making a banner, itís done in calligraphy, and the ink is taking for ever to dry so I canít write anything else on that till it all dries. Then I have to make out the cards for the reserved tables and put everyoneís individual names on the cards so no one else sits at the tableÖ *sighs* and Iím doing it all by hand. Oh well, Iíll get it all done by morning if I keep at it all night ^^. See, I just got all of the stuff yesterday and the wedding it later on today... I hope they like the banner and I donít mess it up too much. Yesterday I had to help set up all of the stuff at the hall. But I shouldnít really say that cause allís I really did was sit around and read my Naruto manga I had just got ^^. I would have read my YYH one but I had read it all already ^^. I went on a spending spree (well for me it was I usually donít spend much money on anything) on Thursday at Media Play, I bought Naruto vol. 4, YYH vol. 7, ďHow to draw mangaĒ vol. 5 -developing shoujo manga techniques-, and an America anime and manga monthly that came with a little preview of Shojo Beat, but nothing looked that good in it to me. Thatís all I got... it may not seem like that much to some of you, but it was a lot for me ^^. Oops I think I made this thing a little too long so I think Iíll stop it now ^^;;;. Oh sorry no quote today. I hope you all have a great day... and thanks for reading my long post ^^.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hiya! How are ya all today? I'm ok didn't really do much yesterday. I went for a walk at dinner watched Hocus Pocus and had a semi break down ^^. I cryed and everything. First one in about a year ^^. I was proud I held up so long ^^. Anyways off of that subject... Thanks for all of the comments ^^. Well I don't really have much else to talk about so I'll leave you with the quote...

Rurouni Kenshin

Kenshin: I can't die! There's no reason for me to die here! There's still someone waiting for me to come back! Nothing...nothing is stronger than the will to live!

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